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Author Topic: An Extrapolation of the Ancient Greek Concept "Nous" (source)  (Read 2546 times)
Ryan Onessence
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« on: January 08, 2012, 22:37:00 »

This can also be read here.

Note: This post will be linked to a wider thread of information. A line "______" like so denotes a suggested memory retention/rest point, to avoid Info Overload...always go with your own impulses however.

An Extrapolation of
the Ancient Greek Concept
the Cause of Creation

According to the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, Nous (God / intellect /creator) is separate from all things yet all things exist within it. Like a carrier wave or substratum. Now there is a very tricky aspect to this concept of Nous, because Anaxa stated it is the only thing that is on its own, it transcends all other qualities of existence, and he also considered it to be the thinnest form of matter. As such it can permeate all material things. like how sound can penetrate matter, with the exception that sound looses velocity and amplitude as per the friction that occurs when it passes through objects in its path. Nous on the other hand is of infinite strength, and therefore passes through all things whilst loosing none of its innate strength as it permeates them. The only way of understanding how this could be is if Nous is formless, non-cyclic i.e. a pseudo-frequency of which extends infinitely in all directions from all imagined conceivable points, form all points through out infinity simultaneously. Now one must also take into account that for infinity to be truly infinite in every way, then it is essentially measureless, so it has infinite depth; this principle could be referred as Infinite Depth of Measureless Space (ID). Which entails that there is essentially an infinite amount of points of various size (depth) and ultimately means all points overlap into all other points from all points of ID. Lets think of ID as the 4th dimensional axis of Space. There are the 3 evident polar dimensions of: Up & Down, Left & Right and In-front & Behind and then the additional dimensional axis of ID from any given arbitrarily quantified point of space, imploding infinitely inward. If this is happening from all points of all sizes of depth simultaneously, then all points must cancel out to one endless thing i.e. no-thing in terms of cognitively perceived comparisons.

To think of a point of space is like trying to make it a thing i.e. defined as being separate from the rest of space, which is whole and self-similar unto itself, an endless (non-cyclic) waveform (which is why it is infinity. It has no closure to its self.) therefore it has no physical quality and thus escapes the effect of having friction with things that exist within itself. This means that nothingness is not space by definition of the common cognitively thought of space. It is more so (absolute nothingness.) or spaceless space i.e. infinite oneness that never folds back on itself, Cyclelessness,  0 (Zero).

The 0 in esoteric maths represents infinite possibilities. All - & + numbers (possible qualities of existence) combined, cancel out to nothingness. So Nous is essentially the source of creation, what is commonly thought of as God. It is separate form all things unto itself yet all things exist within the spans of its presence. However if God were conscious as how living beings think of consciousness, and it knew of all things occupying its being, it would be aware of points in space and would not be no-thing it would become something by proxy of awareness of others as singular entities. Therefore things must be as ineffably inconceivable to nothingness, likewise to how nothingness as an endless whole is unfathomable to living consciousness (Psyche/Soul).

Anaxagoras believed that Nous could be mixed through living things in the sense of the analogy of Nous's quality akin to sound. Being that of the ability to slip through all things, without friction so as to serve as a carrier wave which also bypasses matter. So, he did not believe it to be able to literally blend into and become one with matter from the level of which it exists as itself. He stated that if nous as it is for itself (a quality at the most transcendent level of existence) were not to be separate from other forms of matter i.e. either vibrate quicker or have no closure, thus being of no-frequency (cycle-less), and instead were mixed through things from the highest level rather than stepping down portions of its infinite self (which then became things.) It would become diluted and powerless; subject to entrainment to the lower frequencies of other forms, which it would have propagated itself into. Therefore Nous would no longer be the omnipotent permeable unchanging oneness that it is.

So, there must be an intermediate zone between nothingness and everything in order for creation to exist. A quality that is not nothing and is also not a thing per cognitive standards. Ironically the fact that it is inconceivable by cognitive means, is the hint that... the pivotal function that is weighing up this idea of something in between nothingness and everything as an intermediate, inevitably means the quality which is the reason for experiential existence, of which resides between source and creation as an intermediate, is cognition itself; consciousness; psyche. As analogy, entertain this. Just as ones conscious centre of visual orientation peers out into the world without being able to see itself directly (the closest it gets is the outer reflection of the eyeball itself) then so too, is the cognitive awareness akin. The conscious cognition of human beings has been perplexed by the cause of existence, wandering around as though blind, bumping into the boundaries that it perceives, whilst always looking beyond, pondering further than its own immediate existence in hope of finding an answer, when it itself is the answer. Befuddled, just as the eye's centre of visual awareness is unable to directly perceive its own fundamental cause for perception, so too is the overall cognitive awareness unable to perceive its own position of emanence. In other words the perceiver cannot directly perceive the core components that are cause for what allows it to perceive. Although formlessness/source cannot be aware of anything but itself, it must likewise in the same way that it serves as a canvas for things, therefore in a similar manner also have a link to psyche.

