How to create a thought-form entity.

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Greetings Gandalf. This is Dumbledore and I'm new here to Astralpulse. I can relate to your idea indeed. Thought form
entity is a great accomplishment.

The abstraction I wish to share here is something in similarity to Gandalf's message but only requires one person. That person being yourself. With this ability you can basically create entities to do certain tasks. Simply put, thought is energy. You can manifest your heart's desires if you put enough thought attention to them. However, since it does take time, patience is key. A daily focus session is required.

Just like Gandalf's message, details are required in creating an object or entity. Be specific and pay attention to it so that the notion can blossom. You reap what you sow.

I'm currently working on my materialization skills. Gandalf, I might need your input after this message of mine and any further suggestions that could benefit and amplify my practices are greatly appreciated.

Risu no Kairu_

I understand what you are getting at. However, As Fenris says, the being is 'feeding' from the power generated by your thoughts, ie your belief in the entity itself. It is your thoughts which have brought it into being. This is quite different from a vampiric concept of an entity draining energy from people.

The individual or group is *not* drained of energy or fatigued in any way, as they are not giving away any more energy than they do the rest of the time, simply by *believing* in things.

The two issues are not related.

However, as Fenris, pointed out, thought forms might figure out a way to get energy themselves over time, this could be a variety of sources, however this would only happen if the being is dismissed from the group. As long as it is under the groups direction, it has all the energy required.

After its dismissal, then if it is smart enough it may learn to gain energy other ways, including some form of energy draining. However, this is of no concern to the group.
When a group formally dismisses an entity it is common practice to stipulate that the being is to refrain from harming any member of the group in future and never to come in contact with them in any way again. Only after agreeing to this is the being released.

Over and above all this, I would add again that thought-forms do not seek to harm their creators in any case, unless there is an unstable element in their make-up, which is due to the mental issues of one or more of the creators. Such a risk is easily avoided as I said, as long as those participating are carefully veted.

Dumbledore_ I agree with you about different techniques including those which can be carried out by individuals.

The technique I gave requires more people as it is designed to create a powerful thought-form being as quickly as possible. It all depends on what you want it for.


Have you successfully created a thoughtform entity on your own? If so, how long  was the duration of your endeavor Gandalf?

Furthermore Gandalf, I'm currently practicing on manifesting a small solid object. I wish to receive your comments regarding this practice of mine. I'm also quite curious to hear whether you were able to materialize a solid inanimate object from the astral realm through your techniques.

I have already been able to materialize a string. It took me 4 days of aggressive attention towards my imagery of a string. I would consider 4 days fast.


I have only ever participated in a group project.

Using the technique described above, myself and five others got together a few years ago to create a thought form.
We created a life story for the being and proceeded with the technique as described above.
We got great results and after only a week and a half, we got to the stage where we were getting loud knocks, sighs and rappings on the walls... what a racket!
At this point two members of my group chickened out as things became too real for them... it seems that deep down they must have still thought it was some kind of game! I think the main problem is that some people conceive of thought-forms as some kind of abstract notion, which only exists in the mind's eye, like creative visualisation. It is not. Once created, the being is VERY real and will soon make this clear to those who think otherwise. As long as those taking part are clear on this, then there should be no problem. I found this out the hard way!

So I am still trying to find people to form a new group; what I do know is: this technique works! I never doubted it though as I was taught it by a geniune occultist whom I used to know, who gave me this reliable technique after I asked him about this topic. He had made use of thought-forms many times in the past.

Regarding material objects, I have been reliably informed (by the same source who gave me this technique) that apports of material objects are easily achieved once the thought-form is fully generated. For this reason, thought-forms are used to bring cash or other items.

Be warned though, if clear instructions are not given beforehand, it can often go to the nearest reliable source for such items.

My occult friend has skirted pretty close to the law in the past, when the entity procured a large amount of jewellry from a nearby shop!
Another time, he asked for cash and was given a huge bag of money. It turns out that the money was from a recent store robbery in the area. The police later caught him spending some of this and found the cash in his house. However, he was released without charge as they were unable to explain how he had this bag in his house; apparantly the thieves had already been arrested and the money confiscated a few days before!  The police took the cash away however!

I think you will find it difficult to manifest anything of worth using your method, as the required energy will be too great, although perhaps if you do the same techniuqe but with more people, results can be obtained. On the other hand, four days is good!

I would recomend creating an entity and let IT do the work for you. You have seen how hard it is to generate objects yourself.


PS Fenris: Thank you for that link to 13's post on the theory behind thought-forms; an excellent description on the mechanics of thought-form creation, I recommend everyone read it!

I agree with almost everything he says, apart from his statement that no matter how powerful a thought-form becomes on the astral, it cannot manifest on the physical without special help.

Well, clearly from the technique I described, the thought-form is VERY physical. I have no reason to doubt the occultist's claims about it, and I have personal experience of the physical effects generated by the thought-form as it was coming into being.... believe me, it was VERY physical...and loud!

Of course, the technique I describe above and which I tried out, sets out to create a thought-form which is able to act in the physical realm *from the outset*. Perhaps 13 IS right, that there is a problem if you create it on the astral only, but this seems a pretty silly thing to do when the whole purpose of the thought-form is to help you in THIS world.

The technique I describe is not difficult, it just requires patience; the resulting thought-form can manifest physical objects of any description as well as acting on individuals on a mental level.

I would suggest that 13 has shot himself in the foot in a sense, by limiting himself to his own theory. Too much theory can be a bad thing as it can often restrict practice!


In a similar vein is the creation of an "Egregore" a very interesting concept I've only read about in "Summoning Spirits" by Konstantinos (chapter 1+10).

Apparently one has to make a figure of clay and give it 'life'. The type he refers to is only etheric and only rests in a physical shell when not active. He does say however physical egregores are possible. He also gives a stern warning that egregores must not be allowed to live for too long, 3 to 4 months max and must be destroyed when their task has been completed, for they will gain in strength and become free to do what they want. In chapter 1 of the book he also mentions group egregores that are used by magical lodges apparantly they are not dangerous and can exist for centuries.

He clearly states that this practice has few limitations and almost limitless possibilities.

I must confess this is all very interesting, 'thought-form entities, egregores' which I've only read about but not practiced.


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