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Author Topic: My Journey  (Read 9504 times)
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« on: May 05, 2011, 08:27:11 »

Greetings All

I found this forum site through a link from “Traveller” to “The Frank Kepple Resource” page.  I have been reading Frank’s sharing on that page, as well as his postings on this forum - for the last 2 or 3 days and am intrigued with how similar his attitude/attributes are to my own – although of course not identical.

It is quiet timely (no surprises there) and refreshing – sometimes it can seem a lonesome existence surrounded by like-minded people, so much like each other and so dissimilar to myself and my view on the world we live in, in relation to the invisible reality which is mostly ignored or wrongfully described.

I have had some experiences regarding OBE and ‘things that go *bump* in the night’ – strange and terrifying reality merges etc.

I have never brought back any data to my conscious F1 reality (my dominant reality) but have communed with aspects of the invisible realm for many years and what Frank has shared aligns with those communications and elaborates – it is like reading something which confirms much of the things I have learned to understand about a realm that an aspect of myself likely visits/resides regularly, yet, as I inferred, the information experienced therein does not register as memory with me in the dominant reality of this F1 – physical reality – so from that viewpoint I have never been ‘there’ but understand/know/accept its existence and my intimate relationship/connection to it.

I enjoy Franks accounts of his travels, his model is so like the way I have learned to understand it through intelligent analysis of my own experiences (limited as they be in comparison with his) and I am enjoying this fact because it is very much conformation for me that although I have never consciously been there, I pretty much have it nailed as to what it is about.

Of course, I have had other assistance in mapping out the ins and outs through personal experience, intuition, certain philosophy, communication and conformation through…coinciding events, synchronicity/serendipity.

I have incorporated my own brand of scientific research in piecing the puzzle together, but have approached it more from a religious angle than from scepticism or pure scientific curiosity or the - prove it right or see it as wrong – angle, essentially learning the understanding that I alone am ultimately responsible for my action/reaction/inaction within every given moment, and also that my approach, while different (slightly or radically) from another’s, is no more or less valid.

I am nearing the time for procedure into that unknown realm and am grateful for the sketchy maps made available by those who have chosen to share their personal resource.

It would good to have a place of potential in which to share my own journey, here in this forum.

In Love.


Think With The Heart - Feel With The Mind
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2011, 13:48:06 »

Welcome to the Pulse  cool

The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2011, 13:48:06 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2011, 15:08:09 »


be awesome.
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« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2011, 01:01:46 »

I am new here as well Welcome!

Todays topic is about how to heal others while astral projecting!

Twitter Account is foreverether join me and get updates daily
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Something Profound

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« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2011, 01:10:50 »

where might one find your astral blog?

pulse island?!   cheesy


be awesome.
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #4 on: May 06, 2011, 01:10:50 »

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« Reply #5 on: May 06, 2011, 01:10:56 »

Hey there Wi11iam!

Welcome aboard.  Smiley

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« Reply #6 on: May 06, 2011, 01:53:50 »

Thank You NoY , personalreality, AstralBlogger and Xanth for your welcomes.

  Focus 1, labelled by Robert Monroe as C1, is what we usually refer to as the physical or material world. For the duration of our physical lives, our Primary Focus remains Focus 1 (F1).Frank Kepple

We each and all have our journeys and indeed, are equal in the fact of our subjective experience.
Objectivity is a helpful tool for confirmation and alignment of testable theory.  It can also be an obstacle where ‘thoughts’ become ‘forts’ as groupings of like-minded attitudes congregate in a protective gesture to the agreed ‘precious thing’ which they will defend even to some bitter end-game, and even against logic, intelligence and proven truth.

This is not only a symptom of religion, but extends throughout the human drama embedded into our cultures, sciences, and politics. 

Ideally – and because we are ‘community’ creatures, objectivity will always remain open and fluid and attentive to changes.  We are all experiencing life on Earth as individuals – as the centre of our own subjective universe, yet we also share the same dominant reality with many, many others and as a primary focus, we are bound to experience friction and all other associated aspects of the spectrum ranging from minor disagreement to raging warfare.  It is our ‘lot’ and there is reason for this.

Where there is opportunity to share parts of individual stories, we would be remiss to ignore such, for we really are in this altogether, and truly no personality is an island, nor is it reasonable to think that what one may offer others, is a wasted effort…

So on with my own story…

I was born into this matrix (F1) in 1962, Otara, Auckland, New Zealand.
My first experience with the invisible realm ((F2F3F4)…) began when I started having extreme ‘nightmares’.
These eventually settled down as I became more focused on the dominant reality of F1.
My upbringing was for the most part dysfunctional. As a result I spent much of my time ‘daydreaming’ as a way of relief from such things as being ‘lower social economic’ ‘minority’ pushed around, ignored etc…
I used to run away from home on a regular basis – mostly for escape from my usual surrounds and also for adventure (Tom Sawyer/Robin Hood) Smiley
As I entered my teenage years, I got into minor trouble with the law and was removed from my neighbourhood and sent to live with relatives –Invercargill, South Island.

I left school as soon as it was legally possible.  Even now I don’t remember exactly how I learned to read and write – Mostly I day-dreamed and gazed out the classroom window…mostly I was a ‘loner’ observing and ignoring the groupings of others – ‘different’ enough to be noticed and when not challenged, bullied or beaten, left to my own self.
I never picked fights or sought attention, or got involved with sporting activities and social clubs. 
I was a stranger in a strange land.

My first positions of employment were on sheep and dairy farms, obviously suited to my particular personality – I think that I understood and connected with animals and felt far safer with them, than with the human variety.

This is not to say that I was antisocial/criminal or withdrawn from human contact – I was shy and hesitant to trust other humans but did not allow this to interfere with any potential forming of relationship/friendship, I remained friendly but had no real friendship’s to speak of.

I was always, and am still, very curious.

At the age of 18, while working on a sheep station as a ‘hired hand’ I met a person who was a nephew of the land-owner.  He was studying for university and would come to the station during his holiday periods, and we struck up a friendship.

During these times he would sometimes talk about his Christianity.   He was raised a Roman Catholic, in the traditional sense, but was coming from a more recent branch which was inclusive of Pentecostalism.

I myself was raised in a Protestant environment, and was aware of the stories associated with Jesus, ‘God’ etc…

Our philosophical/religious discussions I found interesting and thought provoking.  My new friend maintained that it was all very well knowing the stories about ‘God’ and Jesus, but that it was more important to have a personal relationship with these, and in order to do so, I needed to acknowledge my sin(s) and the fact that Jesus died for me because of those sins.

I had of course heard this story many times, but clearly I needed to make it personal, so one night with he and myself, I got on my knees in the small hut I slept in, and asked Jesus to forgive me and enter into my life and help me to be the person I needed to be.

