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Author Topic: Hi from bonnie Scotland! :)  (Read 733 times)
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« on: July 27, 2015, 23:00:04 »

Hi peeps,

I've been checking out and appreciating the forums for a while, so thought it was time I joined! I am very interested in my consciousness exploration, am a long term lucid dreamer and have more recently got into projection. While I need to be more consistent with practice, I've already had a few interesting experiences.

More recently, I had some vibrational state felt like electricity or high voltage suddenly flowing into my head (I relaxed into it, and there was a feeling of something floating up out of my body, but it was not my conscious awareness)...more recently I tried to rock myself out of my body, using the sensation of being in a rocking chair...this produced vibrations I could both feel and hear at the same time. So I believe I've been close to projecting from waking a few times recently. I had an interesting experience on an OBE retreat last year, having woken at 4AM and having gone back to bed, my astral/energy arm seemed to detach from my physical was an interesting physical sensation, almost like cramping slightly, it felt rigid like it was first time using it in some way...but I'm pretty sure I caught...for a split second...the sight of my fist, but made of light, from beneath my eye shades.

I've had two memorable lucid dream conversion one I became aware I was dreaming back in my bedroom from my younger days (I did have a very brief spontaneous OBE, or the start of one in this same bed). I remember feeling the windowsill in the room and noting how solid and real it felt, although I knew it was a dream. I lay on the bed and made the mental declaration "I wish to have a fully conscious out of body experience" and I recall feeling weird and experiencing some mild visual phenomena, but that was it. In a more interesting experience, I was flying in a dream over some fields. I suddenly became aware I was dreaming without any particular trigger, just a knowing. I stated "I wish to have a fully conscious out of body experience" and at that the flying dream imploded into blackness. I reemerged (not sure I was still lucid) in a London hotel room on an OBE course, talking to OBE author/teacher Graham Nicholls (had been reading his book and we had Skyped a little while before).

Last year, a friend's father died, this friend is one of my sister's very best friends. While were on good terms, the father and I, I can't say we were close in any way, I'd only met him a few times. I had been practicing the IAC's VELO technique and phasing quite regularly around this time, and one night (a few nights after he had died) I had a very unusual and vivid dream. In the dream I was in the living room of my family home, and this man was on the sofa. He seemed dazed, confused, drunk, not fully aware of where he was or what was going on. I instinctively fell the need to comfort and reassure him, I put my hand on hos forehead and tried to soothe him, and told him that he and his family would be fine. My sister told our friend this, and my friend said my description describes very well how he was the week before he died (maybe not that strange), but this experience was very atypical for a dream, although can't say I was lucid, but I can still recall it vividly now.

My most significant experience came after an IAC's CDP course. After the four day course, my mum and I went home on the train, quite a journey, and we didn't get home till 1AM. Ordinarily a long journey and getting back so late would have been tiring, but we were both charged up and very much awake (lots of deep relaxation and energy work time on the IAC course). Stranger still, we shared a bottle of wine on the way back, and this given the time should have put us in a relaxed stupor...but it barely touched the sides. I couldn't get to sleep until around 2:30 or so because I felt so awake. Sometime soon after falling asleep, I experienced a *very* vivid dream, absolutely life like in detail and clarity. In it my mum and I were driving in a car down bendy country roads late at night, it was pitch black bar the car headlights. As we were turning a sharp corner, I noticed a brick wall by the side of the road, and suddenly the car rapidly sped up and went out of it did so, in the dream, I felt a *very* tangible sensation of rapid acceleration...a very real, physical feeling! I have never experienced such a sensation in a dream ever before. The car spun out of control and was heading straight for this brick the speed we were going it felt like death was mum and I held hands as we hit, but as we hit this wall, we "broke on through to the other side", and to a completely different realm. It was light on the other side of the wall, a soft twilight kind of light, and I recall seeing this big beautiful sunset...but on closer inspection I realised it was not a sun at all, but a huge gas planet like Jupiter! An experience of incredible clarity, and didn't seem to be random and surreal in the way a dream is...seemed to symbolise some kind of death/rebirth experience? Had another brief near-OBE, while hungover, again my mum was in the dream, I was in some kind of trade show/market place, our eyes met and she smiled but it was very clear to me somehow that she did not recognise me as her that I became lucid and demanded to have an OBE...again there was a feeling of acceleration, nothing like as intense this time, and I flew down a corridor at very high speed, but at that the dream kind of spun out of control and I lost it.

Anyway, I'm trying to progress with projection practice, and I need (and am trying to be) more consistent with my practice, I still need to figure out methods that resonate well with me and persevere...the vast bulk of my practice has been at bedtime, which many say is one of the worse times to practice due to the constant threat of tiredness and slipping into unconsciousness, so I plan on practicing more in the early morning as I think this may assist my chances. While I find lucid dreams fascinating unto themselves, I do like the idea of inducing a projection from waking consciousness if I can.

I'm looking forward to reading up more about techniques and people's experiences here and think being connected to such a community will be a powerful motivator.

Wishing joyful mind explorations to all  smiley

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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2015, 00:58:39 »

Hi Samwise, its a nice place here and there's so much info to read.
You can search for specific things with the box at the top of the page, you should do this after hitting the HOME button first. This searches the whole site and not the particular section you're on.
Any questions will be answered when you have some.
Statistically, mornings are more productive, it isn't the same for everyone. They are my worst time of day BTW, so experiment with this.
The speed sense you feel should be worked on if possible, this is one way into the astral as reported by many.
Hope you enjoy your stay.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.
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« Reply #1 on: July 28, 2015, 00:58:39 »

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