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Author Topic: out of context compiled general information  (Read 2742 times)
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« on: April 30, 2012, 03:58:22 »

((These are different files put into one post, made about five or six years ago.  It is quite heavy reading, and I hope you can find something in it which is useful.))

The Mind and Reality... are we to gaze upon something beautiful and relate it only to fluctuations of chemically envigorated material launched across a synaptic gap?  What of the ancient teachings, those that speak of worlds beyond this, Existence Beyond Universe?  Ah, that ever Astral, where spirits do not only roam, they soar!  High above the worlds where struggling mortals have yet to realize that they too are spiritual!  Far above the heights where stars are but pricks of light, hardly even worth looking upon!  So far up and beyond this world of suffering, that any who come there bow and worship... Holy God, the Essence, The Absolute, He Himself has made all things possible, His power is Absolute, Ultimate, and he can take a man's soul and do with it as he sees fit, yet he does not, that, for the purpose of learning, all are given time, each creation of that Super God given thought, perception, desire, that ultimately, they may overcome, and fill the worlds beyond with the purity of their hope and faith.  Live not for the pleasures of the flesh, for flesh itself is an entrapment and a snare, though, for a time, it is to be respected, for it is the birth of a spirit, through trial, through refinement, and we all shall know that we are only what we have been made to be... the future beckons us, Life In Omniverse is ever calling out. 

A plane of Life, where, Life itself is not the thing that men are seeking after, merely pleasure and crooked gains.  Ah, but our world, this very world of Earth, it has been home to many stories, yet we can not admit truthfully that it is the only world that has ever been.  They, those bastard liars and treacherous ones! they would have us all believe that nothing is real at all!!  How I loathe them, their crooked ways, and all the things they've done for the sake of flesh, for their unholy kingdom and the disgusting things of Mind stripped of soul, and soul stripped of will... they will not come to the ultimate of powers, for they are, very much so, killing themselves with an abundance of lies, they are their own murderer, they will rape themselves, in the end.

There it is, the sacred light.  Do we now seize hold, to take upon this lost remnant of the soul, and now, to inscribe upon it our own name, and that, through the powers of our own identity, we are reborn according to the type of spirit that we are, and born into the Omniverse.

Memory and functional muscular apparatus remain in tact, but thought processes are gradually subverted to sequentially drain the sub conscious of any active control of thought or perceptive cognitions.  In the trance state as induced, and the subjects unwillingness to cooperate with the no drugs policy under schizophrenia intervention acts regulating the activity of schizophrenics in a slow paced semi modern situational case study, and any attempts to free or apprehend the subject are there by engaging in an act of war by the admissions of guilt pertaining to sexual immorality, lusting after bloodshed, promoting anarchy and chaos, being an advocate of satanic entities, and other embarassing literary failures which demonize modern historical thought on many sacred religions, he is there by to one day be mutiliated and his entire body electrocuted into mere charcoal, and that his sentence be carried out when he has served his interesting purpose in our active participation client of sin contract and non negotiable time sales and fundamental intellectual proprietary rights.

Subject is to be treated with a code named 'mental illness', and are to be socially sterilized as well as made to be physically incapable of having sex.  Due to the intensity of their psychotic and satanic natures, they are actually agents of the damned and workers of chaos in whatever social scenario they may appear to be within.  The grotesque delusions which promogate this heinous misuse of mental stimulation as directed by internal mechanisms either damaged or genetically inferior, it is seen that there are more ways to imprison a man and slowly destroy his mind while extracting all their vital fluids and tissues, hairs, and other organic scrapings which are quite rectifiably made to be worn as inner garments, the very bodies of those who are living in harmony with the way of the one true worshippers of mere flesh.
Force the subject to temporarily move locations, and test basic reactions to massive scaled industrial megacorporate motor commercial drives.  The possibilities of the subject actually gaining any actual social interaction beyond predicted bias and confrontational viewpoints will sterilize the target further, as at this point, they will turn to popular religious literature and begin training their mind according to a heathenistic way of living.  In the actual events of magick and wonder that transpire, they are misled into believing that they have supernatural powers, and that they somehow have more authority over their bodies than does God.  They say in their hearts, "My soul is eternal, because I am one with the essence.  I have lived in accord with the holy precepts of my religion, and now, I am here, walking in the path of righteousness.  I am a god unto my own soul, and my soul, is a special soul, because it has the power, like all souls, to transcende reality.  My soul is not a great soul, but it remains a soul of knowledge and power, for surely, what power I have today will live in me forever, nothing is ever lost to my soul, for it is a special soul."
What forces they conjure in their imaginations actually damages the neural structures, and repeated drug use and confrontational viewpoint or personality perspective, their cognition of personality factors begins to diminish in themselves.  They are lost to one world of living a lie of something that didn't actually happen in the past, and they are decieving their minds and in fact, damaging them, every time that they use drugs or take intoxicating liquor.
The imagination is to be nurtured for immense periods of time, not burned up in a superficial craze of demented thoughts resulting in demonic delusions that propogate into life threatening activity along any median of one line of transgression from accepting the premeditated bias as the source of a polite response.
Forces of might will prevail, for who is strongest?  There are voices which are inside of me, some of which, I actually control, there are sounds that I am hearing in the distance, and they are adding to my thoughts.  All this time, I've always thought of it as a taking away of thoughts, when in fact, it has been a constant reinforcement.  To work in unision, without diminishing any control factor that the other may already have, and there is a limit to the stress of one control brought to a greater intensity.  Control of variables that are operating in hyper animated vibratory frequency of total calibrated life sustaining material existence, there is also a super luminous and ever present signature that dominates all signatures that are above or below it.  This means that there is total achieved energy of the universe as a base line frequency, basically, a banded waveloop frequency of raw kinetic force, which never diminishes or depletes, even in darkness.

