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Author Topic: Things I've Learned about Magick  (Read 3697 times)
Steel Hawk
« on: January 12, 2010, 11:38:40 »

I wish I knew more. I know very little.

We are here.

Most information is not new. I try to find occult, new age, metaphysical books with new information. I'm happy when I find a sentence, maybe two that I haven't read before. It sometimes makes me sad. I have reached the end of this plateau and am at a crossing.

Any of this information you can find through deep thinking inward. All the knowledge of the mystical societies with closed doors can be found within. All of the philosophies of the books I've read are within. At a certain point you are not above anyone, and none are above you. The only teacher left is you.

It seems that our existence and reality isn't quite as it seems, I don't believe I'll ever connect all the dots or even know where some start and end.

I use to think magic was something like a Harry Potter novel or movie, when I was younger I thought I would be the special person who would throw that fireball regardless of what the occult books said. Now I understand that magic is more powerful than that.

It can change every aspect of your life and give you whatever it is you desire. It has for me. Exactly what I've wanted with all my soul has come to pass. Somethings took over a decade, but it worked and was worth it. I have a nice life, it's modest, but it is what I want.

For whatever reason the power of imagination is the greatest tool we have. Imagination. Yes it is the most magical thing in all of life. True power is in imagination. True magick. Develop this and the world is yours.

I don't know exactly how it works. But it works. It's nothing new, what I'm telling you. I just wish I knew more about imagination, I wish I understood it. I don't want to talk in riddles, so here is some practical things:

1. Target
2. Outcome
3. Energy

Target, this is who or what you are wishing to effect change to.
Outcome, this is the end result of what you want.
Energy, this is the energy required for the operation to succeed.

Suppose you want your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend to kiss you, it's very realistic and probably evil. So we have the target and the desired outcome, we now need the energy.

This can be done a dozen ways. Energy is chi, the ki, the life force, prana, orgone, aether, spiritual energy. The more out of the natural order of things you wish is the more energy it will take.

The operation then is as follows (nothing is set in stone).

You imagine your ex-lover. This is one of the places where the power and development of your imagination matters. The more powerful you imagine your ex the more effective the operation. This means see, hear, taste, feel, smell imagine the person in every detail as if the person was standing before you. Pictures, objects, mantras, rhymes, artifacts can be used to help focus the mind on this task but it is not an absolute requirement. Witches rhyme, shamans chant, in voodoo you use a doll or a picture, etc. But these are just aids, if you develop your imagination and focus well enough they are not needed.

Second part, the outcome. This should be the end result, what you want ultimately to happen. In this case you want to be kissing your former friend. So again with great focus and imagination visualize it. The more real you can make it the more you can focus on it the better.

Third part, the energy. Now after this if we stopped nothing is likely to happen. The astral image will fade and you will be disappointed. So immediately following or during the end of the above you need a great deal of spiritual energy to sustain it. Here are several ways to generate it.

1) Emotional. This is where you bring yourself in to an emotional frenzy.
2) Crystals, Orgone devices. These work overtime, but not as powerful as other methods.
3) Sadistic and Masochistic acts. I don't feel comfortable about this, but I've found them powerful.
4) Spirits. Using existing entities to sustain and generate the energy needed.
5) Qi Gong, raising energy, etc. To me I don't believe this to be effective for the immediate raw power methods unless sustained over time.

Etc. From the above you can a lot of strange magical beliefs and practices and dissect them into what is actually happening.

This is really all you need for practical magick. You can make things more efficient, refine things, etc. But with the above framework most if not all systems of magick operate.

You have to truly desire with every fiber of your soul what it is you want. Depending on how out of line it is with the natural flow of things it may take time and energy. So you may want to keep doing the operation over and over until you finally feel it is powerful enough and release it by letting go and forgetting the entire desire.

Now a WARNING from my first hand experience. Be very careful what you wish for. Especially when it comes to free will. The more energy and powerful the change you take place the more instant you will get your own karma back. You will get your wish but the price you pay could change you forever.

Once you develop this power you may find like myself that you rarely use it. You might use it to find true love, a comfortable place to stay, but only what the universe feels is your fair share. Live in harmony with it.
Astral Energy 2
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« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2010, 16:00:09 »

I have felt all along that magick is nothing but the harnessing of mind power. And if you are already content with what you have, you don't really need to use it.
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2010, 16:00:09 »

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« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2010, 00:54:57 »

I'm happy when I find a sentence, maybe two that I haven't read before.

LOL! I feel the same way.  cheesy
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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2010, 09:27:17 »

Thanks steel hawk i will give it a try and you say emotional energy is most effective , right?
The Astral Pulse

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