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Author Topic: The Brainwave Report  (Read 7365 times)
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« on: May 14, 2012, 06:14:59 »

The Brainwave Experiment
Short Form Report
Basic Information For Phantasy
Researcher/Author- Chad Ascher

The Brainwave Experiment is an investigation into the nature of fantasy.

The areas of interest important to this study are labeled as Focal Points.  These are subjects which can be reformed and explored by a full report of existing knowledge concerning those areas.  They are areas of topical content which have more information contained by the relation to Focal Points in other studies.  The information here is point form, very technical, and based at the fringe of available content for that topic of relevance, a brief summary of the content to be involved in the 'full report'.

Trial Period
-began in January 1993
-initial trial period lasted two weeks
-as a proving of the effectiveness of the independant study, only this initial trial period is used as an example of the possible information that is extracted and adapted from the use of this following theorum...
      :: the use of abstract thought leads to belief systems which are varied in their philosophical structure, yet that same abstract thought enables a proper alignment in memory as the belief is compared to the conscious perspective based in truth
-the two weeks are here summarized as the premise of the report, the full report has been rendered nearly impossible to complete and is seen to be better suited to an active writing of a franchise for personal profit and mutual entertainment

Initial Trial Period
-began as child at play, using action figures to deliberate ficticious storyline

-I, Chad Ascher, was that child, aged ten years
- life experience and an introverted personality type seen fantasy as a glorious power that was bound to have many real life solutions to be found in it's spontaneous, fun activity
- the mind state of a child was applied with rigor, the child drawing on it's entire life history to compile a fantasy basis that would have implications at the time of the writing of THIS specific report
- the use of toys was seen at that time to be a form of idol worship, and so, there were fragmented activity periods to the actual flow of the fantasy play (game)
- the fantasy was considered to be the application of intelligence to the creative nature of childhood play, whereby a religious devotion was seen as the eventual result of repeated use
- familiarity with the toys was used to draw on existing knowledge to form new knowledge by the radical use of the physical toys as new forms of things which were organized at that time and molded into new character types
- future interests of that child were founded in the writing of this report, and the possible extension of the fantasy in media for what was then considered to be a peer group
- some meditation was involved in the assertion of the fantasy as a viable source of knowledge, through the extraction of delusional/abstract knowledge by a logically oriented mind state, and these calculations presented in text or mathematics

knowledge of terms associated with psychology and knowledge of harsh psychological conditions sees development of interest in 'independant research on topic of fantasy and use of imagination for practical results'

child built small scale laboratory, base camp of adventure, used pre existing toys and objects to form the base, constructive use of objects and material representations to generate information about planning of a facility

child used typical super hero story to end the fantasy play (game), in which a teleportation device malfunctioned (due to additional conscious forces and mystical energies) and gave the warrior a supremified existential state, after which, the war for which the warrior was summoned was ended in a godly way, and he transcended to the Nirvana beyond all worlds

