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Author Topic: 9th Chakra and a few questions.  (Read 2017 times)
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« on: February 19, 2012, 04:30:22 »

Hey all!  I have been a member here before, but it was years ago, and I don't even remember my username!  Oh well!  I have a few questions today Smiley.

1) I usually spontaneously get vibrations and am able to project in the morning time after the sun has come up.  I'm not sure why, but it rarely happens when it's dark out.  Anyway, it happened this morning, and a few things were different than they normally are.  First, my astral body didn't feel as strongly connected to the physical one, if that makes sense.  Usually I have to get far away from my physical body as quickly as I can, or I'll get yanked back.  This really didn't happen today.  I was kind of able to sit next to myself.  Does this ever happen to you?  Ever not so strongly connected?  I kept thinking "Why am I not getting pulled back if I'm so close??!"

2) I also have a hard time staying conscious and not slipping into a lucid dream.  Is there any way to become more focused during a projection?  I seem to lose it after I've been out for a little white.

3) The last thing that I want to ask is about chakras.  Now, I really don't know anything about chakras.  I haven't ever been that interested.  One thing that happened during this morning's obe that I met a man (he was sitting cross legged) and I was standing in front of him.  I really wanted to project to India (where I have been before and love) to a friend's home.  This happened, but not until after I saw the cross-legged man that wanted to give me "advice."  All I really remember (it sort of turned dream-like here) was that he was telling me how important "the ninth chakra" is.  Does anyone know anything about the ninth chakra and why it would be pertinent in this (or any) situation?  Also, who could this man be?  Just an astral being?  Spirit guide?  I have no idea.

Thanks for any input!
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 09:00:31 »

Chakras are little vortices that support the life force - prana - in it's circulation in the body. This circulation happens through channels, called nadis, which open from the chakras.
Usually 7 or 8 main chakras are distinguished, but every location which plays a role in energy exchange is a chakra. The main chakras are:

Mooladhara/root chakra
Swadhisthana/sacral chakra
Manipura/navel chakra
Anahata/heart chakra
Vishuddhi/throat chakra
Ajna/third eye
Bindu/moon centre
Sahasrara/crown chakra

These energy exchange centers have corresponding physiological structures related to the nervous system (nerve plexuses, glands) which serve as a trigger point for the given chakra. They are in the spinal cord. It is easier to concentrate on the chakra kshetram, which is located on the front surface of the body, if you want to stimulate them. At least, this is what yogis say Smiley.

Anyways, removing blocks which prevent the prana from flowing is supposed to affect your physical body, emotions, thoughts, behaviour, or it can give you "supernatural" powers - siddhis - such as telekinesis, seeing the future and other similar, nasty stuff.

Do some research on the net regarding to each chakra and their functions, but do not take every source seriously Smiley!

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I am sorry, I am so, for the things you don't know
And as for the things you do, I am sorry for those too
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 09:00:31 »

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« Reply #2 on: February 24, 2012, 03:12:53 » spirit science about chakras. I'd actually prefer you to watch it in order but if you just want to know about chakras without doing a lot of research check this video out
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