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Author Topic: emanation, banishing, worship, and astral reality  (Read 1956 times)
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« on: May 08, 2013, 01:18:04 »

Hello again.
Now then.  When we get involved in any belief system, we mold our reality according to what we believe, how we think, and all of that creates a confusion or obstacle to the truth of attainment.
I've heard that it was said, to the effect of, 'emanation is what existence is' or that 'we can emanate as much as we want'.  I'm sure you are all familiar with Yoda's famous saying, "There is no try, only do."  So the more that we systematize, blugeon with facts, and assert a position... the less spiritual our existence becomes, and we stop emanating our aura, and gradually we are diminished and suffer all manners of decay.
With magick, in the puritian view, I am supposing that we, as a collective OF INDIVIDUALS, create the entire world.  Buddhists say that Maya is the physical reality, and that it is an illusion.  The only way, to see through the illusion, is to die, or, to meditate until you reach the transcendental baseline.

In a day of hope the warrior unviels his weapon, and it is existence.  Light Wielders know that all existence is bound, literally bound, by the beliefs, thoughts, and resistance that we have to God.  I know, people don't like hearing about God anymore.  They don't care.  If you consider God to be Holy Peace, and this, in an infinite amount, then all our thoughts are only the generation of a barrier that prevents true perception.  We all do it though.

You will notice, some people don't even expect that there is an astral reality.  They have no idea that there is a conspiracy to destroy, rape, and corrupt all souls.  They have no idea that playing like a little child is the essence of all reality, for contained in that action, there is no desire, it is the Thelemite's 'pure will'.  That's why I keep going on and on about phantasy.  Some people don't realize that there is a way to live that maintains life, rather than eroding it.  I don't realize, understand, or know who you are, what you like, and why. 

I say that because if you consider that what I've already said in prior posts about banishing is pure BS, then you will see that the only thing to do is to not give the enemy a place in your skin to sink in their hooks.  People have tried telling me this before, and I didn't get it.  I knew, of course, but in that context, it was said wrong.  Banishing, well, you basically open and rejuvenate your chakra with it.  The problem that occultists face, in combination with the Christians, is that banishing and worship are almost exactly the same thing.  You use the same technique, the same way of allowing the infinite spiritual reality all pure, to fill, flood, and recreate who you are.

Now, the thing here is that we have a center.  But if we concentrate, crushing our chakra, and closing our bodies to the Divine Will, then we eventually die, and, the great thing is that we are shown mercy anyway.  In about two minutes, by releasing all your presumption, concentrations, and misery of the flesh, in fact, in a moment's notice! you can open to the limit, and drop a corpse in this reality, while your spirit ascends through the astral to the ineffable.

The Buddhists always said that beating reality is easy.  Everything that you see, if you believe in it, can be a snare for your soul.  This is not to say that we shouldn't relish, cherish, and enjoy life.  It is rather that we should not try to exert power or force beyond what was already created.  These energy vampires have their own like fate, we are constantly judged and made anew in the judgement thereof by the action we take in reality.  Banishing, Worship, Emanation, and Astral Reality.  All of this, as you know, is achieved by stopping, noticing what really is, and then using your mind to create the new existential state.  We have to give up what we are and all that we have, then, God restores us.

And a note on emanation... your aura is many things as one.  Space, time, mind, kinetic energy, heat, gravity, and of course, Love.  If you follow Christ's teaching as we have it, and do the good works, and honor God, your emanation will be stronger in Love.  In the beginning, there was only Darkness and Love.  Love is the Light, Love animates reality.  It's so sad.  The way this media driven, porn loving, sadistic society is set up, people don't have any opportunity to play, and if they do, they don't play with their whole hearts.  When we love someone, by the inductive nature of space and time, we don't project our love to them, we just love them, and it heals them, if, and only if, they really want to live anymore.  I guess I killed my Dad, he's dying, and I hated him my whole life.  I've seen first hand what hate does, anger, confusion of intention.  The grace, that simple, ultimate grace, is that when he dies, he will be free.  God doesn't torment us forever and ever. 

As you know, I have followed after Jehovah with some success.  I can not follow Jehovah anymore.  I can not follow Christ.  I couldn't save Lea, I betrayed my lovers all through time.  The thing that I believe, is that Love Saves, and that God Gives Grace. 

You could say that the whole world is the emanation of Spirit.  And that the less that we try and own our own lives, I mean really now, people have told me these things, and I kind of believed it, but I was focused on my own things.  Now I see, at least, I think I see, and for all it's worth, we have to keep trying to enjoy life, have fun, be intimate, forgiving, and actively love people that we know.  If our action is always pulling on the Universe, crushing our chakra, creating filth and perversion wherever we go, then we inevitably die.  We inevitably die anyway, the great thing is, some people are so good they can choose.

Now, here is something...  we can project into reality.  If we project our soul, and magnify Spirit with our Soul, then we can perceive any reality that we want.  A complication is that if we imagine something, it might exist.  If we perceive something, it might not exist.  But if we make full determination of anything, it will occur, though the world will not as a whole be effected.

Do not resist God.  God is Spirit.  We are Souls.  Basically, we co create reality, first with our spirit and God, then our spirits become a soul, and that soul lives in a world of souls.  I think, anyway, I've finally got it figured out.  Now, I will relish the experience of opening my aura, of taking back my axis mundi and creating new chakra energy.  That's all!!  LOL!

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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