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Author Topic: Sahaja Yoga  (Read 2091 times)
I Am
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« on: November 17, 2005, 01:21:22 »

I have never heard of or seen a meditation like this, it's so simple and child like.  I have not tried it as of yet, but it's suppose to be the short cut to opening up the kundalini, supposedly the female way.

This meditation does not seem to invoke deep mental states, it about feeling.  The meditation uses various hand positions and affirmations.

They say things like visualization meditation and physical asanas are the more male way to raising the kundalini.

Has any one heard of Sahaja Yoga?

Gnothi Seauton
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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2006, 19:11:03 »

Hello I Am,

I am new to this forum but however not new to the paranormal yoga and kundalini.

It happens to be that i have been doing sahaja yoga for about three months now, so i can tell something about it and its usefulness.

First of all theire are different yoga style and sahaje yoga is actually a kind of kundalini yoga system, the method off raising the kundalini at sahaja yoga is one off the most subtle and friendly method of raising it that i know. Most methods have a more agressive way of raising the kundalini while the sahaha yoga method does not, therefore the sahaja yoga method has less negative side-effects than other methods like pranayama or asana methods.
You can indeed truly say it is the more feminine way off raising that is also why there are so many females in my group tongue .

I will now explaine the meditation:
You sit in a chair with straid back or in lotus asana(posture) on the floor with a blanked underneath. After that you make a kundalini raising movement with your hands which you place your left hand before your belly with the palm facing your belly and then with the right hand your circle around the left hand clockwise when vieuwed from your right, then while maintaining that movement your move your left hand slowly and steady while your right hand still circling the left hand upwurths until above the top off your head is reached, still do a couple off turns above your head and finally make a knot above your head to close the movement.
After this you repeat the process another two time only the second time you make two knots and the thirth time you make three, this represent the amount of central nadis which sahaja yogis work upon, which are called the left side is ida, or respectivally the cold and emotion or passive side and then you have the nadi in the middle which is called the sushamni nadi in which the kundalini current runs through when activated and then you have the right side which is called the pingali nadi which is the warm side which represent the action and active side.

after making the three movements you make the bandans those are movements with the arms to protect the chakras from inpuraties from outside. you place your left hand with palm up on your left knee and with your right hand you stroke from your left hand over your head and then back and doe this seven times, thus seven times up and seven times down.

Then you concentrate on your first chakra or/and place your right hand fingertips against it and repeat the affirmation; mother, give me divine innocents. when you begin to feel that point of concentration or feel warmth there then place the right hand on the left side off your second chakra, and repeat the affirmation; mother, give me divine knowledge, after you feel the warmth, after a minute or so place your right hand on the left side of your thirt chakra and speak the affirmation;mother i am my own master, and after you feel the warmth there also, place your right hand on the left side of your hart-chakra and speak(or think)the affirmation; mother, I am the spirit.
Then place the right hand on the left side off the neck and speak the affirmation; Mother, i am innocent.
Then place your right hand on your forehead(on your third-eye) and speak the affirmation;Mother, I forgive everyone including myself.
Then place your right hand on the back of your head and speak the affirmation; mother, please forgive the mistakes that i have made against myself.
Then place your right hand on the top off your head and speak the affirmation; Mother, give me self-realisation. your can repeat het affirmations as many times as deemed nessecary and off-course with sincerety.

After this you place your right palm firmly on top off your head and turn your head-skin seven times clockwise when vieuwed from the top and then raise the right hand about fifteen centimeters or seven inches from the top off the head and bring your point of focus and concentration just below the right palm and ofcourse above the head. And keep doing this as long as possible and then bring the right hand back and place it on the right knee with palm up and keep concentrating on the point above the head.

The objective here is off feeling a cold breeze on top off the head, this cold breeze that really seemed to be comming out off your head is determined to be kunalini-energy.

And at the end off the meditation or how long you want or can maintain it, you repeat the procedure with the hands which you begin with.

Mostly the only sensations you get is that off the cold breeze during the meditation, but other sensations might occurs when progressing in this yoga-system.

For those whom wish to awaken the kundalini i recommend using this type off awakening technique first duo off the lack off negative side-effects and the ease off which it can be peformed. and after you feel you energetic body is purified enough you can use the more agressive methods, because this method in particular is also very usefull in cleaning your nadis of blockades and other inpurities.
A very important note is this; the stronger the cool breeze is the more purified you have become, but yes there is a but, it can be at some days when you feel very good or very happy or connected to god-energy or are at a very spiritually strong place that the cold breeze is stronger than other days.
Only when it really feels like there is a constant airco in your head blowing very cool strong wind out of your head constantly during your meditation you can use stronger techniques to raise stronger currents off kundalini energy.

Sometimes that cool breeze can come up spontaniously without meditation, it happend to me three times, one time i was visiting the hara krisna conscioussness community in the ardennes when it happend, that breeze was cooler and stronger than i had ever felt and besides that my vision changed, i could see auras about three times better than normal and i could see the world differently i saw everything in a deeper meaning. this lasted about a couple of minutes. and a other time when it spontaniously happened was when i had concentrated a while on a symbol which is a circle with a dot in the middle.
and the other time was standing on a hilltop in the ardennes in belgium.
The pressence of kundalini energy was stronger during that holiday in the ardennes, problably of frequently visiting the hara krisna movement and the more spiritual landscape there.

Another observation of mine is that hatha yoga can greatly help this sahaja yoga meditation for cleaning and flexing the three major nadis.

Well i guess i have written enough for this post or it will get to boring to read i bett.
At least i hope that this technique may help many on the path of spirituality.
My hopes are strong for you, and off course i'll be happy to answer your questions, you can also email me at the given adress.

Much greetings astraluminated

and krisna answered; Yes ascension is truly very very difficult for men, unless... Adi Shakti interferes.
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« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2006, 19:11:03 »

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