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Author Topic: Life of Eternal Breath  (Read 877 times)
« on: May 13, 2004, 10:16:51 »

I advise everyone to read through this exercise carefully so you don’t miss anything. While the exercise is relatively simple doing it wrong could lead to unbalance (though from my own experience nothing severe) and incorrect perception of how energy works.
Reasons for this exercise: This exercise is actually a string of exercises, which eventually leads to every breath you take bringing in larger amounts of Qi than a normal breath. If done right what this means for your astral projection training is that you are lead to higher concentration, more “power and influence” in your projection endeavors, a control of actual physical energy to a small extent while projecting outside your body to the copy of the physical plane.  
First Exercise:
Begin by finding a comfortable place to relax the body, and if at all possible a place where your mind is at rest as well and you overall feel at peace. Being outside is also helpful, as the energy is “fresher” in such places. Sit down, preferably in lotus position, though it’s not required. Your whole focus here should be on slow breathing. Breath as slow as you can while staying still.
Extension 1:
Feel energy coming through the breath, down into your lungs, and then throughout your whole body. It is very important that you feel this energy and not visualize it in any way.
Extension 2:
As well as feeling the energy coming through the breath, you should feel after a couple weeks of such meditation that the energy should be coming in through the main Meridian openings: the hands and then later through the feet. The first place that this should occur though is through the base of the spine or straight through the base chakra.
Second Exercise:
Do the above along with both extensions standing up. This sounds easy, and for some it will be, but the idea is to get you used to more and more physical strain as you go through this exercise.
Third Exercise:
Do the First Exercise while Walking around the block. Do not do the fourth exercise until you have walked around the block 15 times without forgetting the breath during the middle of the exercise. This does not have to be in a row.
Fifth Exercise:
Do activity that requires more mental thought along with this exercise. Do not do two projection, Qigong, or any other mystical exercises along with this one though, what I mean by “more mental thought” is normal everyday activity. Work at home or work at work (so long as the exercise is not interfering with work) The goal here is to be able to do this all day, and eventually this should lead to you breathing in this manner naturally though very few people will get this far or even need to get this far.

-The lesser Banishing ritual of the pentagram
-Horse stance/3-circle stance training.
-Any exercise that balances energy and stores it in Dan Tien/Chakra.

Just thought I would post this as I got done with it. This is from my projection guide.
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