Focal 1-we see missions fought against horde based enemies

location of battle
amount of enemies to destroy
threat level of enemy
enemy types
enemy equipment
personal equipment
armed and active allies on location
communications between units (radio, telepathy, sensory)
amount of ammo
types of weapons
powers basis (psionic, magickal, energy)
progressive attack on territory (territory seen as mapping of locations)
multidirectional capacitated projectile (bullet that goes through many targets)
slag grenade ( a grenade which becomes very hot and burns the ground rapidly into molten slag)
flash grenade ( a grenade which explodes into a burst of blinding light)
sonic grenade ( a grenade which shatters armor and bone with a powerful acoustic detonation)
signal grenade ( dropped on battlefield for marker on next target, moves units to location)
frequency grenade ( a grenade which releases a distortive frequency, stunning, confusing, and distracting psionic controls)
Harp Controller- a small hand held device which sets field parameters for energetic phenomena
Grenada- a grenade which explodes into multiple grenades and has the effect of dynamite on all locations thereafter affixed, with a total of up to eighteen dispursions in one throw
Pop Can Opener- a bomb which is triggered and set down gently, which dispurses chemical gas over a period of time, of any variety loaded into the chemical battery thereby capable of being dispursed over time
Bad Wrench- a remote controller which has the effect of disorienting psychics by overloading their sensory field and implanting hypnotic suggestions, similar to it's evolution, The Head Gun
Monkey- a droidal forearm gauntlet which acts as a signal coordinator for computerization of environmental signals, detects field intensity
Pulse Shield- a shield which responds to velocities of incoming particulate matter with multiple high range bursts of magnetic momentum, highly magnetized shielding which releases stored electrical energy as a pulsar of magnetic moments, reverse trajectory technology
Crystal Shield- a shield which is at a very low tempature and accompanied by an electrical charge of varied frequency, capable of Crystal Flares, these crystal flares amplify psionic energy and generate 'frontal burst waves' which act like a hyperion laser
Force Armor- a solid shield of psionic energy that can not be broken
Flux Suit- the first model of Quantum Jumpsuit which acts as a dynamic frequency modifier, unabled composition to the suit
Quantum Jumpsuit- a skin tight suit that covers most of the body, which can use specific psionic controls to teleport short distances, also, by same means, can enable cloaking, masking, or others
Full Armor- a suit of battle gear modeled after small scale mecha suits, with complete arsenal and ammo backing
Mecha Armor- a robotic suit that moves quickly over terrain and deploys missiles, after which it returns and reloads, and is sent out again
Wire Armor- a suit composed entirely of circuits which prevents psionic attacks from being used against or through the armor, can lead to dementia and cancer by extended use
Skull Suit- a sleek design to this armor prevents thermal damage and retains internal composition, a genetic bracer which responds by means of stabilizing it's internal system, and preventing extensive radiation damage, also, the armor of choice for those who have mastered the Force Armor
Traversity- a star craft with a swinging battle axe that has chains coming out of it and a highly magnetized core, magnetic plasma in flux powers the craft and it's rotary, mass propulsion system

, Focal 2- some knowledge of missile tracking revealed
-it was theorized that cool circuit programming and point to point precalculated targets would be of the greatest advantage
-water based circuitry rather than copper or aluminum
-gravity signatures as definite tracking of targets
- multiple remote sensors for singular missile tracking targets
-integrated precalculations, "Terminator 2 Judgement Day" precalculated droidal assault
- definite signature tracers by psionic equivalency on field spectrum of magnetic intensity, radiation core emission, and acoustic pattern lock

,Focal 3- knowledge of trigger presses
-light, hard, heavy, titch, a gun for every hand
-triggers on medieval weapons usually with energetic effect
-whips that have electrical discharge
- triggers on equipment and rapid button sequences, controller functions also for advanced video games
- display screens which work on sequences of types of screens and their scrolling data, screens which display specific types of information, screens which produce the effect of allowing a remote interface, screens for selecting battle location, screens for monitoring battle location, screens for targetting a location, screens for planning effective strategy, battle graphs and performance results
,Focal 4- target selection
-type of enemy
-what if a hostage...?
-no external control theory
-influencing external environment by psionic input/output harmonized wave balances
-who is the worst?  selecting trouble points in battle scenario
-targetting equipment
-targetting enemy sensory, blind, deafen, null, diminish, negate, disorient, confuse, distract, focus break, destruction of target
,Focal 5- audible discomfort
-people interferring with activity
-arguements taking place
-keeping silent
-holding silence in mind
-gaining peace of mind by confidence in higher being
-being at peace for periods when stress is great
-watching tv to alleviate tension
-the disturbance of tv as being an external weapon to distract mind from fantasy activity
-voicing an opinion concerning reality
,Focal 6- controlling emotions while under stress

,Focal 7- visualizing with powerful sensations the ideals of a super hero legacy
-all above information considered as a conceptual or idealistic result capable of being used for a practical purpose
-creating out of experiences fresh perspectives from which new personalities and character designs can be molded
-creating a role model on which to base the assumption of an ego
-selecting character types that reinforce general course of action
,Focal 8- the direct transformation of a fantasy into useable knowledge
-this report
-media enterprise
-things to say or write about
,Focal 9- the extent of a fantasy that only has a limited range of activities by it's conceptual design
-how belief systems manipulate our consciousness
-the religious application of knowledge to the mind, early experience and the use of conditioning to build character types within modern society
- the beliefs that we hold about people we know based on our experience
, Focal 10-the framework of a fantasy that is the result of repeated fantasy use in imagination

, Focal 11-the linking of objects and associations to a fantasy mindstate resulting in an extended fantasy realm