At that instant I had a profound awareness of an invisible presence of at least two personalities entered that hut and from somewhere deep inside my being, a floodgate opened and tears flowed freely.

This was my second experience of the invisible realm (F2F3F4)

My third experience was some months after this.  I had left my job and moved to the North Island.  I was also seeing clear interaction between the invisible realm (F2F3F4) and this dominant reality (F1) through prayer/request to that realm and answers to those requests.

On this particular day, I was walking back to the place where I boarded.  It was very hot and humid and I was glad when I finally got home and lay on my bed.

I must have fallen ‘asleep’ pretty much immediately but did not realise it.  What I experienced was ‘dreaming’ the same hot day – I walked down the path to my home, entered through another door – witnessed a gathering of strangers disco dancing in the lounge area, though nothing of it – went to my room and lay on my bed.

As I lay down, thinking how hot it was – I suddenly became aware of a distinct heartbeat sound, to my left and near floor level.  At first I thought I was hearing things and then immediately had the sense of ‘something’ in the room with me.
As I realised this, the ‘something’ began to float upwards until it was level with the bed – heartbeat getting louder…I could sense that it was floating and at the moment I tried to turn my head to see what it was, it entered into my body through the left side.

At that point my whole body went rigid and I remember freaking big time and tried to bang my right leg against the wall hoping to attract the attention of my landlady – but I could not move a muscle.  I tried to scream.  No sound came out of my mouth but a whispered gargle.

At that point – near hysteria – I woke up.  I remember my eyes actually opening and everything was the same – same day, same sunlight/shadows coming into the room – etc…all that had changed was that I was no longer paralyzed.

Naturally, being a Christian I immediately thought I had been possessed.  This did not compute – it was not something I could reason with – I had not been mucking about with ‘occult’ things, I had been consistently praying and seeing answers to those prayers, I was certainly changing my direction in life and felt that it was for the better, so how come the Lord had allowed this to happen?

Well – I had been attending a small church group and decided to approach the pastor and tell him of this event.  He did not know what it was that I had experienced, but was convinced that it wasn’t ‘possession’ as I was not displaying the classical symptoms normally associated with ‘possession’.

The question remained unanswered and I moved on.

My next experience happened around the age of 22-23.

At this point in my life, I had moved back to the South Island, married with one child and had left the church due to seeing that the authority was more interested in preaching the imminent return of Jesus in all his glory on the one hand while trying to sell me life insurance on the other – among other things.

My beliefs were still centred on aspects of Christianity, but in examining Christendom I found no real common ground.

Due to the way things were unfolding, I found myself in a position where I felt I need to sincerely prove to myself the validity of my belief systems and began to think of myself as a ‘disciple’ and followed literally the instructions given in the Bible pertaining to selling all my possessions, doing without money and set off hitch hiking around the South Island stopping and praying in towns and cities a simple prayer along the lines of ‘Whatever it takes, may the Kingdom come in the lives, hearts and minds of the occupants.’

During these travels, my wife and child were provided for by the Gov. while I experienced first hand the amazing power of providence on a daily basis, carrying no more than a coat, spare pair of socks, toothbrush and a pen and some paper, stamps and envelopes, to keep my wife informed of my progress.

It was during this time on the road, I found myself in a very remote township.  It was near dusk and having no where to stay I found a Christian Hostel, but no one was there as it was off season.  I noticed a window slightly ajar and took the opportunity to enter the building thinking that if I were detected, they were Christians and would forgive me my trespass.

The room I entered in through the window had bunks and I jumped onto one of the top ones and promptly feel asleep.

Sometime later, I ‘awoke’ to the sound of a tin can rolling across the wooden floor of the main eating area and then heard footfalls of the person walking towards the room I was in and immediately thought it was the janitor coming in to fetch something.  I then wondered if I should get up and let him know I was in the building and then thought I would just remain on the bunk and see what would unfold.

Then there was the sound of the swinging doors opening and the footfall got louder and suddenly stopped directly outside of my room.  The door to my room opened inwards and was open at the time, and the particular bunk I chose to sleep in was in a position where my line of sight was blocked by the open door.

At this point I thought it was very strange that someone would stop directly in the doorway of the room I was in, and was about to get up to see when I was suddenly held down by a strong invisible presence and as soon as this happened, I heard the classic ‘deep evil laugh/chuckle’ coming from the presence at the doorway.

I immediately came to the conclusion that this was the ‘Devil’, and that this harassment had everything to do with my ‘pilgrimage’ – that being my recent actions around the island.

I managed to turn my head slightly in the direction of the presence and with great effort to talk at all I managed a garbled “I’m not afraid of you, because Jesus is my Lord!” no sooner having got that out than the pressure on my body left and my eyes opened and I immediately jumped out of bed and went to the doorway to confront my adversary – only to find that there was nobody there.
At this point I was totally pumped – I went out into the main hall area and there was a clock on the wall and the hands read 1:11.

I do think a lot of these notions of gods and angels etc have come about by people who have made contact with those residing in our Wider Reality without knowing exactly what was happening. They then proceeded to interpret the situation according to their pre-defined beliefs. Frank Kepple

Think With The Heart - Feel With The Mind
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« Reply #7 on: May 06, 2011, 23:55:34 »

If you want to know who created the universe, I have been reliably informed that it was us!
Frank Kepple

My experience in travelling around had forced my focus to the fact that there was ‘something’ (I called it “God”) which interacted intelligently with the physical world and was able to direct the unfolding events – in my time away from the direct assistance of the system through the use of money I had experienced being watched over/looked after and this in turn allowed me to realise and interact with that providence, and learn unusual things which captivated my focus of attention – connecting the dots…

Many months after my experience in the Christian Youth Hostel, my wife and child and I moved from the East coast (Christchurch) to the West coast – to a small village of around 200 permanent residents.  The year was 1986-1987.
We rented a small house.  I had stopped my hitch hiking and was receiving the family dole.  Work was scarce.

During this time my next experience occurred – while I have had more experiences since this one, this is the one which has had the most profound affect on me, and is responsible for major shifts in my belief systems since.

I ‘awoke’ and noticed in our child’s room directly opposite, blue, ‘electric’ type light flickering through the glass doors which separated the two rooms.  The light was reminiscent of the same effect used in Star Trek to do with the transporter.

I immediately felt concerned and went to get up to investigate, only to find myself ‘held down’ by that same invisible presence/force.
At that moment I heard the same deep evil laugh I had heard in my previous experience and moved my eyes in the direction of the sound, to see the most frightening thing I have ever experienced.

The apparition was at the end of the bed, on my side and was short with grey hued skin.
It was dressed in lose fitting grey material reminiscent of a robe and had its arms crossed over its chest area – left arm over right.
It had very long skinny fingers.
Its face was etched with wrinkles – and gave me the distinct impression that this being was very ancient.

