magic and the Reptilian part of our brain



The pineal gland exists for many reasons!  It plays an important part in puberty/sexual maturity, AND, I believe, formal-operational thought processes.  When the pineal gland begins to send out hormones, at about the age of 13, many magical things start to happen with the human body!    

But what I like best about the pineal gland is that it holds open the "door to the Astral."  I highly recommend that people study/meditate upon the pineal gland, if they are interested in otherworldly matters, such as magic, astral travel, or spiritual concerns.


One of the physical functions of the pineal gland is for the manufacture and release of the hormone Melatonin which regulates the sleep cycle. During darkness the pineal gland releases Melatonin which brings about sleep. I have seen Melatonin available in tablet form for people suffering from jet lag and sleep disorders to bring everything back into sync.

And as Tisha has noted, the energy body aspect of the pineal gland is the brow chakra, the gateway to clairvoyance and the higher spheres.

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Yep I take melatonin pills from time to time in order to get to sleep. Be forwared though, it can give you really crazy bad dreams.

quote:Originally posted by Adrian<BR>
I have seen Melatonin available in tablet form for people suffering from jet lag and sleep disorders to bring everything back into sync.

yes, yes, but what about the human evolution?
<through magic>

I will add,
>there is no unconsciouss evolution,
>there is only Consciouss evolution.

And it seems the pineal is responsible.
pineal is refered to be
letīs discuss about 3D PERCEPTION
and the reptilian brain, put in our brain.
do you suggest we have dinosaurus relatives?
if not, what do you think whoīs to blame for
an implant?
who had the power and the ability
to implant the reptilian brain, with the pineal gland,
in our brain.
the reptilian brain is top-of-the spine connection with
the rest of our brain as depicted by the picture above.
the red dot is offcourse, the pineal gland.
(I have-put-out of the laugh also a snakes nose.)
dont you think it looks like an old manīs staff?
perhaps of mister Pītah-the egyptian god-creator?

keep up the good research, friends,
put some data for the evolution sake!

is the reptilian part of our brain ONLY responsible for the human
1 psyhic evolution?
2 magic powers?

especialy the pineal gland located in the reptilian part of brain, and the reptilian part of brain in our brain,

the pineal gland which from the ancient times were prescribed
the whole mystery of our brain and our mind capabilities,
especialy the telekinetic, levitatic, telepatic and all magic abilities.
and the cure for a cancer(G I Gurdjieff cured all men he medicined from Cancer,
 claiming using only pineal-pineal gland influences.)


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