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Author Topic: two posts about banishing  (Read 2728 times)
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« on: May 23, 2012, 19:48:36 »

Post One

Determination, Persistance, Perserverance.
Those three qualities must be unified as an emotion before any banishing can take place.
You must have the determination, a mental attitude with motivation, before you can persist in the banishing even within countless repeated failures.  When you gain the perserverance to persist despite failures, you will notice that, in fact, there will be some success.  Banishing can dissolve the physical illusion.  Do not believe these false soothsayers and dark magi when they illustrate to you an ineffectual banishing practice.  If you can not banish the Universe, you will have no magick power nor will you have any freedom to invoke a new celestial alignment.

You can banish individual physical objects, which means also that you can conjure them back again.  The banishing of physical reality means that the object has been returned to the transcendent flux of the spiritual dimension, and, that it has been restored to perfect silence, stillness, peace, and inner harmony.

It is important to at least try to banish the entire physical reality.  Doing so will increase your energy, as, that specific type of energy is baseline potential.  More to be said concerning baseline, certainly.

Some people are doing the lesser banishing of the pentagram, which, in this world, and state of life, I am not familiar with.  So I can not say here or there concerning it.  I can say that the Massive Cosmic Banishing is the Massive Banishing, and that it should be mastered before personal considerations.

However, while in the Massive Banishing, you gain your own perfect astral god ship and plane of reality, it must be held in place until the definitive truth of physical reality takes form as the infinite cosmic void, a space in which you are Lord Of Shadow and Abyss, Master Of All Magick, and True Soul Of Creation.  You have to banish before you can gain an aura.  When you lose your aura, you will know of it, and this means that reality has congealed and solidified to the paradigmn which you yourself have generated and are now sustaining.  So try the Massive Banishing in full meditative power, and persist until you have some success, then, you can perservere, and gain it and the return to the spiritual dimension, more fully.

When you are banishing yourself, this can be especially dangerous in circumstances where the rest of reality is not also being banished.  In truth, when you are banishing yourself yet have an internal mechanism, you are able to achieve new states of existence.  That internal mechanism should not be a quantifiable measure, nor a mechanism that uses the physical body.  It should be an independant source of mind, memory, and thought, with the ability to transcend, restore, or replicate physical reality.  The Neutral Paradox is the ideal third person perspective, and it is aligned entirely with the spirit of a soul that is in synchonistic union with the modalities and personality of the neutral paradox.  More to be said, for now, let's focus on what banishing does.

As said, it returns objects or reality to it's spiritual dimension.  It means that all external mechanisms have been dissolved and the majesty of each soul becomes it's own personal spiritual existence.  In that case, banishing can also be used to heal reality, as, those who are strong enough, including the Celestials, will be able to gauge and judge more accurately who is worthy of existence.  So when you use your Massive Banishing, use it with all your force, for durations of intensity which are known as a Psionic Surge.  If you can clear the Quantum Level, and expand your spiritual force, for as long as possible, you can transcend reality with banishing alone.  Banishing means that you yourself also return to the basic spiritual state, and in that state, you have powers of magick, mind, and functions of that Sanctum level reality.  It is also like Nirvana, in that sense, for from that basic point, you control what happens next.  It is the gateway to the Eternal Soul Realm, and means that you have victory over the entire doctrines of religion and science mutually.  There are secrets of that place, as, it is the realm of Djinn and Angels as well, as though they are transcended and ascended souls.  If you continue to banish from that state onwards, you can only enter the Divine, and will be subject to the Holies and to the Celestials.  After that, reality as we know it ceases to exist, and it becomes like a Leprachan Ride on the Rainbow Road.

Also, as a note of interest, banishing can be used to teleport, survive damage, heal, or levitate.  That is why, you should earn your Master Banishing certificate, and maintain it as though it were the life line of all substance and power.

You can go nowhere in magick unless you have your Master Banishing.

Post Two

Banishing is said to be the casting out of demonic or unnatural influences.  It can be performed in any variety of ways, pending the individual and his efforts to be rid of the unwanted thing.
Many who practice in this area say that you can not banish physical objects, yet I will tell you that it is possible, as possible as conjuration of material things.  When you achieve the state of mind that recognizes that there is no duality, you see that Life Is Spiritual, it is "Existence" or Omniverse.
So you must be cautious who you trust in this area.
The ancient magi used to teach "Master Banishing before any other act." and this follows in accordance with the Buddhist teaching of "Reach Nirvana before you try anything else.".  It takes you to the same place, which can be considered the Soul or the Sanctum.

When you banish something, it returns that object to it's original spiritual potential.  It removes the object to it's absolute spiritual state, transcending it and ascending it at the same time.  That is why you must learn how to banish yourself before you try to do it on another object or entity.
Yes, true enough, there are entities which crop up that become parasites to your consciousness, yet these are easily banished simply by either absorbing them completely or breaking the space in which they are positioned to induce subliminal hypnosis.  In that case, banishing becomes the destruction of the enemy!  So again, you must be cautious in what you believe concerning banishing, as there are many ways to do it.

A proper banishing consists of clearing away your entire existential space and a return to the Sanctum. In fact, advanced magi will not even consider casting magick unless they are secure within their Sanctum.  The sanctum is of utmost importance to the banishing, as, it is the result of the banishing of yourself to the absolute spiritual state.
It can be achieved in meditation.
It can be achieved by death.
It can be achieved by enervation OR energization of the thing.