Now, because source is transcendent of - as well as unrestricted by, all experiential phenomena, and thus by proxy all dimensional principles including linear time, yet also, simultaneously serves as a host for all qualities of existence, whilst being their source. Then it must therefore have corresponding pseudo-esque qualities about its omni-dimensionalness-ness i.e. formlessness, must be omnifaceted in pseudo-qualities, if it is all qualities combined as one pure whole pseudo-(endless)-thing.

So, considering psyche is a product of source then source must have a pseudoesque quality of consciousness about it (pseudoesque in terms of comparison to the organic view of consciousness or awareness.) However because source is not aware of individual things nor cognitive consciousness alike, of which pertains to psyche and is the intermediate that bridges the pseudo-quality of consciousness out from source and then into experiential existence as thoughts/feelings/recognition of sensations and cognitive augmentation. One must thereby entertain this conundrum from the perspective of cognitive awareness, still searching for the answer of what is the closest quality of manifest phenomena to nothingness, that it can be compared to.

So, here is the question posed from the position of the human psyche:

Since nothingness cannot be seen or compared with experiential cognitive awareness, then the closest phenomena akin to it that may come to mind is sound. For sound is invisible (just as the original analogy for nous was formulated.) However its vibrations have been show - through the field of study known as Cymatics, to have hidden shapes, which are produced as patterns when vibrated in a medium such as sand or rice spread out on a platter. Sound also dissipates as it is reliant on an external energy source to maintain a continuous presence, so it is not a stabilised state of flowing energy. This means sound is only good for describing the permeable quality of nothingness, and not the infinite's inexhustableness. Therefore the next best thing that is akin to a constant pseudo-like form of formlessness would be consciousness. Although thoughts are like individual things themselves, they exist in a continuum of connected overlapping events like a chain reaction. Thoughts are also intangible to the 5 physical senses, and this is why science cannot explain exactly where consciousness comes from, it is  speculated to be caused by quantum waves and/or particles in a soup with neuro-chemicals etc. Keep in mind however that this is only explaining the cause for electrical activity within the brain that can be measured, it is inconsistent and unpredictable as to know what patterns give rise to which thoughts and how an individual responds i.e. thoughts do not equal conscious awareness.
As such science is unable to zone in on where exactly conscious awareness emanates from. This is the very fact that yields the key to this matter, as it points out that awareness is the fundamental factor involved in consciousness and it is seemingly undetectable...formless.

This epiphany lends itself as a reference point for analogy, awareness is like an ocean, whereas conscious thoughts are like currents in that ocean. Mundane thoughts are unnecessary, they produce obstacles, and ones true thoughts and feelings are like aquatic creatures who push against the current when their destination is in the opposite direction. When one relaxes and or meditates they intentionally focusing those unnecessary currents of thought into more cohesive and effortless states of flow which have no resistance to the flow of ones desired state of mind. After spending sometime in this state when meditating ones thoughts and emotions begin to merge and dissolve into an indistinguishable state of blissful sensations, yet one is still self aware of their body and that they are in deep bliss. Fleeting visions may drift across ones inner field of vision and heart centred beingness, thus keeping them self aware. If one remains immersed in bliss like this long enough they may go yet deeper still, so that even the awareness of the physical body and all its sensations dissipate into the still ocean, like a droplet loosing form as it merges with the surface. Initially there is a tiny ripple of vibration as the droplets momentum is cushioned by the oceans body, akin to how ones awareness perceives the effect of their body's dissolution in contrast with the residual sensational impression of the bodies form, from the moments prior. Thus so too do those residual moments dissipate like the vibrations of a droplets momentum as it releases them into the still ocean. Soon the stilled depths of the oceans formless embrace absorbs them, likewise is this analogy akin to the effect of source's embrace of ones meditative self, after which, ones ego, their objective self awareness, dissipates as it is over come by a peaceful sense of having returned home. The ego is elevated to a frequency of awareness so fast that it is unable to distinguish between past and present, so as that thoughts and feelings overlap into the next moment without having closure of conclusiveness before the next wave of thought/feelings occurs rendering conscious content undefined. Much similar to the mental blank effect of knowing that oneself knows a particular word, yet for a moment are unable to recall it.

It has been noted that this dissociative effect is experienced by those who have used psychedelic drugs some people have the tendency to become afraid during those trips for the nervous systems natural frequency and circadian rhythm is overridden, rendering the psyche in a stimulated state of inescapable and involuntary awareness of tangible reality whilst also experiencing ego dissolution. This hard wired effect is why Psychedelics have the potential to be either or both beneficial and obstructive during a trip, and is the reason why genuine mystics do not advocate their use for enlightenment. The dissociative effect that one undergoes on a psychedelic trip can be evoked during meditation in a manner which is therapeutic to ones nervous system, and because the system isn't being forced to deal with tangible reality at the same time, the potential fear factor of feeling as though oneself is going mad when retention of words and memories start to slip is non existent. It is no different to the altered state of conciousness that occurs as one falls into deep delta dreamless sleep... only whilst still aware. Hence oneself then blends into and becomes one with the ocean of formless awareness. No thoughts, no sensations... just the awareness of a deep blissful sense, of homeliness.

