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Hello:  A few months ago, I started to feel objects strongly (and to see auras, but there is a lot written about auras).  However, I am looking for other folks that are able to feel objects strongly (e.g., to feel trees from a far distance).  Anyway, I am not talking about feeling objects with one's hands (e.g., kind of buzzing or tingling in hands).  I am talking about feeling objects more in one's chest and body -- kind of like a rather magnetic feeling that can physically push and pull your body if you allow it to.  Anyway, I am interested in discussing aspects of this and exploring some things.  I am also currently involved in some experiments with a university related to remote viewing, and may seek to perform some experiments related to this too.  Anyway, among other things, I am interested to discuss observations related to particular objects, tuning in an out on objects, etc. 

I think I understand what you're talking about. Rudolph Steiner created exercises to help develop this type of awareness, and the sensations are exactly as you describe. In one exercise you're supposed to focus on a seed, and really try to inwardly "feel" it. He separates the feelings in the beginning as those of "decay" and "becoming". With enough time and practice, you should begin to sense the growth and potential it has as a full plant or tree. The energy is already there, but hasn't yet fully manifested itself physically. His idea was that by fostering these main "feelings", they'll grow into other means of perception, such as seeing auras, etc.

Am I close? I'm intrigued...

Hi Stookie.  Thanks for your reply.  I think what you are saying is similar.  Although, I tend to feel that much of this stuff is all similar.  For me, the feeling intensifies if I focus on the idea that much of what I feel/perceive is sort of being presented to me by another source.  So, it is more like accepting of some inputs from other sources as opposed to feeling, I think.  Anyway, I think much of these mystical-type things ... e.g., getting into OBEs, performing remote viewing, feeling objects, seeing auras, etc., have similar aspects ... e.g., that they occur based on what you are focusing on.  I think there are a few key things: a) focusing on the right thing (e.g., if you are remote viewing, focusing on the item to be viewed) and b) allowing the outside source to present it to you (e.g., sort of a request, absent fear, stress, force, etc. -- e.g., it helps to feel like you know it will work since i think that helps think absent negativity).  Anyway, to some extent, I think a) and b) are really very simple.  I don't think that they require chanting or banging one's head on a board or whatever.  But, they are also difficult because our minds shift on a dime ... Anyway, to be honest, I have some level of frustration with this feeling of energy since it is so amazingly interesting to me and I can't find others that have similar experiences.  Anyway, I will check out the person you mentioned related to the book.  Perhaps, that will lead me some direction.  Regards, Steve
P.S.  I tend to think that my feeling of energy strongly relates to my heart chakra being very large.  I have viewed my chakras (well, I think I can see them in a mirror and by sort of remote viewing them) and my heart chakra appears to be really enormous.  On the other hand, I only see auras feintly, and when I do, I can cause my head to hurt (i.e., seeing auras appears to be largely based on the third yet so to speak).  Anyway, later...   

Yeah, if there's any connection to OBE's, it's the fact that awareness isn't fixed in the physical body and can be focused elsewhere, or split even split up with multiple perceptions at once.


allowing the outside source to present it to you (e.g., sort of a request, absent fear, stress, force, etc. -- e.g., it helps to feel like you know it will work since i think that helps think absent negativity)

That's also a part of Steiner's exercise: being non-judgemental and clear in thought about what you are doing and the object in question, letting it's energy come into you without your ego's conceptual views and feelings of it.

(I feel like I have an intuitive sense of what you mean, but can't put it it words.) From my experience with it, it's as if empathy goes beyond humanity and animals and has the ability to "feel" into everything around you. I have feelings of "oneness" or of a single consciousness during moments like this. Physical borders start to come down.

Robert Bruce's "NEW" also focuses on this aspect of moving awareness, and created exercises that use it to feel out the room and areas around you. I wonder what kinds of practical aspects it could have?

(We may not be completely on the same page, but I think it's close. On such a subtle level, it's hard to word) :)

Thanks Stookie.  I believe that we are essentially on the same page.  I am glad to receive your responses.  As I mentioned, I have not read any books or anything.  But, I am starting to think that it may be helpful for me to continue to develop if I do so.  I have exchanged some emails with Robert Bruce, and I find him to have a rather good depth of knowledge.  So, I think I will pick up something he has written on the subject.  And, I think I will check out this Steiner guy too.

Also, as an FYI, I think this shift came in me because my daily perception of the world shifted for a considerable amount of time ... like a week or so.  Basically, while I had over 20 years of OBEs (about 25 -- I am now 45), and many interesting experiences and potentially validating experiences, nothing was very conclusive to me until I performed some successful remote viewings with a local university.  And, my level of proof I needed was somewhat high, I think.  It was not until the 5th remote viewing that I was really convinced (even though in the first 4, I identified the object correctly one time saw very similar aspects of the objects the other times).  On the 5th time, they had randomly placed 3 spoons out for me to remotely view, and I rather clearly saw 3 spoons.  After that success, I realized the truth in it all.  And, my world shifted.  Things that were hypotheses and intrigueing thoughts became my world I was living in daily. 

I felt like I was living in a big bowl of soup -- like everything was connected.  It was rather odd and unsettling for a while too.  I also realized how when I often close my eyes and see images that those images may often have a real source (or be based on a real source somewhere).  Anyway, At that time, I essentially felt this change in perception of the world for a long time (i.e., it was really intense for about a week).  And, then, to my surprise, I started to feel trees, etc., and to see auras.  I also found that I would remotely view things sometimes -- like when I closed my eyes and relaxed. 

Anyway, so, I think that it might not be as much that you need to focus in some intense way on some other object, but I think it might be that it is helpful to try to do it throughout your day.  SUch as, e.g., when you are walking down the street, or sitting at your desk, etc.  I think it is similar to hwo OBE activity can be enhanced by cfocusing on what you desire to achieve during the day.  Anyway, talk to you later.  Thanks for your input.



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