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Author Topic: The Way of The Crystal  (Read 18826 times)
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« on: October 24, 2006, 18:55:06 »

Hello everyone,

For those of you who do not receive my weekly newsletter; here is an amazing Crystal Energy device that I announced this week:

-----The Way of the Crystal: The Crystal Necklace-----

First this week it is my very great privilege to bring to you a
truly exceptional, unique and very rare find indeed.

Over the decades, and in particular since the beginning of the "new
age" movement I have seen and even been offered countless devices,
objects, systems and other things that have all sorts of fantastic
claims attached , purporting to offer the user all sorts of
"powers" and special "abilities" of one type or another.

Needless to say, the vast majority of these things simply do not
directly do whatever is claimed to do. I say "directly" because
sometimes these items work in the same way as "faith healing" and
therefore The Law of Attraction, which is actually the power of the
Mind rather than the power of the object in question.

I had yet however to encounter any man-made device that truly
works of its own accord; until now.

Recently a very good friend of mine, Chris Westra, sent me an
extremely unusual necklace. It was a complete surprise and quite
unlike anything I have ever seen before. I knew at first glance
that this was most definitely no ordinary necklace.

I have never been a jewellery type of person, in fact I do not
wear jewellery of any sort usually. I knew however, just by holding
this necklace and sensing its Energy that it is much more than
simply a piece of jewellery, an ornament to wear, so I put it on.

After just a couple of minutes of wearing the necklace I knew that
this was very real indeed. I could immediately feel a charge of
Universal Energy surging through me in the most profound and
unmistakable way. And this Energy continued as long as I wore the

I soon began to realise the amazing potential of The Crystal
Necklace for an almost unlimited number of possibilities.

As we know, everything in the Universe is pure Energy, and the more
we can control, manage and influence that Energy, the more power we
have to manage our lives in many profoundly positive ways.

When I investigated further, I discovered that this is most
definitely no ordinary device that can be purchased anywhere. It is
made to order in very small quantities by a very remarkable man,
Nyal Thomas, 84 year of age, who was provided with instructions 12
years ago by advanced, evolved beings of the inner realms of The
Universe that he was to make The Crystal Necklace, and provided the
instructions to accomplish it.

Nyal himself is a living testimony to the power of The Crystal
Necklace. At 84 years he enjoys the lifestyle of people man decades

Looking at The Crystal Necklace, and knowing as I do how it works
and above all powerful it really is in practice, the source of the
information comes as no surprise at all; the knowledge and
blueprint for creating such a device is most definitely not of the
physical plane. It requires advanced inner knowledge to design
something like this that actually works with Universal Energy.

The origin does not matter however; the fact is it does work as
anyone who wears one will testify to.

Nyal was told that everyone that everyone should wear The Crystal
Necklace, espcially in view of the what everyone will face in the
years ahead, and I can certainly see why; the potential is virtually

Normally, as beings of Energy living in the infinite field of
Energy we know as The Universe, or "God", our physical body is in
equilibrium with Universal Energy.

For using the Law of Attraction, for Healing and for inner
exploration, the more Energy we can draw into our physical, Energy
and Astral bodies, the more powerful and more rapid will be the

In fact many of those phenomena that people regard as "miracles"
are by people who have the ability to influence and control Energy,
by boosting their own Energy to much higher levels than normal.

This usually requires specialised knowledge and many years of

The Crystal Necklace however is designed to boost your Universal
Energy to higher levels than normal, and most importantly maintain
your personal Energy at those higher levels the benefits of which
can be profound.

At the heart of The Crystal Necklace is a rare mineral that has
very special properties which can be harnessed and used to our
advantage when included as part of a complete Energy circuit.

The potential benefits of The Crystal Necklace are truly unlimited;
for example:

For those practicing Reiki, Pranic Healing, and other Energy based
healing, you will find The Crystal Necklace will give you and your
patients if you are a professional healer a really big boost.
Patients of professional healers will be reassured to see and feel
the additional Energy boost.

For creating your own reality the more Energy you can place behind
your thoughts, emotions and focus the more powerful it will be. The
Crystal Necklace

For Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi you will find The Crystal Necklace
absolutely invaluable as a Universal Energy booster. During
Meditation the more Energy you can channel into your physical and
Energy and inner bodies, the profound the experience can be.

For Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences and Lucid Dreaming
The Crystal Necklace can be a considerable help. Those practicing
these valuable abilities now know that for the best results the
more Energy you can accumulate, the easier and more profound the
experience can be.

For applying The Law of Attraction to attract all your wishes,
needs and desires The Crystal Necklace can help by providing that
additional Energy required for the manifestation process, Energy
that could make all the difference.

For achieving and maintaining perfect health at all times The
Crystal Necklace is absolutely ideal. Our state of health is
determined by the state of health of our inner bodies and their
ability to maintain and balance Energy. At 84 years, the maker of
The Crystal Necklace, Nyal Thomas, is a living testimony to the
power of The Way of The Crystal.

These are just a very few of the ways in which The Crystal Necklace
can be of immense value to you. At the final analysis there are no
limits as to how you can benefit. Absolutely everything in the
Universe is Energy and requires Energy; and The Crystal Necklace
will certainly give you a crucial Energy boost.

I am so impressed with The Crystal Necklace and its almost
unlimited potential that I have agreed to work with Nyal to bring
this amazing device to as many people as possible.

Please keep in mind however that due to the fact The Crystal
Necklace is completely hand made to individual order, it is
available only in very limited quantities.

For more information please visit:

But again; please keep in mind there will be a waiting list for The
Crystal Necklace, and the sooner you join the sooner you can reap
the benefits of your own boosted Universal Energy.
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