,Focal 12- discovery of the limits of imagination by self induced paranormal trance
-conscious momentum from one perspective to another, the sequences that link us to new opportunities for life experience
- the immersion of the mind into a new culture of information, such as a writer going to look into mathematics, or a physicist into biology, or a psychologist into fashion
-the change of interests from one pool of activities to another, sometimes including old activities primarily based out of common structures of form ex--> a cat, insect, and human all eat substances and have to later dispose of the waste product of digestion
,Focal 13- use of active memory to sustain compositions of knowledge in mental fabrications of information
-this is being written from the standpoint of that child now a well grown man of nearing thirty years old
-gauged by the quality and content of information, the information as being adapted to practical use

,Focal 14- the direct application of scientific knowledge to the fantasy mind set to arrive at conclusions formed by the integration of factual knowledge to the abstract realm of fantasy
-this is the process of learning and maintaining information, the repeated application of a belief to the memory through the use of thought
-this is also the creative aspect of the imagination to generate realistic information by combining, recombining, and extracting the information thereby considered the content and the quality by it's ease of adaptation and presentation after extraction
,Focal 15- the use of material objects in association exaggerated by fantasy to produce characters with at least two primary personality traits and powers associated with the physical representation and stock of ideas concerning such representations
-the young child versus the adult, the continuous application of focus to an association between identities
- the toys as being representative of specific hero/villain types each with their own powers class, and these over time to the ripening of the initial trial period
-previous learning which is adapted to the fantasy game as an increase of realism from which a hope of increased truth is to be the gain of the activity
,Focal 16- that representation as a mental association linked with the ability to identify objects
-the ability to remember, organize, and formulate information concerning things which exist

,Focal 17- the relation of the object and the idea which is said to be invested in the object
- as a toy, the toy itself has no power or personality, yet, based on the tv show for that toy or the comic book or things which are associated with the general appearance of the object, so too does the object become to the mind the very attribution of that association to the object
-as in the case of the magic sword, primarily used as a wand, thought by police to be a valid physical weapon

,Focal 18- the object as a fantasy basis for development and promotion of a personality
-the innate artistic ability of an object to promote a certain idea to the mind which is handling, aware, or considering that object, also, the personalities themselves as appealing to the one adapting the mold
,Focal 19- the use of creative thought processes in combination with limited mathematical knowledge to construct a template of reference from which future self can draw the experience and maintain the memory enough to produce an informative report
-the action and contentively substantial results of writing this report
,Focal 20- the basis of an experiment used to identify psychological aspects
-primary functions of mind linked to stimulation of sensory organs, general health of person determined by their balance of nurtured qualities, both how they are nurtured, and how they nurture others or themselves
-thought, memory, emotions
      - thought as a general calculation of the next phase in the sequence
      -memory as inclusive of the sub conscious and working to provide a basis from which to base new thoughts, also linked to learning and stored information or belief systems

,Focal 21- the use of psychology and belief systems to promote the identity of a fantasy realm hinged on it's use and repeated application in consciousness
- cultures of ideas, which have produced genres in the entertainment industry, we can also include schools of thought and general consensus between individuals to agree on any one particular type or form of reality
- personal, social, familial, public trust, environmental, also these shared between animals of any such persuasion

,Focal 22- that same process as applied to the learning of skills and development of those skills into abilities which generate the activity of the modern person
-career options and the education of the individual which qualifies them as being competent or reliable to perform a task to their's and other's benefit
- the function of the individual as a complete entity
- the interests from which people are willing to adapt new information or participate in a fantasy game
- the method by which we explore opportunities for self advancement

,Focal 23- the use of same pattern of process to engrain memories and store information in the person
- the fact that we must use our senses fully to gain any benefit from being alive, proper use of the senses and all psychic functions maintains the organs and keeps the genetic replication in a state of perfect flow, perfect sequential interlinks to the phasic nature of transition between states of activity

,Focal 24- that same process as self controlled versus subliminal hypnotic by external means
-stronger thought by independant thinking, resulting in more coherancy to the spoken word and greater capacity to avoid negative persuasions
- self control by means of focus with basis in use