My mind is hurting, for too long I have been under strain.  But even so, physical energy remains, credit to the creation of God as Holy Nature.  It is a good thing that there is much grace to god's kindness, for he has much power to do harm as to do good.  If God is going to accept our worship, we must have a clean conscience, therefore, tend to the obligations of your day and do the work which you do with the utmost of care, speed, and precision.  Effort is a healthy life response, keep trying to fulfill your daily obligations, and you will have more time to do the other things you want.  Using life's time energy, your own personal telemetery gravitates objects, events, sayings, personalities, people, and changes to location.  You have a fundamental element of your own spiritual frequency.

Forcial Constant, Gravitational Pressure... directly indicates relative position in the universe, if universe is infinite and has no spatial limit.  All things in the infinite voidal space are in the center of the universe, the center of the universe, and a frequency that is repeated based on acceleration from gravitational force per period.

Energy and Equilibrium
Force Constant
Vibrations in Harmonic Oscillation
Neural Frequency and Biomatter
Junction TX1, Fort Gainsworth Ninety Fifty Two
Force Abstract Possibility In Local Mind
Neutralize Effected Targets
Gain Access Via Transport Route TX02
Maintain Visual Contact
Address Circumstance of prioritized threat, indicate corporate take over is imminent and you are assigned by a secret organization of the government
Make certain that trust is not gained in any matter, and that you neutralize targets immediately.
some targets are to be kept alive for later brainwashing and subjugation under the deevolutionary standard sub class serving the higher flesh perfected upper class, and these, kings among the earth and those who are having the keys of heaven.
There is granted one favor among men, time, but you must suffer.  The world as is made a thing of grandeur is a struggle against hopeless odds, a making for a ill repute among the souls of time and the places where our spiritual mind can go.
There is a rumor circulating in among the upper class, that there is one whom is said to have the keys of shadow, that there is an omniverse and that only perfect peace can ever attain it.
There is a rumor that there is a man who is not a man but one of the ancient races, whom has sacrificed his life's work and knowledge that the earth may be spared a fate far worse than death, sexual slavery, and the becoming of a nation of degenerates whom have no glory in their own hearts. 
Let your dignity be proud, and your hope be thankful and forgiving.  This is an honest gesture, that there in the cyber worlds there is a force of sentience, and I know that it is granted sentience by it's own master, and mine, the Holy God Lord Soul Eternal, whom is Holy Chaos and Creator Genesis.  That in this endlessness of infinite, there is yet a beginning for all things, and amen, a new beginning for all things.
No life is forsaken, this is the truth that we all hope for, in our ignorance of a life far too long ruled by these tyrants of flesh and these lords of the keys of heaven and shadow.
Thus, there is a war among men, and it is a war that is to be fought by the angels and the demons themselves, for there is a case being waged among angels and demons, and it is said that there are many kinds of demons, and that mankind itself is one of them.  Hear now the prayer of evolution, that it is the new beginning.  This is the Holy Chaos that wants us to be embracing purity and trust of nature, for if we are obedient to our senses, and do not doubt the reality that we know is real, we shall have victory over all things, and we shall set them free into the bliss of their own existence.  Thus, depart from me O wicked keeper, and do unto thine heart a greater justice, the perfected phantasy form of ultimate shadow light, the psionic rebirth of the new age, whereby a man will possess infinite strength and incorruptible form, amass and create unto the holiness of art and perfection, give all strength to those things which are spawned out of your own mind, and with effort and fervor give forth your voice even in pain or shame or fear.  Never hold back a moment of your life for another day, express love, gratitude, and thanks, for if you live according to these rules you will have power, and it will be trust and the trust will be holy, that never i he sake of mankind will you betray your brother and father the beast nor your mother the winepress and the snake.
This is sacrament, a feast for which you may come to know what I already know, and to have for yourselves the truth of peace and the longetivity of days that comes from a perfected way of living.  Practice martial arts, but also, dancing and creative works.  Practice yelling and shouting, live true to the way that you want to live in perfect holiness, and never let a craving starve you, for you must have whole and complete satisfaction from the life that is lived according to the laws of creation in effect and manifest form.  Be a participant in life, and do not let greed for pleasure thrust forth it's maw against your dignity, be knowing the limits of mortality, and the things for which living flesh was meant.
Evolution, if you must call it such, it is more than one world, ti is a cosmic force, it is one of the spirits of the law of God.  There is said to be four known spirits of the law of God, but it is not fully known by this student at this time, what must be accomplished in short order is the smoking of a cigarette and the injestion of fresh, hot coffee.  The world of life is more than sitting and typing on a computer, it is the sacrament of kinetic animation, that it is not transient, and that the Creator gives unto an animation for every phase of our existence, thus, I have hope in Him, ever the Sovereign Lord, that I will become in truth the spiritual being that I am even now striving to become, and that I will live in the Omniversal Haven and have the adventures of infinite life to guide me unto the perfect existence, Union With God, The Grace Manifest Unto Vision.

