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Author Topic: Balanced and Unbalanced Positive  (Read 1859 times)
I Am
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« on: November 18, 2005, 19:38:34 »

I have been doing a lot of research on what evil really is, and why beings do evil things to other people.  But the questions come up, what really is evil, I think our basic understanding of this concept is flawed.  When I read the Kybalion it made a lot things clearer to me.

There are entities/people that we considered good or white lodge or entities/people that are considered bad or black lodge.

What is the difference? They differ only in degree.

I like to look at this from the position of Yin/Yang.

When someone is evil, it is not that they are evil, because evil is absolute, like a point of reference like infinity or absolute zero.  Evil cannot truly exist.  

The theory of balance: Balanced vs. unbalanced positive

The theory that I have concluded after much research is that there is only balanced positive and unbalanced positive, that's it.  When you are balanced you like to create harmony within as well as without.  When you and others are happy you are truly happy, hence you are balanced.  Think of it like equal pressure of your body, enough pressure to keep you from exploding or imploding, balanced.  

However if you became more unbalanced, you care more for your personal benefit than that of others, and in extreme cases, the very life of another person means nothing in ones personal quest for their own greed no matter what it may be.  

In the world of martial arts this manifests as a dark warrior, on the quest for personal power and control over others, in black magic it is the same.  Even in the business world it is the same, it's dog eat dog.  This is a form of I guess black economics.  In the coming time hopefully when people learn to get along better things will be different.  Even in our society money is not balanced, it is horded to a few, and the rest or just getting the trickles of what's left, even though there is enough for everyone, people become unbalanced.

In white magic people enjoy doing thing for the benefit of them selves and others, mutual and symbiotic.  But when you become unbalanced you become more parasitic, and do no good and often harm people around you.  The pursuit of black magic is more of power and control over others, where as white magic or spiritual practice if more of how to control yourself if a situation were to become inharmonious.

I learned practicing Wing Chun Gung-Fu that this is true, there are martial artists that only use martial arts as a tool for a sharp mind and a strong body, and possibly for self-defense if need be on the behalf of them self or sometimes others. It become more of a spiritual practice than a war art.  But there are martial artists who just want the most deadly techniques to injure and cause the most pain to their opponent, this is not what martial arts is about, and neither is magic, people made it that way.

Magic is like martial arts, in a lot of ways.  In my opinion magic is not to hurt, it is simply one of the avenues in which life opens up it's secrets to us, kind of a spin of of Bruce Lee's stuff.

All that is did not design power to be used in this fashion, by that I mean for personal greedy self-centered gain.  It was suppose to infinite abundance to all.  Hopefully we can change that.  I do not believe it is black magic to defend your self, or protect others.

Gnothi Seauton
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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2005, 21:15:17 »

Evil is a belief, just as the belief that you can control other people and cause them pain.
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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2005, 21:15:17 »

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