My own reaction was a curious mix of emotions.  I could feel my physical body react with unprecedented fear – the hackles were raised and I am positive that had it been able, it would have been clawing at the walls trying to escape what it was obviously seeing as a paramount threat to survival.

My conscious awareness was reacting with what can only be honestly described as pure hate.
Hate is a symptom of fear.  It manifested itself as bravery – or more specifically as ‘putting on a brave face’ or ‘being strong in the face of adversity’.

Because of my belief systems at that time, I believed that the apparition was the ‘devil’ or more specifically “Lucifer” and I immediately focused that brave hatred towards it and the expressions I tried to speak (in this state of paralysis it is very hard to even move the mouth) I garbled:

“What do you want, you ugly bastard”

At that point the apparition began to float toward me – down the side of the bed.  Of course I couldn’t see its legs but the motion was definitely one of levitating rather than walking.
As the apparition moved closer to me I continued:

“Oh – sorry…even you have a Father.”  (sarcasm)

At this point, the apparition began to reach out with its left arm – very deliberately intent on touching my forehead – it was very close to me and I could see every detail of its face and its fingers – definitely an ancient being – and not of this Earth…

As I realised that the being intended to touch me, the very thought of this created a rush of intense anger – how DARE it (or anything) touch me without my permission!
With extreme effort, fuelled by the anger, I continued:

“You can leave right NOW!”

On the word “NOW!”, with every ounce of my strength, I managed to move my head/upper body up and towards the beings face – and for that brief moment we were directly face to face.

Then I ‘awoke’ sitting up and the apparition had vanished.

I immediately went to our child’s room and he was sleeping soundly.  Everything was fine.

So that is the outline of the experience, which couldn’t have lasted more than a minute, and likely not even that.

Now to the specifics.

While I was behaving as I was, when this creature began to reach out to touch me, I was looking at it directly in the eyes and at this point we were only arms length away from each other and I saw/recognised in those eyes an unmistakeable Love.


What can I say…?  Well I can say this, that in that moment, whatever my attitude/intention towards this being was, ITS intention was one of profound love for me.  I just knew – it looked into me – to the very heart of who I am and I ‘knew’ in that instant that this being loved me, knew me – more than I loved or knew myself and that there was no other intent on the part of that being in relation to me, than pure love.

This was milliseconds before I lifted my body up and faced off.

Then it was over.

As one could imagine, the paradox of the whole situation – my presumptions and reactions so full of hate and anger and fear…and this Ancient Grey Being with the deep loving eyes but the ability to control my body movements and even enhance my fear by laughing in an evil way…it took literally years for me to piece together a rational and honest explanation for that one event which happened in a few moments of time.

I could not reconcile the perceived evil with the undeniable, unconditional -  Love.

My next experience happened the following night…

The people who are engaged in the religious constructs are the ones caught lower down, which is kind of ironic when you think about it. This is the main reason why I, personally, detest any kind of fundamentalist religion. These kinds of belief constructs are presented within the physical as a boon to progression in the non-physical, when in fact they turn out to be a barrier.
Frank Kepple
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Think With The Heart - Feel With The Mind
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« Reply #8 on: May 08, 2011, 00:06:22 »

Hi William, these are some impressive experiences, and you have found the right forum to share them! 
Welcome to the Astral Pulse! smiley

Some things have to be believed to be seen ~ Ralph Hodgson
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« Reply #9 on: May 08, 2011, 15:35:14 »

Wow. That was breathtaking. I look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome to the Pulse. Smiley

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« Reply #10 on: May 08, 2011, 23:13:05 »

Hi Timandra and manwesulimo2004

–   Thank you for your comments and welcome – I too hope that Astral Pulse is the right place to share these experiences – it certainly seems so in relation to the ‘maps’ others have shared which I have read here.  Certainly – if my ‘maps’ are beneficial to anyone else using this medium, then it will prove to be the right place to be sharing them.  Cheers! Smiley

  The purpose of the physical universe is to experience objective reality. Frank Kepple

…the following night I ‘awoke’ once again in a state of paralysis.
Immediately I felt invisible hands grab my wrists and pull me strait up and out of my body.  Once I was in a vertical position, my arms were placed over my chest, in the same position as I had seen the Ancient Grey Being hold its arms – left over right, crossing at the chest.
Immediately my arms were thus crossed, the invisible hands let go of my wrists and I felt myself floating above the bed.
I did not feel fearful at all – I felt quiet buoyant and rather amused and thought I would try to do something with this situation.
I thought to myself ‘what should I do now’ and decided to go take a look in my child’s room, to see how he was.
As soon as I thought this, I started to float sideways across the bed towards the left hand side and as I cleared the bed I felt myself start to float slowly towards the floor…and as soon as my feet touched the floor, I awoke, - back in my bed.

Now some years later I relayed this experience to my dad, who told me that it had happened to him once as well and that it had scared him silly and that the grip on his wrists had been so intense that it had left actual red marks around them which took many days to fade.
As well, I have spoken to one of my brothers more recently and this has happened to him too (apart from the physical marks on the wrists).

Note: I was at work this morning thinking about things and I realise there were a couple of experiences I had before the ‘visitation’ of the Ancient Grey Being – It was my intention to keep them in chronological order – but nvm – I will continue with that now…
… The actual 3rd experience I had (that I recall), happened when I was around 18-19 years old – I had come back from the North Island and had been involved with a Pentecostal church group for about a year.

I was at this time, in a rather dejected state.  I had spoken to a few people about my experience in the North and no one was able to give me any kind of explanation and I began to feel certain that the pastors/elders of my church group were more like used car salesmen than sincere enlightened individuals.
I know that the crunch came for me when on top of everything else, the pastor ( a recent replacement) had been accused of ‘misappropriate teaching of young women’ in the previous church group he had been pastor of.

I spent the next few weeks alone in my room and only left to go to work.
Actually, this time alone was real good for me – it gave me a chance to focus my thoughts without any interference from outside blah blahs.
I remember buying a model Mack truck (the ‘Rubber duck’) and spending a good amount of time putting it together and it was near perfect by the time I had completed it.
It was during this alone-time that I experienced that head buzzing electric feeling accompanied by paralysis and as freaky as it was, I couldn’t fight it and had to let it happen.
This happened a few times over this period and eventually I decided to just leave things behind and move on.
Unfortunately, my flatmates – both members of the same church group – had grave concerns as to my locking myself away in my room and when I just up and left with my back pack and guitar in case, well they decided to call in reinforcements and caught up with me, took my gear off me and took it back to their place and came back to fetch me only to find the police speaking with me and a couple of major big windows in the background with great holes in them from where I had thrown the rocks through.