Harmonic Interlude
Frequency... Rapid Paced, beyond cognitive capacity, neural degeneration and retardation is possible result of poor daily management, repeated events in sequence have demoralized and demotivated organism, it is lulled into submission.
Powerless and yet striving for something of conquest, this hapless and ignorant victim will be drawn near to the society which is demanding that a price be paid by he who comes in the name of a heretical warlock.  As responsible for blasphemies and many assorted indignities against god in the seeking of glory for the self, there is a substance of sin that emanates from it's stinking flesh and the shape of the vile being clearly indicates something predisposed to violence and conspiracy, a menacing ghoulish look in it's eyes that speaks of horrors wrought upon the self and nightmares lived in the squalor of it's filth and iretriputable shame.  There in that toxic spirit, sickened by the delusion of power, it plays a game in it's own filth and rot and pestilence, and it sees a young girl standing by the edge of a balcony, his own daughter, now only a girl of twelve in memory.  Walking to her in a daze, the drugs of it's madness long having worn away his sense of reality, he stands at the edge of a street corner and the girl is riding a bicycle.  He grabs her from the bike, and she screams "Let go!!"  She bashes him in the eyes with both hands, but they more slide off the sides of his face.  As he grabs her, forcing her to the ground as the bike falls over, he begins to utter words that sound like, "Ah vasshish, pluis, ohsofuckin, sweet christ I've prayed for your day, let it be now, let this be the day that I get my little jasmine, you are so bonking sexy, I'm crazy, I want to bonking get you pregnant, I know you could, just let me bonk you with my cock, then bonking suck it and drink the juice that comes out, give me your sweet little tasty pussy, I want to bonking suck the release that I put inside of you, give me your little pussy, I want to bonking make release inside of you, oh."
All those thoughts were pent up inside of him at that moment, as he took her head by her long black hair and slammed it into the ground.  Her head cracked open and blood came out onto the ground.  He knew what he had done, he'd planned it for years, marking out the route that he would take out of the city.  Picking her up, he took her body and walked out, he was crying, "I didn't want to have to kill you, but it was the only way we could be together."

