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Author Topic: Help with Lucid dream possible problem to why i cant OBE  (Read 770 times)
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« on: October 31, 2004, 03:58:07 »

I've been having these for a few months now, recently they've been getting less frequent. I've been meditating for a little less then half a year, studying Robert Monroe's Gateway Experience, I've just recently started studying Robert Bruce's methods, both are highly recommendable. I seem to have more dreams, lucid and uncontrolled, then AP or OBE. When I started studying astral projection, I was able to get out almost instantaneously, I had about 5 OBE's within the first week of training with Dr. Monroe's method. I kept them short and sweet like recommended and everything was swinging fine. Then I hit a wall, and the OBE's stopped and I've had maybe 4 since that time where strange things happen when I get out( thats for another post ). But the OBE's stopped right when these dreams started and as much as I enjoy the dreams, I think I need to learn something from them first before I can OBE again. Can anyone help, please read this dream I wrote about. It happened recently.

It started in a cold night where it seemed that I was searching for something, clueless to where I was I ventured out in the wilderness. I followed some type of street, a small walk way more like it, it kinda zig-zagged. I saw some type of enemy in the distance, he was wearing some crazy outfit, it looked kinda cool. He was around a corner to the left. As I approached the person I grabbed the being from behind, got some information from them( I couldnít tell what it said, it was blurred ). As I was about to leave another enemy happened to be in front of the other being, kinda walking in the other direction talking, he spun around to see me suppress his friend into submission. As he noticed this he started throwing these crazy kunai type knives.
- kunai are ninja throwing knives. Each looked like a kunai shape at the end where its sharp but the top had a chain attached to it, so you could spin them and get a maximum velocity toss very accurately if trained well.

He threw a few straight at me, but I used his friend to block them and kept the limp body in front of me as a nice shield. While ducked under cover I managed to pick up one of his kunai and throw it back nailing him in the head, what luck I thought because I threw the thing horribly, almost like a girlÖit was funny to me at the time. I escaped unharmed and ready to pounce, so next thing I remember is walking up to this huge skyscraper type building in the late afternoon. I bust into the building and I start moving so fast that everything slows down to a jog next to me. A hoard of those kunai knives fly from every direction and Iím dodging them with ease; I actually started to manage to grab them out of the air and throw them back with pace.
- It was unimaginable to me, Iím thinking to my self at this moment, how am I doing this? I know its not really possible, but its fun as hell. All the enemies were the same looking, just like all the games I play. So Iím assuming Iím just playing a game, but it gets interesting from here on.

I end up getting to the top floor basically massacring all these poor enemies, they really didnít stand a chance. I glance into the background behind the beings and see a woman tied up and Bill Murray( the actor ) holding her and a shiny black ball type thing in his hand. The next thing I know there is about 3 enemies left and I vanquish them with ease. I rush over to the girl and untie her, she secures the black ball and we leave. I didnít do anything to Bill for some odd reason, he seemed like an enemy, at first, but I wonder if he was showing me the prize or something. But anyway, the lady and I end up on a bus where she showed her gratitude for saving her, which I accepted happily as she was a very good looking girl. The bus was going up some mountain to a house where unfortunately I had to stop the bus and get out because we got attacked by some forest monsters. Just a little distraction nothing harmfulÖI think the girl even killed some. But eventually we settled at this house where people were eating and gathering. There was one thing that was wrong, the house was full of enemies. Everyone there was a person I was fighting against, even Billy boy was there chatting away all disgruntled about how they all were beaten by me.
   - Right now I felt kinda awkward because I didnít just go to a safe haven I was in the buzzards nest right after I stole the egg. It was like complete irony, like I was rubbing it in there face hardcore style. It felt good, but that feeling was totally unparalleled by the feeling of fear. Just earlier in my dream they were trying to strike me and I was striking them and now Iím there. Well this is the end of it all, its still confuses me.

I end up in the basement with the girl, weíre getting intimate and close then I hear a alarming voice behind me saying something like ďgive it back.Ē I turn around semi-ticked because of obvious reasons and I throw the black orb at the guy. I said something like, ďTake it, I donít really need it, but on one condition, you leave me and my girls alone.Ē And with that statement he jetted away, I walked outside with my girl, kinda hugged her and the sun blurred me out and I woke up.
   - This couldnít of been more like a movie, there is only a few things that bother me. The first was that I was doing all those actions on my own, whilst thinking what the heck am I doing!? Furthermore, what was that black thing representing? Iíve seen this before, like when Iím using the Monroe method, he asks to put all things that might hinder your experience into a box. For a time I had a problem with this black ball figure breaking out of the box, even when I didnít want it to, I couldnít stop it. So what I did was make a bag that I carry with me that has a direct relationship with my box, and I store the black ball in it, and if it tried to escape I can keep it stored. I have no clue what its supposed to represent, Iíve seen this orb ball thingy many times in my dreams, lucid and what not. I have no clue what to guess, Iíve looked around and seen that some people claim fighting in a dream represents change. I didnít change too much in my life when this happened and have no clue as to what that black ball could mean other then something bad. Also this dream wasnít the first; it was part of many dreams like this, with same and different enemies. But every dream always has a point or an objective, which is subconsciously known to me, but I canít try to think of it because when I do my head hurts, so I have to wait until the end of the dream. And lastly every dream I always find myself sliding back and forth between good and evil. Like I fight the evil, but never the good, but at times I always end up around evil and not getting attacked. There are times when they act like my friends and such. Overall I enjoy these dreams a lot, I guess the reasoning being because I like crazy things like that, especially cool martial art fighting stuff. But I would like to see what the meaning behind these are, because I donít think I would be having these for any particular reason, Iíll have to put more thought behind it.
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