So needless to say, I didn’t get to go north – I got to go for psychiatric assessment and court proceedings and was diagnosed with depression and ‘had’ to go through a series of residential courses to get to the bottom of my problems and sort myself out. The course was voluntary – but I had nothing else to do and was interested in things to do with psychiatry and wanted to understand what was happening to me.

I was placed on anti-depressants and took these for about 2 months and then decided to take myself off them.  I haven’t needed them since, and don’t know if they were helpful or not.

It is likely quiet obvious that I was wondering as to WHY these things were happening to me, and WHY my beliefs were not protecting me from something which seemed like horrible attacks from dark ‘things’.

Okay – fast forward a few years but still prior to the 1st and 2nd encounter with the Ancient Grey Being…

Oh…I want to keep my posts as short as possible while still trying to convey enough info in them – so I will share that experience in my next post.



  The best we can do is to focus on the love and positivity than can arise from such painful moments, providing we give them a chance to do so. Frank Kepple


Think With The Heart - Feel With The Mind
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« Reply #11 on: May 10, 2011, 23:40:12 »

  I should point out here that recent exploration has provided me with evidence that our desires and mental attitudes DO directly influence our physical reality to a far greater extent than previously thought; indeed our physical circumstances are DIRECTLY LINKED to our particular desires and attitudes.
Frank Kepple

So to the experience I mentioned in my last post.
This experience dealt with the subject of duality.
Long story short – I had decided that this inner ‘battle’ was doing no great thing to help my progress.

I asked my ‘God’ to remove the ‘dark side’ of my personality.  I remember the internal dialog stating that should I do this then ‘I’ would die too (meaning the ‘light side’ to which I desired to support and integrate fully into/as my personality..
I remember replying to this that I was prepared to die if that is what it took to rid myself of this ‘darkness’.
What I was ‘asking’ was for that which I felt detrimental to this process to be removed
After this ‘prayer/request’ I went to bed. (this was during my travels on the road and I was staying overnight at a friends place)

The experience:

As I lay thinking about what I had asked, I suddenly felt as if a dial was being turned within my consciousness and my head immediately started to fell as if it were expanding – indeed – as the expansion got to its zenith, the inside of my head felt as big/roomy as an empty airport hanger – huge but also kinda flat – like things went 2 dimensional and the depth wasn’t quiet there and as huge as the ‘space’ felt – it also felt that I could reach an arm out and touch the far wall.– it was an okay feeling – and lasted only briefly before the ‘dial’ turned and things went  back to normal…but did not stop at that.

At this point, I heard my thought-voice say to me “Don’t worry Little Bird” – and I must admit my heart rate went up a notch or two as I descended into a thickness/density which immediately reminded me of long forgotten feelings I had had as a child, which were part of my nightmares.

As this feeling reached its submersed level, I felt as if I were a stick man encased within flesh – my hands felt just like two balloons (thanks PF) and I even opened my eyes to have a look at them, only to see that they were in fact quiet normal, but even looking and seeing this, they still felt huge and puffy. 

Again, this feeling/situation only lasted as briefly as the first and the ‘dial’ turned back to ‘centre’ position and I again felt ‘normal’ and lay awake thinking of what had happened and wondering what it all meant, while thinking that the goal had been accomplished – actually kidding myself that it had, but knowing that the ‘dark side’ was still there.

I slept soundly and awoke refreshed and said my farewells and hit the road…all the time thinking about my strange experience.

Now I could end this here, but think it might be a good idea to share a bit more of the unfolding day, since I have mentioned in  my intro post regarding coinciding events, synchronicity/serendipity…part and parcel of life’s experiences…

But I will be brief.

I stood on the roadside contemplating the last nights experience and wondering about it.

A short while later, a little old lady in a little old car pulled over and offered me a ride.
Of course, I accepted and got in and buckled up – I then heard bird singing and turned around to see a little bird in a cage on the back seat.

Ah “Little Bird”

We got talking and this little old lady was quiet the spiritual personality.

She picked up another hiker.  We got talking and I told them of my travels and how I didn’t use money and how ‘things just worked out on a daily basis.’

The lady dropped us off sometime later – we said our thank you’s and good byes and prepared to start walking to the open road when behind us came a voice saying ‘are you guys heading for Christchurch?”

A very cool looking guy with a very cool looking car – gassing up he had seen us being dropped off and was offering us a ride.

We accepted – on the continuing journey the guy asked me to pick some music from his large collection and I randomly selected a tape.
We had been talking about ‘spiritual’ things and there was a time of silence while we listened to the music and my thoughts were on last nights experience and what it might mean, as well as the name ‘Little Bird” and the old lady who gave me a ride and about my journeys and the things I was experiencing and learning from and I started to think that what had happened last night had something to do with ‘being at peace within oneself’ and instead of ‘dark/light’ fighting against itself, that maybe the ‘two’ should be one and learn to get on…that kind of thing..and then this songs starts playing over the stereo about a brother and sister sorting things out… and I am thinking ‘wow wow wow’ and pretty much being blown away, and while listening and thinking about this, I turned my attention to the view outside the window – over the plains to the distant foothills and further away mountains and there was the cloud shape incorporated into the landscape and an image of a large eye looking directly at me… right there in line with my thought that I am being watched over…looked after, mentored…

So the trip ended with the cool guy dropping us of in Cathedral Square, Christchurch.  I then immediately decided to walk around the Cathedral ( I often walked around ‘important’ city building/areas as part of my symbolic activity during my travels) and as I completed the circuit of the Cathedral and stood on the front steps, the bells started chiming out – ding ding ding ding ding for at least a full minute.

Hmmm…said I to myself…a strange and wonderful day…

  As I always say, the only way a person can “prove” experiences to himself or herself is to gain knowledge of an action that is unconnected with themselves.  Frank Kepple


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  With regards to F1, we are primarily FOCUSED on our physical bodies and we perceive and interact with the physical world through them but we are in no way INSIDE our bodies. Frank Kepple

So shifting forward many years now – lets see…nearly 40 years old by then… 2002 – My life circumstance has shifted radically.

I am no longer with my wife and child…ah…I should say – Children.

I am at a point where nothing makes sense and everything I have done seems to have been pointless because I am no closer to understanding the nature of the invisible realm in relation to my own and that, while yes – I did ask/invite this invisible reality into my own, I have been living in sanity ever since and the grief and anguish and feelings of violation and trying to make sense of it have taken its toll on my relationships with family and friends and acquaintances – I felt betrayed by the very things I had chosen to believe in.
So I left them all behind.

I went through a ‘numb the pains with alcohol and marijuana’ stage which really lasted a few years.

I meet someone who called herself a ‘white witch’ and we struck up a friendship.  She was a bit of an oddity among her friends/family etc and we bounced off each others experiences and she introduced me to the Tarot and Runes.