Thus the formless One is akin to awareness; the fundamental aspect of consciousness, the canvas of thoughts and feelings. Nothing else exists with it subjectively i.e. “thoughts”, so it is totally aware of itself, as it is for itself. It is thoughtless, the One Infinite formless awareness, or simply put... Source. So... In order for Source to produce something from its unmanifest infinite potential, a portion of the formless must become pseudo-separate from the whole. Because the whole contains all possibilities simultaneously collapsed into one eternal moment, of nothingness, then that eternal moment serves as the canvas required for any pseudo-portion of the whole to separate into.  

Now here is the really strange thing about it. Any arbitrary portion of the whole (remembering there is no such thing as a portion of nothingness) represents infinite possibilities as any portion of infinity is infinite. However, for any one possibility as it is for itself, to exist  separate from the whole, it must be defined in contrast by the things that it is not. Add to this the fact that every portion is infinite in possibility, then when on possibility is defined by everything outside of it, all that is outside of it exists inside of it too, as infinite possibility. Because  all possibilities exist in the canvas of formlessness that such a one possibility resides upon i.e. it pools into the steam of endless possibilities so as to be extracted, hence it has access to infinite potential of the formlessness it is occupying (just like the meditater that dissolves awareness into nirvana). Thus when a single possibility within a “portion” of formlessness takes form, it automatically causes an infinite myriad of possibilities throughout all of that portion of infinite potential to take form as well. This means that 3 dimensions are innate to this process of separation. As was discussed earlier, the formless must have a pseudo 3d-quality to itself as it is the omni-dimension (all dimensions simultaneously with no distinction of reference) hence they cancel each other out.  

Therefore when a single possibility is defined by that which it is not, there is distinction i.e. “this” and “these”, and for there to be distinction there must be recognition of that distinction. For that recognition to take place it inevitably means there needs to be an element of time involved for any given possibility to exist separate from the whole, because the other possibilities that define it as separate are infinite and thus a continuum of sorts must exist in order for there to be a contrast of things to define each thing from every other i.e. an orientation of here and there   which entails a motion of awareness and thus time.        

Now its important to emphasise that this process of manifestation is creating boundaries or limits, and for limits to be defined it means some sort of separating force must be innate of each thing in the scheme of possibilities. Just as the 3rd dimensional quality of space slips through the formless Ones awareness like sand slipping through ones fingers so fast its undetectable, then so to do the fundamental qualities pertaining to manifestation. Therefore the way that the force that manifests boundaries comes into being is attributed to the way that the portion of formless infinite potential that separates out from the unmanifested whole, is slipping through the omniscient awareness of nothingness like sand. Which means the force is in effect augmented in forgetfulness of the total awareness of the eternal formless On. Thus the force must be turning its awareness away from the whole inwards toward the awareness of the infinite potential of itself (it extracts the unmanifest 3dimensional quality contained within the infinite formless to do so). Therefore the force manifests the fundamental shape of the universe... a spherical toroid.
Its capacity of infinite potential is distinguishable as a motion of a force that flows infinitesimally inward into unending depth. Thus its quality can be considered to be movement; sensation, akin to the state of blissful awareness that a meditater experiences when their thoughts and subjective emotions merge, cancelling out, to leave only peaceful sensations, yet they are still aware of their bodies form i.e. the penultimate state of meditation before oneself awareness dissolves completely and returns to the Formless One, the ultimate state of meditation.

These epiphanies summon forth the notion that the sum total of the mass Psyche, of all living beings as a collective, through out all possible existences across the endlessness of absolutely formless infinity through out all possible moments, that reside within the eternal self similar moments of unchanging infinite formlessness. Fundamentally, is the cause for the extraction of all things from the collapsed state of pure-potential that resides unmanifested within the absolute 0ne.  

So in order to know what the cause of existence is, that which is the cause must stop believing the cause to be anything outside of it that it is not. It is true that the sum collective psyche of all other beings are simultaneously the cause as well but they are not external “things”, the collective psyche is closer to being like nothing than it is to being a thing. So it can be considered semi-formless, for it has a limit to its perceivable scope i.e. when one looks at another being there is a boundary/buffer between the experiential knowledge of either ones experiences as well as their individual sensory perception of one another. (even in psychic instances there is a buffer that separates each from the other in the sense of direct first person knowledge of the others perspective as it is to them. One cannot experience another as tho they are that being entirely, they would not be themselves if it were possible)

This therefore entails that a conscious being who perceives positions in cognitively perceived space, is essentially defining/creating the positions by observing them as separate of the infinite formless whole.
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