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Author Topic: My various dream experiences  (Read 732 times)
« on: April 04, 2008, 00:03:02 »

Recurring Dreams
Recurring dreams appear to be metaphorical messages to the mind. Many of my recurring dreams appeared to be just random day dreams of daily routines or past events, but sometimes there are aspects in the dream that don't fit in and I will often dream of it over and over until i can figure out what the dream means.

When I was growing up in my adolescent years, Iíve often dreamt that I was lost and trying to fund my way home. Now that i'm older and have a direction in life, I tend to have dreams of finding my home and sometimes i dream of flying. My obsession with super powers often gives me recurring dreams of them. A lot of what i think about tend to turn into a dream and sometimes i ponder what it would be like if they become real, but then again, some things in dreams would probably overwhelm or even scare me in real life.

I tend to have nightmares when I have suppressed fear of certain things. I remember I once dreamed that a school bully was a rabid bear! lol Sometimes I have dreams that seem normal at first, then it gets weird, and then I get scared. I sometimes get out of it by closing my dream-eyes and wake up. I fear of the unknown appears to induce these kind of dreams. These dreams nay concern meeting new people, getting into new situations, or seeing strange phenomena.

Precognitive Dreams
I've rarely have had precognitive dreams, but when I do, they tend to be personal or trivial. The earliest precognitive dream I remember was probably when I dreamed that my mom, who is bipolar, would go crazy and end up in the hospital(in the dream, she would be an evil twin). I have had these kind of dreams just before every time my mom starts to have strange mood swings. I've had some trivial precognitive dreams that usually involved temporary situations or things that are unimportant.

False Awakenings
I've surprisingly had one right after trying binaural beats.
(Binaural beats are a pair of sound waves in which the difference in the frequencies creates brainwaves).
I don't have false awakenings very often, but sometimes they are similar to lucid dreams I get in sleep paralysis or "out-of-body" projections. In some rare instances, I dream I wake up somewhere else.

Lucid Dreaming
I've had many dreams in which I become aware that Iím dreaming and attempt to experiment what I can do. I've noticed that when this occurs, the dream often pauses and then I either the dream changes, I get into sleep paralysis, or i wake up. I guess some dreams are visions that aren't meant to be tampered with because they may be trying to give us a message (often metaphorically).
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