I introduced her to my belief in ‘God’

She had a sister who owned an old small hall out country and we went to live there – it was such a great place to learn to heal and indeed to learn…

It was at this place that I awoke one day not long after we moved there and told my partner that I was going to make a Ouija board.

She asked me why I wanted to make one and I replied that I couldn’t make sense of this world and communicate effectively with ‘the living’ so maybe I will get better results communicating with ‘the dead’.

On that note I set about thinking on the layout, and designing, settling on the medium (see ‘material’) I would use to make the board, as well as what exactly I would put on the object.
Obviously I was creating a device for communication but had never used one before and had only heard what they were used for and likely had seen pictures of them.
As well as this, I had heard about them through my religious church going days and warned against them, as they were a ‘tool of the devil’, harbouring unsavoury ‘spirits’ which easily attached/anchored themselves to the perpetrator.

Come to think of it, the Tarot had a similar reputation.

I decided on mirror glass as the medium and set about etching a design on the back of the mirror.  It did not take very long to complete.
To be on the ‘safe side’ we took the finished item down to a place where two streams flowed into each other and there ‘baptised’ it, held it up to the blessings of the sun, and later, the full moon, then set about communicating.

I won’t get into the details here and now, except to say that over the months we communicated with some interesting personalities, and were taught a great deal in the process.

All of which relates directly to the ‘Astral’ – or what I call the Invisible Realm.

I eventually called the Mirror Glass Ouija’s Universal Intelligence Communications Device(s) mostly out of respect for that which were being communed with.
Also, to distance these from the awful reputation of ‘Ouija’ boards – truly a hideous    use of misinformation.

I saw much and learned much through the ‘Ouija Principle’ – a science worthy of a far closer look, is my experience.

One of the teachings I will mention now had to do with increasing the amount of available expressions able to be used within the context of intelligent information.
I was encouraged by my teachers to etch symbols all over the back of the mirror and all the symbols were assigned meaning which was far more useful for the intelligence to utilise in order to get a clear message across – better I know, than a simply alphabet, a yes, no and maybe, and numbers.

Another thing I will mention is that the lessons were not always very easy, and sometimes were an emotional rollercoaster – there was indeed, much work then to be done with me.

Ultimately – after a few years I was informed that I had indeed and all along, been communicating with myself.

Just that the ‘I’ I knew my ‘self’ to be, had not been aware of the “I” that I truly am.

Here I will state that I never once encounted so-called ‘negative spirits’ or had anything bad happened to me in relation to use of Ouija.
Nor did I ever go through motions of ‘protection’ rituals and although we did light candles occasionally, these were because we like candles and didn’t need them for anything other than ambience…these devices could be used in the dark – indeed they look great backlit.

I made a number of the UICDevices over the years.  I don’t use them as frequently as I used to because I found a way to transpose the Ouija Principle to the computer, which has speed things up a great deal.

Still, while the principle is a good learning device as well as a device of confirmation, I use it sparingly because I have ‘the voice in my head’ to commune with and intuition and self trust and as many other mediums, including but not limited to the internet, which is indeed a reflection of that Invisible Realm in more ways than one.

Interestingly, I see the internet and computers as being very Ouija-like when combined.

Next I would like to share some ‘out of body’ experiences I have had since incorporating the Ouija Principle into my realm of experience.

  Note: One of the most fundamental rules of the Wider Reality that you must take on board is the rule of 'Like attracts Like'.
Frank Kepple

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I made a number of the UICDevices over the years.  I don’t use them as frequently as I used to because I found a way to transpose the Ouija Principle to the computer, which has speed things up a great deal.

Still, while the principle is a good learning device as well as a device of confirmation, I use it sparingly because I have ‘the voice in my head’ to commune with and intuition and self trust and as many other mediums, including but not limited to the internet, which is indeed a reflection of that Invisible Realm in more ways than one.

Interestingly, I see the internet and computers as being very Ouija-like when combined.

I always enjoy reading your posts. Sounds like you've been through a lot. I'd be interested in hearing more about how you use your computer and what your thoughts are on the relationship between the internet and the invisible realm. Maybe you could start a new thread?

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I always enjoy reading your posts. Sounds like you've been through a lot. I'd be interested in hearing more about how you use your computer and what your thoughts are on the relationship between the internet and the invisible realm. Maybe you could start a new thread?

Thanks for your feedback manwesulimo2004 (do you have a ‘nick’ name?)
I aim to answer anyone’s Q’s and discuss in more detail aspects of what I am sharing in my ‘maps’ here, should anyone ask.
I have just a couple more maps to share before I get distracted in the details, so bear with me and hopefully continue enjoying my offerings Smiley.
I may be able even to give you clarification as I write – I certainly want to share in more detail the very aspects your Q’s relate to.


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  Now, because I am noticing as opposed to avidly trying to perfect and follow some technique or method, in the traditional sense, my full attention is taken by the simple act of noticing.
Frank Kepple

My interest in ‘Astral’ obviously had to do with those early ‘rude awakenings’ – it happened and **it happens, so deal with it!
So the topic was discussed/mentioned on numerous occasions in relation to my communicating with that realm.
During those early days I was encouraged to try many things, and ‘leaving the body’ was one of those things.  I had no access on ‘how to’ books and at that time in space I did not have internet and the net was relatively ‘new’ and not many people were using it (as compared to 2011.)
Besides which, the personalities I was communing with were more than adequate for training purposes and general insight.

So – because the subsequent experiences happened to me over the next few years, I will just say what they were in no particular order.

I awoke one night, finding myself in the main area of the hall I was living in.  Beside me in a reclined position, facing me, was my then partners recently deceased
Zottweiler dog, “Zac”
Now Zac was mentioned in numerous occasions during our communications, once extremely humorously – but I won’t relate that for now.

What I will relate is that with Zac being ‘dead’ I was not surprised to see him, but I was surprised how we were both floating near the (high) ceiling, and revolving slowly as well!

Just looking at each other.

Then I woke up.

Another time, I awoke to see a portal type circle about the size of a large dinner plate, just floating above the bed and coming out of this portal was a woman’s face, very detailed yet also holographic.
This image had her head turned and she was looking down toward my then partner sleeping next to me.

I couldn’t help myself and reached my arm out and wiggled my fingers into the image, and she turned her head to look at me.  I smiled at her then woke up.

Or did she disappear?


Another time, I awoke (I laugh…I start off with “I awoke” and finish off with “I woke up” – but I know that you know what I “mean”) Cheesy

This time I was awake (“awake”) and I heard the heavy footfall’s of what I immediately knew was a dog.
The dog was downstairs and immediately started running up the stairs towards our bedroom.
I was laying there listening to this and knowing we no longer had a dog
So there was a dog in the house – rather large – and bounding up the stairs – there was no door and the dog simply sprang onto the bed, and then climbed up on my chest and sat there looking down into my eyes.
I looked back and can tell you that the dog was smiling down at me.  I certainly knew that it meant me no harm.
Be that as it may, there it was and I could feel its weight – any more heavier and I may have had issues…but bearable under the circumstances.
So the dog was pure black – long-haired, bright eyed and busy tailed.  (well I don’t recall seeing a tail from my position,  but hey, it goes with the breed(s)!)
It reminded me of Husky, Alsatian, Boarder Collie, and a slight hint of wolf.

