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Author Topic: Weird Vivid Dream: My Day Of Judgement  (Read 1343 times)
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« on: May 29, 2016, 02:10:27 »

It started with me in this weird school setting, we were minding out own business (family & friend), when a cop came by the room eyeing us down, we were just laying on the floor enjoying ourselves, then he decides to come in, and proceeded to come over to us and orders us to cease what we were doing and assume the position; while he search us. Of course my family and friend Sean complied, but I wasn't having it, we didn't do nothing wrong to be treated in such a way, so I disobeyed everything he was saying. Since I wasn't complying to his orders he decided to get rough with me, he got on top of me to try to restrain me, while everyone else was yelling for me to stop and just let it go, but kept putting up a struggle. Since I was giving him a hard time he let everyone else go, but they staid there just in case he got fresh, so he proceeded to try to handcuff me, but I just wouldn't let up; instead in order to get him off me I faked like I fainted. He then put the cuffs on me and got up off me, everyone rushed over to see if I was alive and also yelling at the cop for possibly killing me. My friend Sean came over to me to check to see if I was breathing, when I opened my eyes and whispered to him to take care of everyone. I then broke out of the handcuffs and threw them across the room and got up and left with the cop, down the long hall. For making a fool out of him he tried to punch me in the face but I quickly dodged and punched him. I then ran down the hall towards some stairs with all kinds of twists and turns, he gave chase and chased me down the stairs, it was a long ways down so I had all chances to lose him, he almost caught me a couple of times but I quickly made some unexpected turns and jumps putting me ahead of him. At one point I thought I lost him so when I finally made it to the ground floor I ran to the exit, and no sooner I exited the door he tackles me to the ground and takes me to the station to be booked. At this point we are at the police desk where he had to book me, the were other criminals standing around being bad mouthing off and starting fights while handcuffed. I felt bad auras from all of them, some worst than most, I felt like I was about to be killed if I turned my back on any of them, it was a long line, but then they all set their sights on me started making smart remarks, I just keep my head down avoiding eye contact, for if I did look I could be killed. The cop came back saying you ain't so tough now are you? I just ignored him, cause he was nothing compared to what I was getting from the criminal. He took that as disrespect and tried to show off in front of everyone and tried to fight me again, but I dodged all his attempts, taking my attention off the criminal, one must of got me cause I then blacked out.

I came to in a eerie place, it was like i was dead......I was dead, and in a weird dark place of judgement. A woman appeared at the Judges place, she spoke, do you know why you are here? Of course I didn't, and there was no one here but me and her. She told me to go over and stand on this smooth stone thing, while she got ready to judge me. I was have a hard time, as a spirit trying to get onto this thing I kept slipping, because it didn't have no grip. I finally gave up after what seemed like hours of trying, and proceeded to charm the lady by talking to her, I asked her how her job works, and if I could give it a try, since there was no other people around she let me, ha my charm or smooth talk worked. I sat in the her super powered seat, she taught me what all the buttons and do hickies, she said I could play with it while she did my judgement, although this was against the rules for her to do this, she did anyway, my guess is she wanted me to be comfortable in my environment. She was basically letting me call the shots, cause she then called in the first witness, which happened to be the cop, I was mad now, I sat there watching as she questioned him, and everything that came out his mouth pertaining my case was lies, I had heard enough I blurted out for him to tell the truth, I outstretched the judges chair and planted my foot in his mouth, he mumbled something under his breath but what he said came out telepathically, he was quite scared of me and surprised I was even there listening, once the truth was out he tried to make a run for it towards some double doors, but I pushed a button on the chair and threw my hands forward then back and the door closed in his face pushing him back on his butt. At this point I had to give the judge lady back the chair, because I wasn't suppose to do that, and everything seemed out of hand. The cop then said you shouldn't be let loose from this place either you are not a good guy neither. I replied relax I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyway I'm dead (yea the cop wasn't dead he was just called down there to testify against me, but ha it backfired in his face cause now he is going to be stuck down there, he laid his own judgement upon himself, lying to the judge) any way just when the judged was about to lay the judgement on me, My friend Sean appears out of nowhere next to me saying you sure about that buddy, don't you remember our pact/bond we made way back ( I'm not sure what he was talking about, but this realization of some pact came over me, and it was like I was seeing him in the light for the first time in a long time) you can't die. I then said you have a point, then suddenly I was in this room getting read to consume this weird pure gold glowing bar thing and when I took a bite I was back in bed in my physical body. It felt like I was put back into my body, you know that feeling you get like when you are startled out of sleep, my heart had this small pain in it, when I woke up I hurried and copied the experience in my phone and then later I'm here relaying the experience to you, thanks for listening hope you enjoyed it as much as I did telling it,

My Interpretation (Yours are still welcomed (opinions)):

As in my life I am darn near afraid of something happening to  my immediate family which is my Bro and sis, and what I mean by this is if they shall die, i'm afraid of what will awaken in me, the something that is laying dormant shall awake, and i'm not sure if it will be pretty or if I can control it. so I think the aura and the criminals represent that which is asleep within me, and little old me represents the good that is keeping it caged. And the eerie dark place is me trapped in the cage while my once dormant self is now awake, the stone thing represents me trying to escape this cage. the cop is the authority or action that help bring forth the dormant beast, and the judge is me justifying the means for this beast to awake and came to the conclusion that it was so. so I was to be trapped with the action hanging over me that set loose the events. My friend Sean was the anchor programed to snap me back to reality, and the gold bar was the power he represented. wow this is very dark I must say, it just came to me. what this may have to do with my experience is I dwell on that a lot, even when i'm not dwelling it pops up all the time specially when I see car accidents on news or police done shot somewone or when the weather is terrible it pops up seeing something bad happening to my loved one. altho I don't hang out or see them at all I still very much deeply care for them, I am a loner, I like my solitude, cause I have problems I deal with.
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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2016, 01:59:35 »

Seems to be a self reflective dream. You are the best interpreter of your dreams.
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« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2016, 01:59:35 »

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