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Author Topic: Exhilarating lucid dream.  (Read 760 times)
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« on: October 13, 2004, 21:35:05 »

I had a very vivid lucid dream last Monday, I found my sense of vision pushed to new boundaries of clarity and seeing.

I have mentioned a lucid dream trigger I am going to start experimenting with at the foot of my post, you may want to try it if you are familiar with or like to use MILD techniques, anyway here is the lucid dream extract:

ďIt is daytime and I am knelt down in our small garden at the rear of our flat, I am digging a hole through the turf and into the soil with a small hand trowel.

As I continue to dig into the earth it starts to loosen up and digging becomes easier, as I dig deeper I start to find pieces of broken pottery in the ground, the pottery appears to be an off white colour and is glazed.

On further inspection I notice that there are images in the form of faded black and white or dark sepia coloured photographic pictures of me when I was younger on the pottery pieces.

As I look at the pictures I hear a soft voice tell me that I am dreaming, I sense that the voice is feminine, as she finishes speaking I suddenly feel a huge shift in consciousness, I find myself just as conscious as I am in the awakened state, if not more so.

I now see the pictures on the pottery with such a flawless clarity, each element in the garden seems to be one and the same, from the smallest right up to the most grand.
Everything I see in my field of vision is ultra real and alive, the whole scene shimmers or vibrates with a glorious soft and warm metallic light.

Suddenly everything becomes dark and I feel that I may have blacked out. I feel heavy, sluggish and slow vibrations, the vibrations also feel distant or faint, I try to push for an OBE but wake out of the blackness from a mixture of excitement and amazement at how lucid I was in the dream.Ē

Something that occurred to me after I awoke was that for as long as I can remember Iíve never seen a close up still picture of myself in a dream, I often see myself as an observer in the physical form but have never seen an independent still reference of myself up until now.

I'm certain that part of the reason I became so lucid was that I was looking at images of myself, this briefly focused my attention inward rather than outwards into the external dreamscape, the voice was also a wonderful help and a magnificent surprise, there was no way I could miss a prompt like that!

Iím going to keep up the MILD techniques Iíve been using but Iím also going to experiment by looking at photos of myself (Yes I know it sounds very narcissistic! embarassed) before going to bed to see if I can trigger a similar experience again.

Thanks for reading


'To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.'

William Blake ('Auguries of Innocence')
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