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Author Topic: I think my wifes late grandfather came to see me in my dream last night.  (Read 970 times)
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« on: April 02, 2014, 21:12:03 »

OK so I think I had a dream last night that possibly included a deceased person come and visit me, to ask me where my wife was.  TL;DR at the bottom.

I'll set the scenario.  My wife has always proclaimed to be spiritually open. She says she can see spirits in her day to day life, and they are attracted to her because she is open about it. She's said a few things which have been pretty outstanding because she couldn't have possibly known.  For example, she saw a miner at my parents house before she knew my parents house was in an old mining village.
She was brought up by her grandparents and refers to her grandparents as mum and dad.  Her grandad/dad has recently deceased. About 6 months or so ago.

OK so we live on another continent to where her grandparents are.  Its literally thousand and thousands of miles. (12 hour flight) away.  I've been there twice in recent years and seen her grandparents.

So as I said earlier, her grandfather died about 6 months ago.  Other thing to note, is that unfortunately me and the wife have split up about a month ago and no longer seeing much of each other and don't know whats going on in each others lives.

Last night I had the most bizzare dream.  I was in a house, in an upstairs room with other people. It was some kind of meeting, some kind of convention. I dont know. But I came out of the room to see a man coming up the stairs,  and she's asking where my wife was, (by full name, which is not how i refer to her by).  I noticed it was her dad, but I had forgotten in my dream state that he had passed.  She was in another upstairs room in the house in a separate party.  But I managed to find her and tell her, that her dad was looking for her.  She said that was impossible as he was dead.  I was very confused, and said. No, I've just seen him!   The same thing happened again. I'm aware that I'm back on my own, and there he is again, asking again "Where is [wifes full name]?"   I recognised him totally.  All the facial features, the glasses. It was so vivid.  So I said to him I will go and get her for you.  I went back and told her again, and she was still adament. I said, no, i've seen your dad twice now!

So she came with me, back to the stairs and he wasn't there. We went down the stairs, and I saw a very old woman laying on a sofa. But we couldn't find him now.

That is pretty much how the dream ended. Except I was very aware that I needed to tell my wife in real life what had happened, because, I know she's spiritual and possibly would believe that this was his spirit looking for her.  I actually dreamt a few times I was telling her in some false awakening situation. But realised no, I must tell her in real life.

So I finally got hold of my wife again.  I wanted to email her the moment I woke up. But I managed to hold onto vivid memories. And that dream was vivid. It was so much more powerful than a normal dream.  The detail of it was astounding.  Anyway I told her, and what she said astonished me.   She said  "Well since we broke up, I've turned myself away from spiritual things. I've closed myself off. I need to concentrate on me now."  She seemed very a taken back by my dream.

So. wow!  Maybe because she's turned herself away from being spiritually open, his spirit can no longer see her, and he's asking where she is.

Now remember, I only met this guy twice.  I've never dreamt of him before now, and my own focus of attention has been away from that side of things. So it was completely random to me that he would appear in my dream, and in such clarity as well. 

Might just be a random dream. But certainly an interesting one, especially considering the surroundings.

TL;DR Ex Wifes grandad/dad randomly comes to me in a vivid dream asking where the wife is. Wife tells me she's recently closed herself off spiritually.
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