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Author Topic: Guide to removal of energy blocks, astral parasites, implants.  (Read 5926 times)
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« on: January 31, 2015, 18:06:15 »

Hello, this is my first post. I've had a lot of experience with the astral and with self healing. I thought it would
be a good idea to try and share what I learned, and see if I can learn new things from people here. I'll make this
post about basic healing and then decide if I'll post more.

First a short explanation of the history of healing energies.

For many hundreds of years now, maybe even longer, our connection to the Universe, the Light, the Divine, our
higher self, has been severely blocked, and for most people it was impossible to achieve much self healing, even
those of us who were shaman, priests or druids in past lives, were blocked by giant obstacles because we simply
couldn't access enough healing energy. The darkness that came to Earth long, long ago, has been with us ever
since and has continually increased its hold on this planet and this solar system, to the point where we almost
lost it, in fact it is an unprecedented miracle that we finally managed to permanently turn the tide a few years

The healing energy we need to undo what the dark have done, comes from roughly three places, although there
are many different energies we use for healing.

1. From the Light in our solar system and Universe.
2. From the spirit and body of our planet.
3. From our own spirit and body.

Now, the human form is terribly coarse and carries a very low vibrational energy, so it is impossible for humans
to generate enough healing energies to do even the most basic healing work. Animals, plants and crystals are a
thousand times better at this than us, and many healing energies we access during healing work, come from
them as part of the Earth energies. This means almost all of the energy we need has to come from the Universe
and from our planet Earth.

As you probably know, planets, stars and moons are incarnations as well, they have a spirit and are conscious,
just like humans, animals, elementals, plants and crystals. There are no different types of consciousness, some
of us are incarnating as humans now, some of us as animals or plants. We've all lived as animals in the past and
will do so again in the future.

Now the dark have done everything they can to block both the flow from the Universe to Earth, and from Earth
to us, so most of us had to rely on talented healers for many lifetimes. These people came to Earth with a very
specific connection to the Light, with an intended purity, which allowed them to do healing work despite all the
blocks in place in this solar system. But the Light could not place many of such people on Earth through times,
so most of us never met one in any of our lifetimes on Earth. In this time though the presence of Light on Earth
has increased to such extent (in the last seven years it changed dramatically), that now we're able to do real
self healing again, and even normal people can do healing work for themselves and even others.

Now I will get to the actual healing process.

Obviously there are many healing techniques, I'm just describing a basic one to remove blocks and parasites, as
that form of healing is the only permanent one. Many healing techniques such as Reiki, while important in some
situations of distress and crisis, act as a band-aid, rather than actually removing the root cause of problems.

All of us carry thousands, sometimes millions of blocks, and all of us carry a number of parasites, entities and
astral implants/machines. There are many other types of problem, but they are on a level of healing work that I've
never been able to fully understand. Some of the most important though, are the blocks in our chakras and bones
and muscles and organs, the astral implants within us, and the parasites and negative entities connected to us.
There is another type of problem, called spiritual wounds, but they can't just be removed or healed on any short
term, they have to be healed through positive living, through love, throughout your entire life.

As most probably know, during healing work it is not the person him- or herself doing the healing, the human form
is far too coarse to do any kind of healing all by itself, no matter how awakened the healer is. What we do is act
as a channel and diagnostic tool that links the Universe with the person that we want to heal, even if that is
ourselves. We use our mind to link to the patient and ask the Universe (or whatever you want to call it) to show
us visually, or help us feel in our own body, what problem needs to be removed first.

I'll go by it step by step:

1. Try to get into a more or less meditative state of mind, it doesn't have to take long or be an actual trance.
Just relax and shut out daily business, worries and stresses as best as you can. It doesn't have to be perfect.

2. Ask the Universe to place protection around you to shield you (and your patient if applicable) from negative
influence during the healing

(If you're self healing, you can skip step three and four.)

3. If you're healing someone else, ask the patient's higher self for permission. This isn't absolutely necessary,
because if you try to heal someone and his higher self doesn't want it, you won't be able to access the person
anyway. But if you can feel a response after asking for permission, be it yes or no, you can save yourself from
the effort. Now most people don't actually "hear" anything, they'll just get a general feeling of "yes go ahead",
or of "no I'd rather not you do this". If you don't get any response at all, you can still go ahead, it just means
you're not sensitive enough yet to identify the answer. You can't do any harm with this by going ahead.

4. If you're healing someone else, intend to connect to the person on the deepest level. Some people will "see"
the person in their mind's eye, not always like a picture but a sense of connection. Others will feel the person
overlapped with themselves. If you see the person you use that image to identify the problems, if you feel the
person you use sensations in your own body to identify the problems.

5. Now ask the Universe to help you see or feel the first problem that must be removed. It may take a while,
but eventually you should be able to see something that gives you a sense of it not belonging there, or you may
feel a pain, pressure, prickling, burning or coldness (any odd sensation) somewhere in your body. Once you have
found the problem, focus on it with all your willpower, and you ask the Universe to remove or dissolve it. Once
the feeling in your body ebbs away, or the visual aspect dissolves, you'll know it has been healed. It may take
a while, so don't expect the problem to vanish right away.

6. Now ask the Universe to help you see the next problem, repeat step five and continue until you get the feeling
that you've done all you can for now. Depending on various factors, the Universe may ask you to spend a lot of
time in one healing session, maybe even hours, or it may be over in a few minutes. It depends on how deep of a
healing work your body is able to cope with. Healing energies travel mostly through the nerves, and unless you're
quite healthy you probably won't be spending hours doing this work.

You may be tired after a session, but that is because it takes physical and mental energy for your nervous system
to channel the energies, not because you have lost your own spiritual energy. You will only gain spiritual energy
from healing work, and the more you do it the less coarse your body will become, and the better you will become
at this work. It requires some health though, you cannot do this work as an alcoholic, heavy smoker, intense meat
eater or while on heavy medicine.

As I mentioned, some people will see the problem in their mind's eye, and this can be disconcerting sometimes, as
the parasites and entities, astral machines and implants can take hideous forms, and even appear as if lashing out
to you. But it's also possible you only see a dark blur, it is different for everyone. Other people won't see anything,
they will feel the problem in their own body, and this can be uncomfortable in its own way, since often it can hurt
a little. But the sensation will stop once the problem is healed or once you stop the healing session.

It may help to drink a glass of water after doing a healing session for someone else, or if the healing was intense,
it may help to take a hot bath with salt and lavender to completely cleanse all residual energies from your system.
Sea salt cleanses residual negative energy, while lavender soothes and heals so you feel more comfortable.

Everyone is able to do this kind of healing with some practice and commitment. Some may not be able to do it for
others, but everyone is able to do it for themselves. One exception is if you're a major target of the dark, you may
encounter serious problems and resistance, and may not be able to do healing this way, but this doesn't apply to
a lot of people. Everyone is a target on some level way, but some of us have a lot of anger and hatred aimed at
them due to events that occurred in past lives.

Let me know if anyone has any questions.
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2015, 12:11:10 »

Thanks for sharing your experience.
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« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2015, 12:11:10 »

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