So if I am underneath, then in dog-world that equates to I am the ‘under-dog’ (I wasn’t thinking that then, just thought about it now.)
So here is yet another act of violation from that realm!  Well, I was getting used to it and it was harmless enough really…a bit of fun and I enjoyed those visitors so much I asked if I could commune with them over the UICD and so added some more friends to my list.

I caledl them “Penny-Tuppence” and …you know I forgot what I called the dog!  It will come to me.  It has been a while since we all last communed…actually come to think of it, I communed more about them than with them – but something else about that realm is that every ‘thing’ is of the same ‘thing’ – so talk with one, talk with all – befriend one, befriend all.

I am not sure what happened then – Toby (the dog – I remember now) – that whole experience then morphed into another – same place – I was lying there in bed and heard the sound of many voices coming from downstairs where people were having a bit of a party.
I got up to have a look (don’t know what happened to Toby) and from where I stood I was looking down over quiet a few people.  They were chatting away together.  Then I noticed a Grey.

Now, in relation to the Invisible Realm, I had brought up the subject of Extraterrestrials, in particular, ‘The Greys’ – which again would be an obvious thing for me to do, due to previous experiences…and yes I got to speak with 2 representatives of that aspect…and here I spotted one in my own lounge!.

As soon as I became aware of her, she ‘ran’ into the kitchen area and I headed down the stairs after her.
I was curious.
So when I got to the kitchen I found myself in a maze of sorts – different doors, leading through different areas – outside – inside – I remember going past a row of jail cells at one point and then finally came into an open theatre type area, where I became distracted for a moment at people setting up the stage and then I was suddenly in a mall and back on the trail of the Zeta Reticuli lass.

She was playing a kind of hide and seek with me and briefly showing herself before ducking away – I eventually cornered her in the toy department – yeah sure! 

Perfect place for her to hide.  evil

Then I woke up. Smiley

Another apparition I had, waking up and seeing a huge and extremely well designed metallic cybernetic looking spider, just hanging there upside down on the ceiling (the way spiders do) and I had the strong impression that as soon as it was aware that I had noticed it, it scuttled gracefully backwards into a fog and disappeared (“I wasn’t here and you didn’t see me”) Smiley

There is one last experience I wish to share…soon.

  They are usually referred to as Helpers.
Frank Kepple


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  What I am saying to you is how it is, as far as I can tell. Frank Kepple

This last experience actually was the last experience of this nature that I have had, to date [150511]

This time it started with the head buzzing entry into Hypnagogia, and my awareness increased within this state.
As it did so, I was excited with the prospect of leaving my body because I had been making every effort to focus on this and, having been ‘out’ at least once in my conscious memory, I knew that it was possible but rather than having some’thing’ else pull me out, I wanted to do it ‘free will’ style.

Now my partner (now former) had recently given me a message she had been given in a dream.  “Tell William to bend at the knees” – Huh?  What did it mean - that I was to submit?
Quiet appropriate really, but I certainly was at a stage where I was comfortable and mostly unafraid of this ‘unknown territory’ and now here I was on the brink of discovery but while I could feel myself trying to leave the body, I couldn’t quiet make it so, and then I remembered the dream message and so I bent my knees and wouldn’t you know it!

There was an audible click sound and I immediately left my body and it was basically free floating above my bed in a reclined position – maybe 6 or so inches above.
My arms were outstretched to the sides, and feet together.

“Okay guys, now what?” and no sooner had I asked than I began to float slowly towards the ceiling and then through it and into the space between the ceiling and the roof.

I could see the timbers and cobwebs and dust etc…I actually felt myself go through the ceiling and heard a sound (hard to describe) in association with going through the ceiling.

I was heading for the roof, and went through that – I can still remember emerging through the corrugated roof iron, seeing the whole experience, and the hearing the sound of passing through the roof.

I could see the stars distinctly, all around and above – I am a stargazer and I can say that I have never seen the stars quiet like I was seeing them at that moment – indeed, everything seemed more real.  Yet here I was, observing reality – and it seemed more real. !

Crystal clear clarity – not of the intellectual kind (I did not know WHY I could see more clearly)– like my sense of sight had been greatly enhanced.

…so I am floating above the hall out country, and having a most wonderful experience.

So I say “what now guys?” and I immediately get the sensation of flying backwards (I am still in a reclined position) and watching as I see the hall (home) recede and I am now moving upwards and a slight angle – heading towards the mountains – I start to panic a little and that was enough to zip me right back into my body where I awoke.

Now this would have happened about 5 or 6 years ago now, and I have not tried to leave my body, and have not experienced sleep paralysis, been pulled out of my body by some invisible hands around my wrists, or other such things to do with OOBE’s.

I have experienced apparitions of sorts – not ‘human’ but more like as I wake up from a dream, I see something in the room which normally isn’t there and I have come to see that this is an overlap of realities – what I have been experiencing in dreams overlaps with my ‘wake-world’ and I am momentarily confused, or amazed etc.

So those at least are the sum-total of my experiences/connections regarding the Invisible Realm. 

In my next post, I would like to sum up what it all ‘means’ to me and what I have learned about the Invisible Realm, (having never really ever been ‘there’ consciously) and what my Invisible Friends have informed me regarding this set of kingdoms with a Kingdom.

  The reality is that all these other 'planes/worlds', including the physical, are in fact part and parcel of one entire spectrum of consciousness, intertwined. I call the totality of our consciousness, when everything is included together, as the Wider Reality.
Frank Kepple


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  One of the great benefits of knowing how the Wider Reality is organised is when you die, you know exactly where you are and exactly what to do.  Frank Kepple

Well here in this thread, these are the sum total of my OOB related experiences. 

I have kept them in the one place – and chose to continue in the new members thread as it seemed to be the only forum available for this.
It would be great to see an area which is dedicated for the use of members sharing their experiences in their own thread.

I always enjoy reading your posts. Sounds like you've been through a lot. I'd be interested in hearing more about how you use your computer and what your thoughts are on the relationship between the internet and the invisible realm. Maybe you could start a new thread?

So back to your question manwesulimo – I will share a little more on the processes regarding the Ouija Principle and how it evolved from my “Universal Intelligence Communications Device” through using a mirror glass and etching symbols on the back, to being able to achieve the same result (communication) through using computer.