,Focal 25- the use of the mental power of will to generate the effect of a supranatural environment in which magick or transcendent flux takes residence as a shift in the phasic interlink between sequences
-the evidence that improper or misuse or abuse of fantasy results in damage to the individual and reduces health and functionality
- thought and will as mutual objects, the same thing at different levels of intensity
-memory then, and a cherishing of the childhood state, as extracting this information to form the report, would be likened to a faith that people have the same emotions and sense of justice, though they be obscured by thought and false belief systems or engrained personalities

,Focal 26- the use of fantasy to promote the fantasy mindstate itself as being a realm similar to the Astral Plane yet being fully integrated into the conscious mind whom has the ability of fantasy
- this is the participatory function of a mind to engage in fantasy concerning their own fantasy state
-the range of available fantasy per conditioned mental sequence and application to the memory
- the imagination in it's activated state, the energy of visualization and 'tantra' of self control to arouse heightened emotional states

,Focal 27- the fantasy becoming a religiously devoted phantasy from which more mystical experiences become the positive addition of a negative factor in the reduction of life experience from a formerly unified and whole state
-the excessive use of fantasy which sees the deterioration of the body/mind balance and general destruction of all things related to that individual
- the reduction of functions to limited functions
- the negation of sub conscious automatic functions
-negation of memory abilities and focus only on imaginary realm, also damaging social relationships by faulty or discriminate methods of communication
- the backslide to fantasy which sees the religiously utilized phantasy as being similar to a demonic possession, and likened to an addiction as cigarettes or heroin

,Focal 28- the fragmentation of consciousness over time which results in the delusional mind also paranoid which is the recourse of the phantasy and it's buffer sequence which makes the arrangement for the phantasy to be explored theoretically
- the relation between vague memories and abstract thought, also intuition, which bases itself in a strong conscious motivation for brief periods
-the intangible state of consciousness that is connected to the spiritual state of the soul as a living entity
- the progression of time and learning of new things and forgetting of others, skill development made easy by having reinforcement in experieced knowledge via fantasy medium
- the refinement of abstract knowledge and delusional belief systems by their logical reconstruction to a new perspective conditioned by experience of realities (social, physical, calculation, fantasy itself)

,Focal 29- the use of knowledge taught and learned or stored in memory at that time which generates an imprint on the life stream or time line of that individual and his social relations
- as the expression of a new idea which changes the work place, or an innovation which directs funding to a more interesting technological function
- the mechanics of our awareness and how our psychic ability does not grow or take root unless we train our five senses, from which the sixth sense becomes the awareness as a congruent whole
- our awareness and how our emotional states or level of development in total skills development has an effect on our social grouping and classification as a unit for which there is merit and honor in society

,Focal 30- the use of time as a means to rapidly configure a base parameter flux point also known as a neutral paradox
-this is the state of being a neutral observer, gained by meditation and compounded in the psyche as a viable base medium for perception of reality
- the mature and capable mind as having choice selection capacity and the ability to maintain objectivity
- that objectivity gained, not by stifling internal activity, but by harnessing it's intensity to produce dramatic Prescence Effects
- the development of the person into a mature living entity by means of their ability to sense reality and feed their bodies energy by the interchange of energies (the massive celestial environment to the individual capacitating a perceptual resonance with it's environment, usually by sense organs and emotional response)

,Focal 31- that neutral paradox as a key glyphic figure to the emblematic restoration of visual sight ability
- after having meditated, grown and maintained the body, the eventual use of fantasy to generate new belief systems and information from which there is potentially an effect on society
-the opening of the third eye as a complete awareness of the Universe and extending into the dimensions beyond through the integration of third eye awareness and the functions of thought+will and memory+belief
- gaining full depth to the growth of self on a physical level and dying to the world of all beliefs, personalities, functions, and ideas

