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Author Topic: Eager Fingerz!  (Read 828 times)
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« on: September 01, 2004, 22:57:24 »

Hiya everyone. I just joined about two days ago. And with my jump right in attitude, I totally forgot my manners. You can check out my profile to see what kinda person I am, but what I wanna accomplish here is my goals for being a part of these forums, where I am at now, and the possibilities awaiting at the door. I've become very imeshed within finding the truth of the laws. Namely with the waring religions all claiming they have the untainted truth, when I believe at least half of them to be perverted offshoots or the originals. This is based off of research into the various original documents deriving them, and the historical and political facets of the cultures the religions grew up in. Along with finding the truth of what we are where we came from and where we are going aid's a lot in the gnosis of life. I believe addressing and learning about that which is unseen is equally proportioned to exploring that which is. And to match my search on the physical plane for truth, I shall embark on a spiritual journey to compliment the same. I've always believed that impossible things were possible when they told me I was crazy, and by learning more about the unseen which is the hardly covered subject (compared to mainstream soceity) I intend to prove and lead others with me in a search for a more meaningful life. And who knows, if I get started now (21) maybe by the time i'm 70 I'll have the experience and knowledge I will need to re-institute a school or community promoting gnosis and love, and maybe something as advanced as Pythagorean studies. My main goal to accomplish here is to converse with like minds to find solutions to the ever evolving war of duality, and in finding a harmonious routine lifestyle that balances material with spiritual duties totally focused on following the laws of proper as revealed. Learning about the subtle energy bodies and the laws of their realms is a very very very important facet to this gnosis. Too bad they don't reveal too much about the electrical aspect of the body in early and mid schooling. This very small simple fact alone can go on to explain various unknown problems with certain diseases and illnesses. This also another aspect I wish to develop, understanding the possible manipulations of the energy body as it's relation to the tangible physical to live a more healthy and vibrant life. Also understanding the multi-dimensional aspect of consciousness and identifing it's properties to form a basis for gaining wisdom into the very vast and complex nature of the whole universe, or godhead. There's much more to be said but hopeuflly this gives you and idea of what I'm after. Oh yeah, i have this dream that one day everybody will totally listen to another persons point before babbling out their doctrines and their beliefs without having an actual consideration and appreciation for why they stand where they do. I think if this one dream were to come true, we, as a whole people, could understand and more peacefully and purposefully come to the best conclusion instead of waring it out with force. I believe that passive contemplation and then equal revelation of such is always the best way to address conflicts and problems. Maybe this will be one day, maybe we will just end up killing each other to make sure we aren't hurting our egos in the process. Please feel free to contact me via email I'm always reading always searching, always lonely, always running thoughts through the head thinking on infinity.
-peace be with you- brandon
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