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Author Topic: Intention and Confusion, the occult mystery by personal revelation  (Read 2461 times)
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« on: March 19, 2013, 20:57:08 »

   The formulation of magick intention is the basis on which the power behind the magicks thereby conjured are said to have their effect.  Looking blandly at the surface of a man, we see his bare flesh exposed to the elements as a weakling and pitiful excuse for sentient life.  Deeper within the man, it becomes more apparent that his internal network of fibers and cells has the surmised faction of deliberate conscious motivation to arrange a template for reality.  This topic, 'template for reality', is a factor of the totality of a man's belief system.
   In Chaos, we have freedom to move our bodies and embrace loving kindness and forgiveness as we may.  Yet in our initial template, the reality is often cosmic and universal, with similarities to types of magick and a foundation for all magicks that we can summon or effectively energize to manifestation.  With the initial template being 'cosmic celestial creation', it has been said by mages of the past that the true power is found in the Banishing.
   Let us consider this simple fact...  the flesh of a man is weakened by his belief in the structure of time.  Everyday, he awakens, not with full faith in a miracle of healing and youthful vigor and beauty, but with the sad recollection that money is essential to his life and that he has aged and will continue to suffer his mundane existence until he has at last aged to the point that he then dies.  This is part of the problem, that, in fact, people do not wield their religion with the summation or even fraction of it's true power.  Thereby, when formulating your intentions, again, the Banishing is of necessity.
   It could be said that there are five primary types of intentional action or behavior.
Fire- Destruction, Harm, Violence
Water- Healing, Nourishment, Caring
Air- Empowerment, Encouragement
Earth- Balance, Harmony, Compassion
Spirit- Liberation, Alleviation, Mercy
   And so, our intentions can be formulated according to ancient elementals which are also engrained in the subsistence of our flesh from such elemental activity.  Whether my diagram is accurate is not entirely the point, it fits and is a useable model.
   Now, others have said that our intention is the key issue when going into the conjuration of a magick effect.  Yet, if it were all boiled down to a good intention, the world would long ago have been brought to destruction and true blood-enraged chaos fire would have consumed the vast bulk of the knowable cosmos.  So in the Chaos Magick, we have all knowledge, statements, and information to work with when preparing our own simplicity of conjuration.  Yet again, the true power lie in the Banishing, and it is not of a slight occurence of banishing that the banishing has it's greatest effect, namely, the removal of realities and persons from each other to their own Mage Position, the Sanctum as the Cosmic Core.
   Now, look at the twittling little bits of letters and words.  Each of these has been manufactured according to the necessity of magick in conveyance of base energies from the standpoint of communication of intent.  As said, there are the five primary intentions.  In a water based intention basis, the fire no less applies to that which is not nourished or healed, and, as a disease being cured, the disease itself suffers the wrath of a fire based intention.  So in that, there lies the key to the proper exertion of elemental force by the greater summation of mental power.  With the conveyance of energies by means of sigilic linguistics, we have only so many options as it would be futile to introduce ancient Plarthmec to a student of Indonesian Rap.  Often, the communication of intention is muddled by the archaic design structure of the individual words used in their arrangement as they are obtained by the interchange of meaning.
   Intention and meaning are not the same thing, yet they have similar exertion in how they effect the consciousness to it's own internal arrangement of facts and external communication of the meaning thereby involved.  With the liberation of knowledge from the Moon, we might have one sequence of words to describe the Moon itself, what it is, and what it does as a general existence of itself unto itself or unto us as earthbound sentience.  Then, we might have an entire series of books all scientific and elaborated by mathematical propositions and stringent text concerning the identity of space vessels and lasers reflecting and such as that.  And then, in the aftermath of such intensive study, we come to the basic presumption that we know something about the Moon.  Yet for all that, we know not whether it is snow, ice, and old granite, or whether it is a giant ball of semen, or whether it once was a temple of ancient levitation masters who once covered it in silver and gold with platinum and rubies.  We really have no idea based on the knowledge obtained whether that knowledge is the wholesome dignity of that truth of the Moon.
   So our intention could be to liberate knowledge that we might learn, yet, for all the study and information obtained, the fire basis persists in that we spend more time reading books than worshiping the Moon to gain the strange necromantic effects and chaos energy required of true seekers in that ancient art.  The truth and experience of the Moon suffers the lack of coordination of impulses required for the effective liberation of both the Moon and ourselves from presumption or delusion concerning it.  Yet, the air basis has meaning, as we gain from sheer presumptions of knowledge the ability to imagine and form ideas concerning an object which could be little more than the dreadnought of the ancient satyr species.  We are not certain until we have the definitive experience to say, "The Moon is..." and then we continue to add presumption to it by the contrivance of language to exert itself through meanings attributed to different levels of meaning in minds that have different levels of understanding.  So the intention to know the Moon would be restricted to a personal experience of Lunar Revelation, and as such, the reason why secrecy and profound statements concerning the occult can not be taken as a language form or anything revealed by men to men.
   After saying all that load, why continue?  Yet, if we are to try and banish the Moon Itself, would this not wreack an ungodly havoc upon the Planet and every living thing which depends on it for their own sense of midnight fun and nourishment?  It is possible, of course, yet, with the full strength of a single being projected as a hyper power of ultimate banishing, it would likely kill the man and no god or living thing would grant him the loving respect that would otherwise be due if, if only!!  he had used that force upon his own sense of self and organic constituents in the lesser objective of Life.
   We all have the ability to banish, but the banishing which comes to a singular man or woman or child or pencil or cigarette, any singular thing, often it is temporary and can not be sustained, for, it is the removal of an object from it God-Given Position to that of Arcane Magickal Master.  Now, teleportation, which, many are seeking, seems to be a highlight of the due course of banishing.  The only presumption there is that once banished, where and when and what and why not to return anew? 
   For those of you who want to astral project, remember, it is a projection of consciousness into the pervasive cosmic energy.  Obviously, if it is a projection, your consciousness itself must have some objective to obtain in the initial motion of 'leaving the body'.  I do not understand it myself, yet, whether by a force of love, belief in the astral itself, or, by means of a hearty banishing, I have expanded by dream state to include more reality and time spent within the otherworldly planes.
   Banishing can mean many things to all sorts of people, yet when you perfect your skill in banishing, reality folds back together as if by the motion of consciousness to achieve it's desire and obtain the relics and artifacts of which it needs to promote it's identity in the truth of that soul's will.  I tell you the truth people, the banishing is the singular key that is required to attain a higher grade of power and capacity for magick.  I can not tell you how to do it, for my example might be inadequate given your personality or spiritual relation to the cosmos.  Yet I can tell you why, and how important it is that you master the banishing.
   It could be said that every time you enter sleep you are using your banishing.  This is not true, yet, with the culminative efforts of banishing before sleep and dream times, you will notice enhanced color, receptivity, and time-context involved in your dream state.  There is also the matter in which you surrendor to the true Cosmic God, YHVH, Christ, Odin, Krishna, or some such as you fathom, and this also rejuvenates your existential state and enables astral travel by the means of improving and increasing your own celestial capacity.  There is the matter of memory and building the neural components by feeding through your senses and gaining the psionic vibrations to form enhanced dream states from which you have a compacted basis on which to project a mind into the limitless ether.  All of this is irrelevant, what matters is that you learn how to banish full force, and, I tell you now, Crowley's theory of the Tetragrammaton when applied to banishing has the most potent effect, holding the end result is a main objective for those who desire to gain the oracles of yet more spiritual and ancient souls.

Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control
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