A phantasy contains and manages these aspects...
Constructive Use Of Delusion, abstract thought processes which resemble self-directed creativity
- the delusional belief system which implies that there is a hidden psychological reality based in fantasy and having it's experience in the use of imagination as a devoute religious practice
-this psychological reality being based in fantasy and having the name in this experiment as "Brainwave", implying that the neural activity of the brain is of a specific type when used in successive fantasies, having it's own powers and skills for the advanced development in the neuro-synaptic grid, also chemical composition and genetic tendancies
-that psychic reality as a potential source of information and creative outreaches, having extensions into media or occult based knowledge forms and techniques, likewise, having scientific relevance and capacity to effect technological states or theory considering specific phenomena
- a redefinition and clarification between fantasy and it's new age equivalent, the religiously devoted 'phantasy'... fantasy then being the use of thought, memory, and belief in imagination to gain information concerning personal states or planning, also, the functional use of imagination to be humorous, intelligent, intuitive, or accurate in what is said
-phantasy is the result of the experiment, and will be detailed in it's general process and information as the result provided, as it has been for some eight years online
- the abstract reality of imagination which links to language and the cultures of generations as they successively advance in their territory on the planetary psyche... the use of these associations and identifications to arrive at a functional use for imagination as being related to personal or public use, especially with children at play
- the development of stable phantasy practices for the young adult and older generations, the mature state of phantasy which sees that the mind is kept alert and functional with strong self motivations within the imaginary psychic environment of the Phaentia, knowledge of which is going to be provided
   Generation of new concepts and ideas from which to base a reference tablet for future activity and events... the generation of that reference tablet itself and it's generative effect as becoming a template for social interaction
- we have as our primary example the use of fantasy which hinges it's emotional attraction in thoughts of romantic interests...  when a young boy is thinking of a girl, he will invent new things to say, ways of using his body, and will explore his own body as though he were intimate with the girl or she with him, as it is... the use of fantasy in this case is a healthy promotion of the self's identity to a person who will respond with a testing of that fantasy, the fantasy can actually manifest on the baseline level... so when the boy tries out his fresh line or joke or intelligent quipple, he will either be encouraged or discouraged to continue his exploration of the fantasy knowledge base and will continue, quite rapidly, to develop ideas which can be shared with the young girl... as a boy who is interested in only warfare and bloodshed, his fantasy will include graphic violence and out-of-proportion or non realistic use of powers and martial arts in battle scenes against familiar or imagined or falsely accounted rivals... given proper conditions, a man will always act out on his fantasies, and the type of man that he is determines much of his mental activity and how his or her fantasy will be of the type that is a direct indication of the type of actions they would like to take... a fantasy reveals desires, yet the adult practicioner will have the difference made and the experience with their own phantasy practice to know what is a delusion, what is a belief, what is drawn from self's own attributions to the social environment, and how their own personality has effected those around them
- the use of constructed Phaentia to become media franchise or enterprise, when the mind is wholly applied to a phantasy, all experience and knowledge is summated and the person will, for a few hours, transcend the mundane reality, this, then, includes the experience of summoning personal experience as a singular thrum of memory inclusive of their entire life history, this faucet of the phantasy practice has been used under the principle of 'sealing memories', in which a phantasy session is used to gather all knowledge of life to that point then made into symbolic form as a visualization and energized, essentially burning the image into mind after which the information can be extracted by 'moving the symbols'.  A form of sigil magick, which is very functional and does not require to be considered sigil magick, though, rightly, it is.
- the context of the reference itself as the action of the mind to contain or use information
   The use of mystic knowledge, emotions, and visualizations to arrive at a conclusion concerning the functional nature of imagination to reinforce accurate memory through use of delusional thought processes
- the intrinsic value of thought to provide a medium for the psyche to generate an association between an object, person, place, or perceptually perceived pattern
-that value as it's equivalent in the extraction of memories from the living mind, the active value of the total contained information of a mind at that particular moment of time, that value as the electrical/radio frequency of the brain, or, it's magnetic impulses on a spectrum of visible emissions, also that total calculated neuro-synaptic grid as the flow of time to the conscious perceiver
- the element of trance and reality that sees the observer viewing a corpse or near death experience survivor, and the one engaging the trance a glorious, omnipotent rebirth in an altered state of mind
- trancing as a meditative practice founded on misinterpretted fundamentals of known fragments of knowledge concerning Eastern Religious Practices
- religion as the integration of personal belief and it's reinforcement in imagination, constructive use of the mind to conclude a fact and adjust the psyche to accomodate the new perspective on reality (from which action or communication is based)
- mystical energies as being raw and abundant in nature, the unlimited potential from which all things are sustained and pressured into an active, real time, flowing existential template

The use of functional memory as being the direct key codes of genetic summation, the genetic summation as a successful life form, the spiritual nature of mind to carry the experience into the spiritual world...


Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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Great post!

Keep it coming!

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