However, now would be a good time to explain that when first developing and using the UICDevice then proceeding with communication to and from the Invisible Realm, I connected with a variety of Entities and all of the teaching I received filled me with a realisation that their was intelligence and thus purpose re ‘existence’ and that realisation refreshed my purpose while also showing more than a few flaws with my belief systems at the time – (and in the process, expanded some of them.)

A few months into this regular contact through the UICD, My then partners Sister (she owns the hall we lived in) who visited once a month – she herself lived in Christchurch…this one time brought with her a cutting from an esoterical magazine, because she saw a connection and wanted to share it with me.
The article was on a recent website which had a very interesting story about the very things we had been learning of and communicated to through.

The site was called WingMakers.

The thing that most grabbed my attention was the use of symbols for communication which were an integral part of the WingMakers story.

After reading the article immediately I contacted my learned friends on the UICDevice and asked if they had anything to do with the WingMakers Story.

The answer was “Yes – Absolutely!”

Of course, I knew that they had to have, so close was the WingMakers story to that which we had been learning from our invisible friends.

Nowadays the whole WingMakers story and site are regarded in the main to be nothing more than yet another hoax, but I knew/know differently.

For example, the Webmaster Mark Hemple, is believed to be the instigator of the hoax and that he made it all up and may have been a part of a team of people who created the whole thing as and exercise in human psychology.

For me, it didn’t matter – even if that was the case.  I knew only too well that even if this rumor were true, and Mark had made it up, he (and the team) got his inspiration from the Invisible Realm.

For me it was another conformation.

Quiet some time later I decided to buy a computer and go on the net – this was a year or so before September 11 and the attack on the World Trade Complex.
One of the first things I did was to make contact with Mark.

Through this, a forum was created and attracted some interesting characters.
Unfortunately, my story wasn’t very well received, mainly due to the Ouija aspect which I received a great deal of criticism and mockery from some of the members and ignored by others.  No lasting connections were made from those days.

It was a great learning curve for me though and I can say this much – that the individuals to whom I connected with and communicated with through the UICDevice were by and far the more intelligent and sincere personalities in comparison to those on the internet.

To be fair, they have the advantage of their far broader view on what IS.

I haven’t gotten involved with any forums for a while.  The original WMForum was unmoderated but unfortunately this in itself created the predictable results but had its advantages as far as learning to navigate personal attacks, pretence friendships, and every other form of human interaction including the fact that the individuals themselves were ‘invisible’ to each other and this allowed for skulduggery at a new level.

Be that as it may, the primary reason we wanted an unmoderated medium was to do with the overall philosophies of the WingMakers and the individuals responsibility for his/her own actions and reactions.

Unfortunately the WingMakers story didn’t capture the imaginations of many to the point where they wanted to stop and talk awhile, as it were – and some of the individuals posting were just too into flaming and disruptive/distracting, with nothing to temper their behaviour other than how the other members might react in order to encourage the offending to cease.

Eventually I left the forum, and indeed the internet.

If it had taught me anything, it was certainly how to deal more effectively with others in the ‘real world’ of face to face interaction.

More recently I have been following a ‘yearning’ to hook up with like-minded individuals and am always on the lookout, so when I came across Franks writing re his experiences, well I could tell immediately that I had found a fellow.

Of course what I have found is an echo of his passing through and staying on awhile, as well as an opportunity to post my own shorthand version of my experiences which connect with Franks telling reports, unmoderated – in the sense that I have the intent to share what I can here without purposeful offensiveness etc…

So back to what I see in relationship to the Ouija Priciple and the computer.  The computer screen is the ‘talking board’ and the mouse is the pointer…(planchette.)

As to how I developed the Ouija Principle so I could use it with the computer, it comes down to what I called the Principle of Randomness, which is to say, ‘there is no such thing as randomness…it does not exist.

This is something I learned through my teachers via UICDevice in relation to the way my life is unfolding and the things I have learned about serendipity/synchronicity/providence.

The scientists, sceptics are somewhat correct regarding their assessments of the Ouija principle, however, they haven’t of course taken all things into consideration although they argue that they have taken enough into consideration to come up with reasons to assert their opinions are enough to draw conclusive evidence on the walls of their defences (forts/thoughts).


I will explain in more detail the ‘Random Principle’ and how I use this with the help of my computer software as a platform for communication with the Invisible Realm.

In my next post I will share an example of the result of this method from my most recent communication.

  It is only when you look at the situation from the point of view of a scientist trying to objectively make sense of it all that you realise the simple reason of why this effect comes about.
Frank Kepple


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.Okay I wrote that a couple o’ years ago…kinda rushed by the look – but I understand what I was trying to convey and think it should be clear enough to most readers…maybe not.
But hey!  It is what we are processing and discussing right in this moment… “Free!  Free! Free!”

: )


  Gift FSN:

Your freewill is not taken from you; it is merely united with my/our own. In the deepest chamber of my existence issues the will to expand, explore, unite, synthesize, and in so doing, reveal yet another layer of my/our purpose. What is this purpose you ask? It is not expressible in a language that you can now understand, but it is related to the concepts of universe discovery and self-evolution. It is the expansion and synthesis of cosmic experience. WingMakers Material

  .Interesting for sure in this context.  This is in relation to my understanding of Frank K re:  Focus 4…worth C&P’n

1) The Wider Reality: An overview of Frank's model

More traditional mystical approaches tend to refer to all the 'astral worlds', 'planes' and the like, that are meant to exist beyond our physical world. The reality is that all these other 'planes/worlds', including the physical, are in fact part and parcel of one entire spectrum of consciousness, intertwined. I call the totality of our consciousness, when everything is included together, as the Wider Reality. As we are primarily focused on the physical world, we only really perceive the physical. This leads us to think that the rest of the Wider Reality is somewhere else. This is incorrect. The Wider Reality is in fact ALL here, the crucial factor is that we have chosen to focus our awareness into a specific area of that entire spectrum of consciousness for the purpose of gathering experience.
Now, the Wider Reality is apportioned into 4 Primary Areas that I label Focus 1 to Focus 4 inclusive. You can call them what you like. The actual label you place is irrelevant. For ease of understanding, however, we need to call them something simple and logical.


