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Author Topic: The Mysting  (Read 1256 times)
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« on: November 16, 2011, 01:34:02 »

   Hello, and welcome to an introduction of "The Mysting".  While it might seem that I am overly obsessed with the franchise, Final Fantasy, many of the topics and 'things' within those games are based on actual metaphysical or spiritual phenomena.  Today, we will discuss The Mysting as 1. a way to create energy, and, 2. a means of avoiding energy vampirism.

   The Myst is a substance which exists in infinite amounts everywhere in Nature.  It is a base component of all elements, yet, it is not the light nor the God Force of anything.  It is simply a radical, mystical force of it's own type that can be charged in that infinite amount by any living being.  Ancient magi used to be able to charge myst before they would cast any magic.  You can do the same thing by yourself, however, when you gain the advantage of having a partner to Myst, there are other advantages besides just that.

Myst, a defintion- myst is a pure colored, whole energy substance which is found by using your 'will' in conjunction with 'faith'.  It fulminates or, fumagates from your aura when you have an increased amount.  The myst is a latent energy, and has a relation to 'smoke' and 'air'.  It's quality is naturally like those of smoke and air, yet, when myst is activated, it gains the distance energy of being more like 'fire' or 'flames'.  And even beyond this, into forms that resemble a high grade bolt of enchanted levin, or, lightening.

Myst Charge- the only way to quantify a myst charge is by gauging the amount of myst that is present in your area by the emotional energy that it brings.  It enhances your senses, and you will even notice small flakes of white light if the myst is retained.  Meditation can do the same thing, and the energy direction is close.  In FF12, a 'myst charge' is used in your Quickening Attacks, to fully recover your Magic Points.  In reality, a myst charge is the time, intensity, and development of the myst in your aura or present in your soul.  Normally, you will charge myst into your sacral chakra, as, high concentrations of myst in any other chakra will cause a distortion to the normal flow of energy, though, this distortion is usually an increase of the flow.  This can cause problems concentrating, and only the bliss of being charged with myst will then be the feeling and focus of the meditation.

Myst Partners-  anyone can be your myst partner, if, they know how to myst.  Even your cat can be your mysting partner, but you will have to trust their intelligence and you can tell if they are mysting you by the energy which is created.  You can myst with more than one person, or entity, this is dangerous as there can be an imbalance in who is recieving and giving myst.  Advanced practice demonstrates that myst is abundant and freely available.  Also, myst generates other types of energy.

The Mysting, a defintion- when you myst, here is the process and technique...

- use your 'myst charge' and hold the charge
- the introduction to a mysting is formal, and always under the circumstance of mutual agreement to perform the mysting, this is due to the need for conscious awareness of the mysting to gain the benefit of having a strong flux line for other types of energy to be generated and harvested
- begin mysting, give, take, and recieve the myst, keep exchanging it, do not focus on any one chakra, but use full souled impulses of your myst charge
- give and take, until you and both of you are giving and taking at the same time, this will generate a 'myst line', which becomes the point of flux
- as the flux point begins to gain intensity, energy will 'pop out' which is harvested naturally by your aura, and added to your chakra system, the point of mysting is to generate the other energy, prana, psi, or life energy
- you give and take until you are actually focusing on the myst line itself, continue to give and take to the other person, now, with the addition of giving and taking to the flux
- the energy becomes like a holographic force, in the myst line, as you develop this practice, the energy increases to the point that a new spiritual entity is born that shares both your's and your partners attitude, intent, and intensity of that specific mysting.  after this spirit has been released, the mysting itself can be used to cast magick, although, the type of magick that forms is of the kind that shows the attitude, intention, and capacity of the both of the people involved, it is almost random, but definitely seen to be based on those parameters.

   When your mysting is complete, your aura should be fully charged, your chakra completely balanced and replenished, and your life will have the benefit of a new spiritual being that has high energy.  That being should be released completely, with neither person in that session holding onto it, let it transcend, and it will be added to the components of a new soul elsewhere in space-time.
   Let go of the flux line gradually, in this instance, where as, in the beginning, both people will be giving myst, at the end, both are taking myst and the animatory energy, and the flux line will gradually ebb away and the link will cancel.  There is another way to stop the mysting, in which you abruptly just 'stop', and the flux line will situate itself in the spiritual being that is produced from the mysting.

And that's basically it.  With mysting as a vital tool of the advanced mage, there is no need for energy vampirism, as, the learned practicioner and his/her partner can sustain the mysting indefinitely to any energy level that they so desire.  Mysting has these as it's primary benefits...

1. balances your chakra and replenishes lost energy
2. generates spiritual awareness
3. restores aura to more energetic, astral state
4. generates a potentially infinite amount of energy, pending a.time, b.effort, c. charge of the myst itself
5. automatically casts magicks required for evolution of soul, by means of heightening spiritual awareness

Mysting is free, cheap, and provides an escape for those trapped in the cycles of parasitic vampirism that result in death.
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