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Author Topic: It's all about Choice, until someone gets lucid #6  (Read 1139 times)
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« on: April 18, 2019, 00:36:46 »

I am lying in my bed, half awake, half asleep, when suddenly, an image appears, ripping trough the darkness of my closed eyes, expandingÖ

Itís dark again, and short moment goes by, when another image flashes in my head, and another, and another, repeatedly followed by darkness. Gradually, I realize that these look super real and seem easy to maintain. Intuitively, I use this realization to transition into a dream, lucid.

I did this before, in previous lucid dream

Now lucid, fully aware that I am dreaming, casually walking around, I decide to place my hand in a wall. As I do so, I remember that I did this before, in previous lucid dream. This time, however, I go a little further. I stick my hand through the wall and leave it there for a bit, intrigued by the fact that I can feel the mass of both my hand and the wall. I quickly start to question the friction that Iím feeling in my hand in relation to the wallÖ

My dream recall gets blurry around here, but at some point I seem to challenge the belief that the wall has to have some sort of friction, by sticking my hand trough the wall multiple times in quick succession [Ö] or maybe I just thought about doing it? Itís not clear.

Again, Iím casually walking, in what appears to be the streets of an incomplete, recognizable city. Itís like the remains of a previous non-lucid dream. I feel like I know this place, it has the emotional attachment of my home town, except itís not.

I now notice a strange object, floating in the air. Itís gray, with an overall cube shape, looking like an unfinished piece of technology that just came out of a 3D printer. Itís a single, solid, yet detailed piece. Thatís so odd, I think to myself, but donít make much of it and keep going.

Out of nowhere, a feeling of unmeasurable excitement starts to grow out of my chest. Iím feeling really excited! Like screaming at the top of my lungs excited, when I realize that I must calm down to keep lucidity. And I do so, successfully. This happens at least twice, and twice Iím able to bring myself to a calmer state.

I see a women in an altar like bed

I am now entering a building, and I see a women in an altar like bed. I feel like she has some sort of healing abilities, when suddenly, I remember that I intended to heal my physical body.

Iím at a crossroads now, and Iím faced with a choice. I can heal myself or I can have sex. I make my choice. I approach the altar to lay down with this women, and then engage in physical intimacy. Shortly after, Iím shifted to waking reality.


Iím having a hard time describing the exact feeling of the transition into the dream, except that it was a very distinct moment between the images that kept appearing in my head and the actual dream.

Engaging in physical intimacy I kept getting surprised by how real the sense of touch was. I knew about this from previous experiences with the sense of touch, but in this case, the ďomg this feels realĒ realization was a constant.

It's all about Choice, until someone gets lucid #6
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