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Author Topic: Feeling powerless in lucid dreams  (Read 282 times)
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Relative to what?

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« on: March 03, 2017, 07:08:10 »

So most of the time when I'm semi lucid or lucid in a dream I feel that at times I can't effect the environment at all. Now I found some tricks like opening a door and picturing what you want can mostly work the problem is that I don't always find a door. Sometimes I can sorta hover or like decrease gravity so I can sorta bounce around. However besides that I find that most environments I end up in are very concrete and it's really hard to influence them while lucid. When I'm not lucid this doesn't seem too be a problem. Most of these lucid dream by the way aren't using any method it's usually when I just find myself sleeping. If I do wake up for 10 or 15 minutes I can usually enter the non physical/lucid dream and do what I want.

If you guys know any tricks to getting complete control of a dream I'd love to know.  grin
Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 16:35:03 »

Two things:

1. Read the following Topic, it might give you some ideas.

Questions - How To Do Things (Powers and Abilities) In Dream (/Astral) Worlds (/Realms)

2. Read the following book of Carlos Castaneda, it will give you an Idea of FROM WHERE/WHO does the Energy to do those things COMES FROM. (By experience in the Astral Worlds/Realms you will eventually realize/notice/detect it/them and realize that some of it comes from a THIRD PARTY that the Nagual Don Juan explains very well in this book from Chapter 1 to Chapter 9).


3. The third one is the book "The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda.

Is fortunate that don Carlos Castaneda wrote this book that treats this specific topic along the all book. This book provides elements that I haven't seen in any of the other books of Lucid Dreaming, as this book, besides it's clear topic of Lucid Dreaming ("ensoņar" in Spanish which is different to just "soņar", because the first one involves being conscious while dreaming, the second one not), also treats the topic of the necessity of having Energy to achieve consciousness, and this is one of the elements that are greatly needed to be able to activate the lucidity in a dream, and the "warrior's path" well explained in the book as a tool to save energy and don't waste it in not useful emotional draining activities (day to day life for non conscious people) so that it can be used to activate lucidity on the dreaming process, of course reinforced with the methods that "don Juan" instructs don Carlos Castaneda; many people don't understand why they can't achieve lucidity in their dreams, and lack of energy is one of the reasons (also not applying the appropriate methods which by reading the 4 books mentioned in this thread/topic are covered); people lose their energy by having (and in may cases searching for) emotional problems (the "warrior's path" will involve getting away from environments, people, and activities, that drain your energy), so that's something that will have to be fixed if someone really wants to be a serious Lucid Dreamer, as what the person will find in that other place will require from him/her to have a well built mental character to advance and evolve his/her consciousness into something more than just being a Human Animal.

Also, the topic of the consciousness being energy is treated in this book, as well as many other elements that would also help to understand elements that lucid dreamers experience like the so called "astral wind" which is the lucid dreamer being transported by the beings that inhabit the non physical world (the one accessed while dreaming and of course lucid dreaming), in this book you'll understand that the beings that are moving your energy consciousness on a lucid dream (the travels that occur by a pulling force on the lucid dreamer's astral/energy body) at very fast speeds, are certain inhabitants that live in that other non physical world, that "don Juan" calls "inorganic beings" (beings that are energy consciousnesses but don't have bodies with organs like the ones we see in plants, animals, and human animals, in this physical world). And many other concepts that will provide lucid dreamers with certain practices to cross the "Gates" that are there to restrict the access to those realms of energy where there are many worlds with civilizations, some similar to ours, other more advanced, some of them inorganic (that don't have organic body functions and restrictions like in the world we currently inhabit) and others organic (like our world).

You can buy it on Amazon ( on the following link, read a preview of the book, and read some reviews some persons have posted there, (remember to choose the sold by Amazon option to get the direct fulfillment guarantee by Amazon).

Some of this books can be found on Internet, on eMule, or on torrent, searching resources; again, remember to buy the books that have helped you to Lucid Dream, Astral Travel, or OBE, in legal places such as Amazon or the libraries where you live, so that the authors receive that help from you for their efforts to share their knowledge and investigation with others.


My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)

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The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 16:35:03 »

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