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Author Topic: Greetings  (Read 741 times)
Astral Energy 3
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« on: October 26, 2004, 08:59:18 »

Hi, (sorry for the super-long rant)

I figured that I would introduce myself as I plan to dwell in the forums as time permits.  I am not part of any sect, religion or similar types of groups although I know a fair amount about many of them.  In general, I feel that all the well-known ones all express the exact same idea but that their view on things are slightly different.  Some have been skewed with by people for their own personal purposes (which is a shame) but retrieving the oldest possible texts typically clears things up.  It's like looking at a medal and each groups look at it from different angles.  The more I read and understand, the more things mesh together.  Interesting.

From the youngest of age I can remember, I've always believed in "magic", which I can best define as "the manipulation of energy"; technically we're already all doing magic with our physical body.  The rocks may believe we're doing "magic".  It's another point of view issue once more.  I've read a form of "daily thought of the day" from a Khabalist throughout high school, which kick-started my mind on the world of the invisible.  As I started university, I finally got connected to the Internet (I almost feel like there's a soul group attached to it; kinda like a rock and a primitive form).  I was first interested by stories of mythical/fabled civilization (Atlantis being the most prominent; Did I ever dwell it?  Is it due to surface soon? <shrug>).  This eventually got me to pages that pushed metaphysics as a whole and interestingly enough, astral projections got inserted into my life by a music group of the same name.

I later on found articles about Kundalinie and I think that my chakras started working at that point.  I could feel energy surging through in a peaceful continuous flow.  I also stumbled upon early versions of tutorials about astral projection, but all attempts were in vain with the noted exception of one where I got to a point where I heard an increasingly loud frequency which scared me away on the spot.  Eventually, I ended up having many projects and had to put my meta-study aside for school.  What I just recently realized is that in elementary school, we had "meditation sessions".  For one hour, they would play a tape and we were to relax with our eyes closed in the gym.  I never really understood why/where this comes from, but it must have been from someone trying to push this.  All I can say is that, this is too young for most kids.

Lately is when the most interesting things happen.  My family had a friend who was a very powerful energy worker/psychic.  Of one thing, she gave my mom a reading and she identified that I were to be "away from home" eventually while my brother would stay back.  As such, I moved from Canada to California just about a year ago and I feel like I'm here to stay for a while (indefinitely?).  There are many links between my father/mom/brother in terms of past lives, but I'm the Grey card in this scenario.  Still there's something about them that links us <shrug>.  There's too many 4's for this to numerically make any sense.  

Speaking of numbers, both parents were born on the same date exactly one year apart.  As for me and my brother, we're both born on 13s but with 5 months in between.  A while ago, I often ended up looking at the time only to read "3:14".  Of course this smells like PI = 3.141592... but I just recently noticed that it can also read 4-13 if read reversed.  The interesting thing is that I just recently met someone (only once so far).  Her birthday ends up being on the 13th of November which is 11 months apart, but that curious 13 pops up again.  What's even more disturbing is that I got this strange feeling of looking for more 13s between us both and it just so ended up that the first time I had received any reply (via email) was on the 13th of September (4-13 odds?).  Not that much has happened since then besides meeting one another once in Sept, but her work and timing seems to push things back (Mere superstition?).

Speaking of superstition, another funny thing happened about a yea ago.  Last Christmas, I was coming back from Canada (visiting my family for Christmas) and to my great dismay, my firs plane was late and caused me to miss my second plane.  The catch-22 was that everyone at the counter for that company was GONE and there were no other flights home on that day.  Grumpily, I had to rent a room and take a flight the very next day.  As I got into the airport, a man was standing there giving free books out.  It was the "Behaved-Gita".  I systematically read a few pages of the book per night and it enlightened me on many things.  It basically made me look at another side of the "medal".  Things just seemed to make more sense.  It's like a confirmation that what you understood was it.  I mainly retained the facts and philosophy out of it.

As every circle meets its beginning, I went back to Canada this summer and stumbled upon more OOBE pages.  As I came into my folk house, I could hear a humble frequency in the air (it's the same as when you frown your head slightly except I didn't have to do that at that point to hear it).  I just felt the energy of the area and the more I read about OOBE, the more energy I could feel traversing my body.  On that night, I gave it a go.  The nice thing about my room at my folks is that it's pitch dark, the temperature is cold enough that you don't overheat but still require some blanket to keep warm so the temperature was pretty much perfect.  I ended up the first night stomped with a scenario where my heart seemed like it pounded insanely and thanks to Robert, I later found out that this was my heart Chakra beating.

Throughout the days, I consistently worked on projecting and had some interesting results although no real projection occurred.  I could feel the trantic state begin.  I could feel my body in a state of relaxation and could feel myself lifting upwards towards the ceiling.  It's felt as if an onion skin of the physical body was lifting upwards ever so slightly.  I felt as if I weighted less and I could also feel a form of petrification.  All along while the heart chakra pounded throughout the entire body.  The pulses were strong enough that I could feel it pretty much everywhere (eyes, heart, along the spine, ...).  I still have work to do on concentration and also on energy, but the feeling of "lifting" and the heartbeat combined with the feeling of being turned into stone was definitely intriguing enough for me to devour another book which I am looking forward to.

The unfortunate thing is that since I have been back home, I have a very difficult time reproducing anything.  Part of the problem is that the room is far from dark as light pierces through from various directions, but the most concerning thing is that my computer sits in my room and generates a constant noise.  I can typically ignore it for a good bit while meditating but it eventually pops back up after a few minutes although it does not while sleeping.  Concentration, again, seems to be lacking.  I'm also thinking that it's possible that I have used up my "reserve" which I had built up and that now I'm more or less depleted.

As such is my story.  I still have a lot to sort out and part of it I hope to find in the higher selves.  More and more, everyday, things seem to make more sense and things seem to talk to you.

Sorry for this ooper long rant, I promise my next posts will have a moderate length.

Looking forward to conversion with you(s),

Astral Energy 4
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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2004, 00:00:29 »

Hi Legend,

No need to apologise for the long into. Notice you have already are yourself busy and are enjoying exchanging ideas etc with other users.

All the best,

The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2004, 00:00:29 »

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