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Author Topic: Weird repeating but fun Kung-Fu (lucid?) dream  (Read 754 times)
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« on: November 12, 2003, 05:52:43 »

Ok, this was a really weird dream that I had yesterday morning. I was dreaming that I was in high school gym class practicing wrestling. The teacher made us each partner with someone and take turns having a "best 5 out of 9" wrestling match infront of everyone. I was last in line, and my turn came up. I was losing at first, then winning some.

Then, this is the part where I THINK it turned lucid? I don't know, this dream is so confusing, as you'll see in a sec. Anyway, what happened next is, I started thinking to myself, that this isn't going right, I was ticked of because I was losing, and I want to do my match again. So, what happened next is the dream "rewinded" back to the start of my turn and it was the same as before, but instead of high school wrestling, it turned into a WWE wrestling match on TV! I was using all sorts of WWE wrestling moves, haha, like bodyslams, clotheslines, and such, haha really funny. But! I was still losing! I noticed I lost the first three matches! I was mad.

Then it got wierder! It turned into a Kung-Fu match! I went all Bruce Lee on my opponent. I decided to slowly and methodicly pace around, avoiding my opponents blows and holds, in the classic pose style seen in Bruce Lee's movies (I'm a big big Bruce Lee fan, maybe I'm living out a dream of sorts in this dream, trying to be like Bruce Lee?) My opponent couldn't touch me. I was teasing him, then I decided to close in and open up a can of whoop-butt on him. I did five comboed punches to his face and chest area, then I took a short hop backwards and nailed him with a low kick to the shin, comboed into a mid kick to his middle area, then another two punches to the chest area, and then a final devastating spinning kick to his head! Lights out!

And it get's even wierder! I started repeating this match sequence over and over and over in my head, as if I was a director and was trying to perfect the "scene" each time to get it "just right" for the final movie. Then I was confused and disoriented, it seemed like I did it once more, but at the same time it seemed like I did it a million times in several seconds, really wierd. Over and over and over and over. [xx(]

After all this, I stopped, and was thinking to myself, what the hell just happened, and then I thought to myself if my teacher would approve of what just happened. I mean, this was supposed to be a wrestling lesson and I turned it into a Kung-Fu movie?! Ah, but it was fun! So I thought to myself he won't mind, and magically he didn't. No one thought it was wierd or out of the ordinary, it was like it was supposed to be a wrestling/Kung-Fu match all along.

What happened next was that the bell rang and it was time to go home, so I went outside and into what I guess was supposed to be my friends car, and his friends were in there, and one of the girls inside commented "hey, is that a Kung-Fu outfit? It's cool." And I thought that was wierd, because I wasn't wearing a "Kung-Fu" outfit, just some grey colored clothing. I shrugged it off and nodded, went into the car, and then the dream stopped, I woke up.
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