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Author Topic: sexual healing ha  (Read 1727 times)
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« on: November 09, 2011, 18:08:37 »

With sexual energy- in the physical plane ...what is healthy? I know this is something i need to answer for myself and I feel like i should know this by now but over the past couple of years ive gotten really into different religions such as christianity and buddhism(mainly) and all my mind has taken from those views of sex is that it's bad to refrain from physical sensations/lust and whatnot (i also know in the astral lessons are learned about refraining from earthly desires). But i find myself extrememly sexually repressed (?).. and i know sexuality is normal but is sex only healthy in a committed relationship? because im not one to commit to a relationship right now and morally ive been really confused on what to think of it all. Also- ive read about the root and spleen chakras can be blocked or overactive with lack of sex or too much sex? anyways it seems that since ive tried refraining from it due to "moral reasons" all i want to do is have sex which also seems unhealthy. and right now its making it hard to concentrate on things i need to be concentrating on such as meditating and energy work and finding my purpose in life Wink. Ive tried doing some energy work to get rid of all the sexual energy but im not really sure how to go about it? any suggestions? comments? thank you Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 18:10:46 »

"that it is bad. and to refrain from
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« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2011, 18:10:46 »

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« Reply #2 on: November 09, 2011, 22:57:31 »


Those Works of Ancient and Mediaeval Literature which more particularly concern the Seeker after Truth, concur on one point. The most worthless Grimoires of Black Magic, no less than the highest philosophical flights of the Brotherhood which we name no, insist upon the virtue of Chastity as cardinal to the Gate of Wisdom.

Let first be noted this word Virtue, the quality of Manhood, integral with Virility. The Chastity of the Adept of the Rose and Cross, or of the Graal-Knights of Monsalvat, is not other than very opposite to that of which the poet can write:

......Chastity that slavering sates
 His lust without the walls, mews, and is gone,
 Preening himself that his lewd lips relent.

Or to that emasculate frigor of Alfred Tennyson and the Academic Schools.

The Chastity whose Magical Energy both protects and urges the aspirant to the Sacred Mysteries is quite contrary in its deepest nature to all vulgar ideas of it; for it is, in the first place, a positive passion; in the second, connected only by obscure magical links with the sexual function; and, in the third, the deadliest enemy of every form of bourgeois morality and sentiment.

It may assist us to create in our minds a clear concept of this noblest and rarest -- yet most necessary -- of the Virtues, if we draw the distinction between it and one of its ingredients, Purity.

Purity is a passive or at least static quality; it connotes the absence of all alien admixture from any given idea; as, pure gallium, pure mathematics, pure race. It is a secondary and derive use of the word which we find in such expressions as "pure milk," which imply freedom from contamination.

Chastity, per contra, as the etymology (castus, possibly connected with castrum, a fortified camp(1) suggests, may be supposed to assert the moral attitude of readiness to resist any assault upon an existing state of Purity.

So dear to heaven is saintly chastity
 That when a soul is found sincerely so
 A thousand liveried angels lackey it,

sang Milton, with the true poet's veil-piercing sword-vision; for service is but waste unless action demands it.

The Sphinx is not to be mastered by holding aloof; and the brutish innocence of Paradise is always at the mercy of the Serpent. it is his Wisdom that should guard our Ways; we need his swiftness, subtlety, and his royal prerogative of dealing death.

The Innocence of the Adept? We are at once reminded of the strong Innocence of Harpocrates, and of His Energy of Silence. A chaste man is thus not merely one who avoids the contagion of impure thoughts and their results, but whose virility is competent to restore Perfection to the world about him. Thus the Parsifal who flees from Kundry and her attendant flower-witches loses his way and must wander long years in the Desert; he is not truly chaste until he is able to redeem her, an act which he performs by the reunion of the Lance and the Sangraal.

Chastity may thus be defined as the strict observance of the Magical Oath; that is, and perfected devotion to the Holy Guardian Angel [ED: i.e. "True Self", "Silent Self", "God", call it what you will] and exclusive pursuit of the Way of the True Will(2).

It is entirely incompatible with the cowardice of moral attitude, the emasculation of soul and stagnation of action, which commonly denote the man called chaste by the vulgar.

"Beware of abstinence from action!" is it not written in Our lection? For the nature of the Universe being Creative Energy, aught else blasphemes the Goddess, and seeks to introduce the elements of a real death within the pulses of Life.

The chaste man, the true Knight-Errant of the Stars, imposes continually his essential virility upon the throbbing Womb of the King's Daughter; with every stroke of his Spear he penetrates the heart of Holiness, and bids spring forth the Fountain of the Sacred Blood, splashing its scarlet dew throughout Space and Time. His Innocence melts with its white-hot Energy the felon fetters of that Restriction which is Sin, and his Integrity with its fury of Righteousness establishes that Justice which alone can satisfy the yearning lust of Womanhood whose name is Opportunity. As the function of the castrum or castellum is not merely to resist a siege, but to compel to Obedience of Law and Order every pagan within range of its riders, so also it is the Way of Chastity to do more than defend its purity against assault. For he is not wholly pure who is imperfect; and perfect is no man in himself without his fulfillment in all possibility. Thus then must he be instant to seek all proper adventure and achieve it, seeing well to it that by no means should such distract him or divert his purpose, polluting his true Nature and hamstringing his true Will.

Woe, woe therefore to him the unchaste who shirks scornful the seeming-trivial, or flees fearful the desperate, adventure. And woe, thrice woe, and four times woe be to him who is allured by the adventure, slacking his Will and demitted from his Way: for as the laggard and the dastard are lost, so is the toy of circumstance dragged down to nethermost Hell.

Sir Knight, be vigilant: watch by your arms and renew your Oath; for that day is of sinister augury and deadly charged with danger which ye fill not to overflowing with gay deeds and bold of masterful, of manful Chastity!

(1) The root cas means house; and an house is Beth, the letter of Mercury, the Magus of the Tarot. He is not still, in a place of repose, but the quintessence of all Motion. He is the Logos; and He is phallic. This doctrine is of the utmost Qabalistic importance.

(2) It may be undertaken for the direct object of continuing the race.

It may be undertaken in obedience to real passion; for passion, as the name implies, is rather inspired by a force of divine strength and beauty without the will of the individual, often even against it.

It is the casual or habitual --- what Christ called "idle" --- use or rather abuse of these forces which constitutes their profanation. It will further be obvious that, if the act in itself is to be the sacrament in a religious ceremony, this act must be accomplished solely for the love of God.


The real meaning of chastity is NOT literal chastity, but the use of sex as a sacrament. "There's no part of me that is not of God".

If it is your will to be chaste that's a way to make sex a sacrament. If instead it's not your will then there's nothing good on being chaste. You can decide to do it as a sort of "gift" to God, but there's nothing worser than becoming an obsession.

As for the "teachings" in the astral plane they are not meant to "control" in the sense of learning to become chaste in the literal sense, but in the equilibration of those energies and a way to treat the same. I already explained this in a previous post, you may want to look at it.

Whatever you decide to do just take this in consideration: follow your nature and don't have anyone saying you what you should do instead if your nature is different. Chastity doesn't mean abstaining from sex in that literal way. If someone tells you that then s/he should study a little more religions and their simbolisms. An example: the navel of the church (the ancients' one) is in the form of an oval, in the middle there's an altar with a cross (the point inside the circle, the rose-cross, the egg girted by a serpent). The oval is the Yoni (vulva), the Cross is the Lingam (phallus). Same can be said of any other religion: sex has always been regarded as the most holy act, for various motives.
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