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Author Topic: A Philosophy for removing "Negs"!  (Read 1786 times)
Astral Energy 2
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« on: July 01, 2003, 02:47:49 »

My philosophy is that at least some of negs are made by your own conciousness, becouse i know that before going to the sleep you can ask a question from your conciousness and he can appear as a creature or a human and most of my neg experiences has took place at the time i had to make very important decisions for my life.
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« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2003, 01:09:21 »


I'm interested in every kind and any kind of technique or approach for forcing a neg out of a person it is possessing or messing with, so that the person can regain their complete life back.

I'm presently interested in 2 areas:

Area # 1) Things that can be used to actually detect that a neg is messing with a person or actually possessing a person.

Possibilities: 1) electro magnetic field detector, something you can put up to a person, and it goes off if a neg is on the person 2) some other kind of detection device or measuring type meter 3) some special kind of photographic equipment that can photograph a person, and detect if a neg is on the person. Some type of x-ray perhaps.

Area # 2) Substances or techniques that can be used to forcefully remove the neg once it is evident that there is a neg and it is messing with the person or possessing the person.


1) Prayer

2) chi energy, by a person who is experienced in using it, and knows how to use it to force possessing entities out. Chi energy may or may not be able to be used in that way, it's just a thought.

3) certain substances when burnt on a incense or in some other way, whether those substances be herbs, or some other type of substance. The smell must have a certain scent and vibration that the neg can not stand. Does anyone know of such substances?

4) Possibly psychic energy. Is Psychic energy different from chi energy. How could psychic energy be used to force an entity out of a person? How is using chi energy different from psychic energy when it comes to forcing an entity out of a person?

5) Certain crystals. Who knows what type of crystals send out vibrations that even the strongest negs must leave? Can just the vibrations of certain crystals brought into the area of a possessed person force the entity to come out of the person?

6) flower essences. Are there certain flower essences known which can force an entity out of a person?

7) Underground streams. How powerful must an underground stream be to force a strong neg out of a person? Who knows some locations of underground streams in the U.S. or anywhere else that are strong enough to do this?

Cool Acupuncture. Could Acupuncture possibly be used to force a strong entity out of a person. By releasing energy channels in the person that may be blocked or that the neg may have blocked, can the release of those energy channels by acupuncture possibly force a possessing neg entity out?

9) Low voltage electricity. How much voltage of electricity would be needed to force a neg out of a person. Are there low voltage devices that someone can buy somewhere which will work in forcing a neg out of a person?

10) There are many ways to attempt removing a neg from the physical realm by a person who is in their physical body. Are there ways to remove a neg from a person who is being messed with by traveling in the astral realm by astral projection? What are all the different types of methods and techniques one can use from the astral realm during astral projection to help a person somewhere who is possessed by a neg entity?

11) Are there any magnetic field type devices that a person can use to remove a neg from a person. What are some ideas for some electrical or magnietic or energy type devices that could be built to remove negs from people they are messing with?

Please anyone who would like to, feel free to discuss all these questions above with everyone on the forum. Any information you have of other web sites which contain information. Or any information you have of certain substances or crystals that can be used to force a neg out of a person?

Please feel free to e-mail me also.

Everyone have a good day. Together maybe we can rid the world of negs all together. I would also be interested in finding out if devices or even crystals can be built that can be used to either destroy negs all together, or if we choose not to destroy them to at least be able to imprison them so they can no longer reak havoc on mankind.  
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2003, 01:09:21 »

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