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Author Topic: And I thought I had HPPD!... and the transpersonal chakras  (Read 3334 times)
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« on: November 26, 2012, 20:43:33 »

For a long time, I thought I had HPPD - Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder - because of all the psychedelics, dissociatives and street drugs I used. For many years now, I have been seeing a indefinite aggregate of purple colour in-between my eyes, just where the Third Eye is located. I think I started to see it after spending countless hours singing the Gayatri mantra and doing meditation while tweaking on methamphetamine. I know I know, drugs are bad... I quit using... but the fact is that instead of crashing down, I have found myself into mystical states on some rare occasions! I will always remember when I saw the moon full aura and the light taking life in the night sky! That was simply incredible! So to keep myself calm, I would do meditation and sing mantras and use candles to focus on. I spent many many hours doing that... seriously most methheads are unable to do that because of all the stimulation they get.

Anyway after a while, I started to see the Third Eye chakra either eye closed or open eyes, overlapping on the physical layer of reality. Right now, it's just a bunch of sparkles... but if I meditate, especially with a focus point, it turns to a perfect little purple ball that either spin clockwise or counter-clockwise...  It can also appears as pulsating energy outwards or inwards. Rarely it has turned to a flower of ether! That was so beautiful! In any case, is there any use in seeing this? Also are they additional chakras on the right and on the left side of the Third Eye? When I look at a Shiva avatar with circles on right and left, I can see them spinning. When I tried ibogaine treatment to get clean from opiates, I could see the main purple chakra and two additional ones on both side. For some reason, I think the chakra was being used to boot each visions that the plant spirit gave me, because everytime a vision was falling apart from my vision, the chakras appeared and it sort of clicked to start another vision.

I know people involved in esoterism, OBEs, lucid dreams, paranormal activities try to dissociate themselves from drugs... but from my experience, there is no difference whenever it involves drugs or not, it's just that people doesn't want to be called out crazy druggies. By the way, I am not saying in any sort of ways you should use drugs! I EXPERIENCED HELL AND ALMOST DIED SEVERAL TIMES! It's a miracle I am still healthy and have my sanity!

As for the transpersonal chakras, I had a lucid dream where I was rising through multiple ceilings within a church while singing Ohm. I was show the picture of a man with two little balls over the head. The first ball started to flash and I could read BROADCASTING. Then i was offered to play a game to activate the second one but I failed. I knew nothing about the transpersonal chakras, I found it out on Wikipedia the next day. What happened, what does it mean when it says it is broadcasting? Is it of any use?

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