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Author Topic: Shared Childhood Dream, Cloaked Men, Dark Area  (Read 765 times)
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« on: May 13, 2012, 04:53:21 »

I am only writing this as a friend of mine's younger sister told me about a dream she had when she was a little kid (we were discussing interesting dreams). It has had me spooked out, as I had a similar, if not exactly the same dream as she did when I was a young child. I let her describe it and draw what she could as I became interested, but I didn't feed her any of my info. In my opinion, this does not seem like something that a small child should be able to imagine o_o.

I would say somewhere between the ages of 4-7, I fell asleep in the back seat of my mom's car. The dream started in a nearly pitch black area, I wouldn't even call it a room, as it did not seem like a real place, almost just within my mind(?). A bunch of old men (40-65 probably) in cloaks were surrounding me in an incomplete circle, basically a U shape. At first (as if I had entered the room in the middle of something) they were just chanting something random, then they stopped and began talking to me directly. I remember their faces and voices clearly, though... it has been so long, I cannot remember what they said anymore, which is usually my problem with remembering dreams as I write them in my journal now. There was a floating platform somewhat high above our heads, almost like a sun-dial, with the circle spinning around the triangular portion. Behind me there was this giant black slab which descended from the sky. I cannot say what it was, though it wasn't made of rock or anything, it had no reflections, writings, or images (that I could see?), and it did not seem to be a door or gate or anything, basically just a tall rectangular tablet of blackness.

There were two differences between her dream and mine. First was what we focused on; she focused on their hands and bodies, saying their faces were unclear or warped, while I focused on their voices and faces, not being able to see or pay attention to their hands or bodies. In her dream, she said they were holding some kind of spheres which had black triangles in the center. The black rectangle in her dream shattered, where in mine it started to fall towards the center of the room and I instantly woke up. She attempted to draw some weird symbol she remembered seeing on the cloaks (which we both described as being reddish-brown) though I can't say I've ever seen it before.

I remember this dream clearly because I tried telling my mom about it after I woke up, but being a small child, I just told her there were faces talking to me in my head and she thought I had lost my mind, so she took me to the doctors. He told her I just had an overactive imagination, and that was that.

Now that I am older, and I've had a strong focus in history, religions and mythology, philosophy, archaeology, etc., the closest thing I can relate this to would be a druid ritual, though I honestly have no clue.

Can anyone explain to me if this has any meaning at all? She's 7 years younger than me, but says she had the dream around the same age I did, it makes little to no sense.
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