Sometimes, you will find yourself in a situation where it seems like the whole world wants a piece of you.  And in many cases, they refer you to a psychologist and greater forms of death, decay, and parasitism are implimented to prevent your return to your Sanctum.  They call you 'paranoid' and 'delusional', and would rather that you sit down and watch tv.  At that point, persist with the banishing until you do achieve your sanctum, then banish the negative influence on your enemies and return to the Universal state unblemished.

A true master of banishing knows the limit of reality.
For from your sanctum, you can then banish entire worlds, you can even banish the soul of your enemies, for, rightly, as a magus, you are the core of existence, namely, your own existence in which you are Jehovah God, Christ, Elijah, and Aliester Crowley.  Ha!  That's an amazing feat, I tell you, to realize that the government has no authority over your soul, and no control over your mind, and no power to effect your state of existence.  Even death is avoided or negated entirely, and they will never rule your magick, nor will they take what you create and subvert it's heart to sheer perversion.

Banishing is the essence of all practical magick, for aside from banishing (either with invocations of the spirits and evocations of same) there is only Conjuration.  And conjuration is another matter entirely, but simply, conjuration is the invocation and evocation of spirits of things.

Banishing is the most whole, perfect, and complete magical forumula.  For in it, you both purify and ascend, transcend and become God.  From there it's entirely what you want to do with what you know, and reality becomes 'creation' by 'conjuration'.

Now, there are elements of banishing which involve a true hearted faith in the banishing.  I do believe that even Crowley has said that there must be faith put into the banishing or it will not have effect.  This is mostly true.  There is also the case when you are in a slouched state of mind and the banishing has no effect no matter what amount of faith you are putting into it.    You will only end up manifesting the exact thing that you are trying to banish, which, is often the most perverted rape that the world has seen.  To banish with a force can be deadly, as, it almost certainly guarantees that the thing banished will exist.  There is also the case of banishing by the simple act of letting it dissolve.  There is also the case of banishing in which you give the entity what it wants, and it goes away peacefully with a blessing bestowed upon you.  In that specific case, you must guage for yourself what this entity is and the extent of it's mastery over your magick!  That, can be a very sad state, and it means that there must be a physical seeking in the celestial for the entity, even on the same planet, and that it must be remedied with the utterance of the black words.

Banishing is a means that sustains your spiritual existence.  Simply, banishing can be perfected in the moments before you are going to sleep.  For instance, in my case, as a chaos mage with potentials for magick, I hear strange voices coming out of everything.  It seems as though reality has been subverted to something ungodly.  Yet, if I focus on these enough, they do not exist.  They are mere hallucinations.  Yet, if I do not focus on them, they exist.  This is a peculiar aspect of reality which suggests that the more resistance you put onto an object, the less that it can effect you.  The less resistance that you have on the object/entity, the more it will effect you.  So you have to be careful in what you do, but again, it can be perfected simply by going to sleep, stunning the astral with a bolt of the holy levin drawn from the highest light, and banishing until you achieve your moment of Eternity in which you are the holy servant of the highest god and the rightful heir of All Creation.  This belief in itself can cause endless problems, and conflict within your sanctum.  Sometimes, the enemy has permeated your sentience so badly that it almost becomes a part of you, yet, the Core of your reality will always guard it's core, and the core is not the brain, it is not even any type of physical construct.

The banishing can be best performed by invoking the state of dreams, and stopping time with the ultimate focus of your own mind in perfect peace.  In that, peace becomes banishing.  Peace is the source of emotion, for all emotions rise out of peace.  Even joy can be a hated enemy, as, for instance, you are watching dirty porno and you watch a man do something which you detest innately, and in the false ecstasy of your orgasm, you smile and let it pass, yet, this pollutes your sub conscious and deteriorates your astral into something that barely has enough basis to conjure or materialize a basic dream of happy kisses.  In that instance, proceed with the full weight of banishing and evocations of banishing, for that is when you must not fail to be true to your Gods and Goddesses whatever they may be in your magickal state.  Do not fail, for they have been putting faith into you that you become strong enough to become a God.  Achieve the sanctum at any cost, as when, you are trapped in prison and being destroyed every day, simply let your body go limp and die to this reality, and rematerialize with the full power of a God At War, though, the banishing to the Sanctum would be enough to simply learn of the mistake and recoordinate your incursion so that it does not contain the elements of the treachery of humankind.  As a Buddhist might do, once enlightened.  Pure Mind, Pure Land, as the saying goes.

The matter of putting faith into the banishing can be like a seal placed onto your physical illusion, so that you banish it and it vanishes from reality.  It can be like a man that takes a ruby from a pile of stones, and in haste, chooses a special stone rather than the ruby.  It seems senseless to do such a thing, yet, it means that the stone he has chosen is worth more to him than all the riches of the world.  Know when the time has come that you move on from this reality, and regain the Divinity of your magick and Soul.  For in you is your own truth, the essence of which is the purest truth of who you are, yet, you will not know unless you have the ability to astral project and beyond, to the very core of your existence.  It is not always an upward battle, it can be as simple as going to sleep and holding yourself in sleep until you are ready to make news plans for a better, happier life.


Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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