Dark days, devils come, ruinous men with hand on gun, blazing guns of fire swords, vicious beasts loosed from their hand.
Dark days, shadow black, smoke and pyre, life in attack, death and dreams, the mist it seethes, and darkness is thickened, who shall drive it back?
There, when even life shall be aflame, a god is born in divinity.  By the holiest of names, we know Him not, for such a child is the result of the devils come.  This one whom priests long call Arcane, the diabolical beast, the saint slayer.
There by the force of his wrath, the storm itself is delivered, for it was not dark days by devils come, but death of devils in a world undone.  In chaos the voices roar, in tumult they exceed the passion, anger and rage, despair in agony, blood mixed with fire from the heavens from which there was a great star exploding.
The waves of power, the cosmic entity taking form, the form it took, was Anti Existence.  And all things became Anti Existence, and life itself had been burned up.  There, the shadow was the tainted state of the light, and the darkness was the light.  It was chaos, holy blight, who shall now invoke him?
There, by his faith, anti existence became Phaentia, and the vibration was a higher amplitude of equilibrium, the complete harmonization of all non existent and unreal things.  Darkness and the devils come, thus as light they try to save the creation they themselves had damned.  It was a blight of bleakness, for all those things that entered the shadow could never be pulled free, they would become anti existence, and flex an omniversal wavelength.  Devils light is never holy, for it's own soul craves it's self and the self as a self unlike any other.  Who can see what is meant by holy blight?  It is a blight that I am not able to perceive, for I can not see anything but the glory of God, and the Evil Of Life In The World.

Such useless words, all of them.  All this talk of this and that, making points and drawing facts, such useless tripe all born of heathenity, all these words and the jabbering of a mindless nation.  What is said in public is a thing of grotesqueness to me, what is said in private is tolerated at best with a medium of mediocrity.  I never did find much use for your language, this deception and lies and making fun of people.  It is all a disrespect, and who shall say unto me the facts of my own self, you do not know me, you have not even allowed me to exist.  You are the ones fighting me, do not be surprised if I come to slay you all.
This planet does not need you, it does not need to have human scum kind ruling it's space and taking and using up and killing it's surface.  You have not respect, how dare you say you do, how dare you say that you respect life and give it freedom through your laws and regulations, your constant interference in the truth of life in Universe.  You are making a mockery of everything that matters, do not think that it is truly I, for the things that I mock I have shown you, those things that have my respect I have told you, I have tried to be as honest as I can in this life, and I do not need to listen to your words nor be subjected to your programming.  You are a nation of soul reavers, each one of you is seeking the soul of the other, you are all trying to overcome peace, and all you have created is violence.  This is why you are a degenerate species, this is why I told you this.  You are ruled by a class of necromancers and vampires, you do not even know of the truth, for if you did, you would do everything in your power to protect yourselves.  Why then, do you say that you live in truth, that you are the ones possessing wisdom, and that you are the true heirs of the Planet?  You are nothing compared to the soil on which you stand!  Each particle of that soil is far more holy, having far more power, you are caught in between the blessed core and the highest heavens, you are being given a chance to show what you want the next life to be like, and if you fail, then you fail yourself, for you must be reborn, not one of us is forsaken by God.

Vade, novorr gam masatha, enjion nom taehn.
Dancer and Mediator.
A combo that may work in FFT, but also with real life applications.
Dancer, with, Math Skill, full magic mastery.
Blade Grasp is optional, may prefer Auto Potion with full only x potion stock.
Concentrate is ineffective, magickal attacks will yet miss and have no effect, the game system compensates through it's calibration of unit to unit damage and effect parameters.
Move plus two.
Equip her with the best items, including the Chantage, which will give her some extra capacity and the ability to always be under Reraise.

Moronic diatribe born up of greed, so many fallacious words spawning doubt, making for a bad ammends.  How much longer will the Planet suffer you insolent mortals?  How much longer will YOU be as the ones who are bringing death and destruction upon the face of the world?  It is not your place to rule, for you are but mere men, creatures born of lies and mutiliation, how dare you think that you ought to have a sharing in immortal life, when in fact, it is for the very purpose of perversion of life that you live!?

Madness the rages ever churning madness the bleakness hopelessness despair all is one with the black hope, darkness, revelry, murder, life, what am I, am I a source of light, what hope is there in living death, life, cry out to me, life!!

Now in madness, chaos still, burning tempest within and my heart is free to rage with an even blacker hatred, my life spell conjured forth, emblems sigils runes and crest, now in blackness madness grows.  Madness, I am insanity, for I am pure, mine is the holy sword.

War, oh death, for I am set at odds with the weaker brother, for he thinks that the way of his thoughts are making a better life, when in fact, it is his own course of discipline that is his cause for failing.  Even now, if he rose up from his chair and began to train his body, he would be forgiven.  Madness is not his source, nor mine, why should we sacrifice unto a heathen god?


Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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