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Author Topic: Talismans And Sigils  (Read 1901 times)
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« on: July 14, 2006, 03:10:31 »

I have a few questions, if you can answer them then please do so.

1. What objects are suitable to be used as Talismans?
2. Would a old action figure that formerly was given a name and a personality be able to be safely purified of former energies and given new purpose?
3. I assume that all Talismans should be purified and consecrated before their use.  I am left wondering if the Talisman should be charged with energy on a regular basis, or if a continuing consecration serves the same purpose?
4. What methods are best for Purification, Consecration, and Charge?
5. When the Talisman is sufficiently Charged, how does one activate the energy or avoid accidental activation to a foreign purpose?
6. How do you protect the energy charge and vitality of your talisman from other people or astral entities?  Is it as simple as not letting the idea and idealism of the entity into your range of thought while engaged with the Talisman?
7. Does someone touching the talisman negatively influence itís operation, as in an old action figure that chaotic minded children will be touching?

And the one question that has always nagged at me since my mind was broken is, 8. Why use a Talisman?

When I was younger I had natural knowledge of talismans, which I ignorantly refuse to remember at this time.  But I will say that the original talisman that I used that is within the range of my memory was a action figureís back pack.  I do believe that I followed through with the process of cleansing it, reforming the negative energies, then channeling them back into the talisman combined with energies of my own.  After this, the talisman served as a focus point for my energies to enable a internal reality contact with the childís plane of Brainwave.  There was no actual magickal operations performed with the Talisman, aside from the extremely subtle use as a spiritual transmittor.
I have more questions, but they deal more with the function of the chakra as it regards energy conversion.

Now I wonder if what is commonly known as a Sigil can also be used as a talisman, yet one formed entirely of the subtle psychic energies of the brain and whatever spirit there may be.  This may show how utterly incomprehensible my ignorance of these things is.  I have a feeling that what I will now say is more or less exactly what a sigil is.
For the talismanic sigil we see that it has a visual basis and may be combined with a word or other sound to enhance itís performance.  Also, one may attribute a emotion or other type of sensation to the sigil.  Here are my questions.

1.  Is what I just said what a sigil is?
2.  Are the sigils that I just explained more useful than a talisman, or are their use limited to the astral range?
3.  From what I have read about sigils you are to firstly charge them with a repeated visualization, an enchantment of sorts, then when the mind is in a specific state of Ďmental ejaculationí, you activate the sigil.  Is this principle of sigils drawn from talismanic magic, or is there a correspondence in nature aside from this?

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