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Has anyone heard of a compulsion spell? I looked it up on the Net, but need more information. I even searched for information on the Forums here before posting so I would not make a duplicate post of some similar situation but found nada on compulsion spells. How is it cast so it can be undone? Is it a permanent sorcery spell? How damaging is it? If the sorceror has such control that he/she can control almost everything a person does to the point of altering mind patterns (making a person believe they like something totally disliked and not something this person would normally engage in, as an easy example), what can you do in a situation as this? What does a person need to learn to deal with a situation like this?

I apologize for the brief and vague details but it is for a reason.


Hi Nikki,

Perhaps not the answer you are searching for, but my experiences in areas such as this have shown me that such spells require the belief of the person who is affected by the spell. Belief can start very small, but then it grows through a feedback mechanism until, in the context of this spell, a person can control another.
Very similar to this is cursing someone else. There was a very simple technique which could be very effective on suggestible people. It simply involved doing something strange (words, hand movements etc) to catch a persons attention, then you would tell them you have cursed them. Next you say the only way to break the curse is to fall to the floor on their knees (if they did this, then you tell them they believe in the curse and so now it is true).
A suggestible person would do just that, and that is the hook. They believe enough to fall on the floor, hence reinforcing their belief in the curse - potentially starting a feedback mechanism which will see it have greater effect.
I’d ask people to not try this as scaring others is never good :).
The only way to beat such a thing as this (once again from my own experience), is to start to reduce the belief over time. It will take time, and it might cause unpleasant effects (unconsciously induced) but the spell/curse will diminish until it is barely noticeable.
I have been in a similar situation (long story, but it was with something called HPPD) and I used to look for its effects everywhere, and started finding them, until my reality was dominated by it. It took a few years of concentrated ignoring and grounding myself to return to a state which I saw as ‘normal’ and free from this condition.
The above is my own experience and others might vary.


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