Focus 4 is the real mind blow! This is the 'top end' of our Continuum of Consciousness. It is pure subjective energy. When we engage with Focus 4 we become our 'Wider Selves'. This is the end goal of Focus 3. This is why Focus 3 is also called the Transition Area. Focus 3 allows us to prepare (at our own pace, be it centuries or thousands of years in some cases) for our eventual primary switch to Focus 4.
Primary Focus 4 of consciousness is the subjective source of all the actions in consciousness. You see, the energy for our actions has to come from somewhere. We don't just create something from nothing. An idea, for example, is an action in consciousness. It is energy with a particular direction, you could say. Now that energetic action had to be sourced from somewhere, in the sense that the raw energy didn’t just come from nowhere.
When we look at ourselves in terms of energy, what we are is essentially a human energetic transducer that converts raw subjective energy into objective becoming of all manner of description. When we project within subjective reality, each of us typically places ourselves in the position or anticipation of facing objects. But when you enter Primary Focus 4, you cast off all notions of “things” and begin merging with the underlying subjective energy. That same energy, down the line, as it were, will ultimately split off here and there (again all in a manner of speaking) and create a “thing”. That thing could be a soccer ball, a human being, a house, a plant, a giraffe, or whatever.
Now, in merging with energy, I do NOT mean you are merging into a vast pool of nothingness. On the contrary, typically, you are merging with a specific action of energy. I suppose you could say, in a very broad sense (and only in a very broad sense) you are merging with a “thing” but a thing in terms of its conceptualisation, or it’s source in other words. And that source of all that is within our system is Primary Focus 4 of consciousness.
So, ultimately, all “things” can be traced to an action in energy, the ultimate source of which is Primary Focus 4. So you could say that Primary Focus 4 is the area of the action of the thought before it is created. But again, only in a manner of speaking because, from the Primary Focus 4 standpoint, there is no before. All simply is. The concept of “before” comes into it as the action is engaged further “down the line” as it were.
I freely admit that I (for one) do not have the full answers. I will not get them until I can take in the full picture of Focus 4 of consciousness. I am not even sure whether it is actually possible for a physically focused individual to take in that full picture. Focus 2 and Focus 3 are easy by comparison, as they are so “earth like” or “human like” and people have usually just made something up for the rest. In the olden days they called it “god” in significance of all they couldn’t explain. But technology moves on, our understanding widens, and this topic is no different. Today we are attempting to broaden our understanding and pave the way for the new paradigm. So here we are calling it Focus 4 of consciousness. An area in consciousness that we can now learn to experience for ourselves (with a little effort in the right direction, of course).
Now, anything involving Focus 4 of consciousness is completely mind blowing, and I do not say this lightly. It is an area I have not been able to “explore” as fully as I would like. It is my current challenge, you could say.
The BIG difficulty with Focus 4 is that it’s an area of fully subjective reality. There is no notion of Time, so in turn there is no notion of Space either. Focus 4 occupies no Space at all and yet it encompasses the other areas, namely, Focus 1, 2 and 3. So our whole physical universe (and all the other universes besides, but let’s put them aside for a moment) is encompassed by Focus 4. Yet “outside” of Focus 4 there is nothing because Focus 4 encompasses all that is within our system. Focus 4 occupies no space, yet it encompasses our whole physical universe. Okay, so that’s the first hurdle. Problem is, to us, if something occupies no space then it cannot possibly exist. Reason being we are so attached to “things”.
Second hurdle: to understand Focus 4 it is necessary to take on board an understanding of infinity. This latter aspect is perhaps the most mind-blowing of all. Because, in infinity, everything happens an infinite number of times. Which means everything that has or will come about, has already happened.
From our somewhat limited linear-time perspective, we may consider a life began, it ended, and it began again. But from the perspective of Focus 4, nothing has begun and nothing has ended. All simply IS. The whole notion of beginning and end is a physical construct. The good news about all this of course is that there is no true end and there is no 'death'. There is only ever expanding consciousness. When you actually step within Focus 4 and experience it for yourself, all begins falling into place. Well, that is what is steadily happening to me and I cannot be the only person in the world today who has stepped into Focus 4 of consciousness. I realise this kind of thing is quite rare and, hopefully, it will start to become more common as people begin duplicating my work.

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.Yes…that is part of the process Smiley

Sweet Talk … Conundrum
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I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound of my voice. These words are my signature. You may bring your doubt, your fear, your faith, or your courage; it matters not, for you will be touched by the rhythm of my voice. It moves through you like a beam of light that sweeps – if only for a moment – the darkness aside. WingMakers Material

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  .Well – yes – you are a step ahead.  I knew that!


  .Rather…well, in my thoughts I see and have been happy to reminisce my journey, be that as it may, instigated by contact with APForums.  Certainly the dots are joining as I remember to remember.

Look Closely

.Hmmm…I can see some copy & paste coming up…
…Whew!  That’s done – C&P and on the lists  P1 – P24.

Soul Group Energies Time Does Not Exist Within an Eternal Reality.
When I/We Were A Lot More Confused Especially Playing As Children
Wait For The Navigator to respond...
Jung-Animus New Shifts In Thinking This Guilt Trip See the Signs Awake
Select Number 999

999: FSW:


My voice will help you reconnect with me. It will enlarge your vision of my domain, purpose, and my unyielding love for each of my creation, no matter where or how you live. When I have spoken before to your planet, it was through a prism of personalities that bent my voice and colored its tone. My mind’s voice will not travel to your world unless it is transmitted through my creation and translated into word-symbols your mind can grasp. My heart’s voice penetrates all worlds without translation as a sub-photonic light and inter-dimensional vibration that produces sound. WingMakers Material


provenance [prṓvənənss]
1.  origin: the place of origin of something 
2.  source and ownership history: the source and ownership history of a work of art or literature or of an archaeological find 

All The Same Level

.Origin. First Source  Where intelligence derives.


  .Yes – Smile

Imaginative Realities Making Things Easier Transposing Crop Circles Lost/Missing Intimate On All Levels Gift Hold/Have Laws Rules and Appropriates
All Your Choice Forgive
Intimate On All Levels Universal Belief System Sleep Strange Desire Crop Circles Expression of Astonishment Bless You Focused Individual

.:O [I then searched the internet for “Transposing Crop Circles and found this:]

Cropcircles of the Acturians
With practice, our grounded ones learn to transpose these colors of light and ... The “message” of the crop circles below, speaks of opening ...

As you travel back and forth between the fifth and the third dimension, you find that you are actually living in-between these two worlds. Your consciousness now resonates to the fifth dimension while your earth vessel remains physical. Because of your inter-dimensional travels, you feel vast changes within you that you cannot understand. You are having trouble remaining fully consciousness in the third dimension, but you cannot stay focused in the fifth dimension either.
Sometimes your sleep is more work than your third dimensional life, as you are visiting and living in more parallel realities than you can count. You often awaken with messages that you can’t quit remember, but their feeling leaves you with a sense of peace and gratitude. On the other hand, fatigue haunts most of your waking life, as the third dimension seems too heavy and slow for your ever-expanding consciousness. You are not fully ascended, yet you are no longer “just human.”
More and more you are thinking fifth dimensionally, which leave your third dimensional thoughts limiting and sluggish in your mind. Now that you are on the threshold of your new reality, you feel more love for our physical life than you ever have before. Third dimensional illusions are dropping away, yet the physical world still continues. However, now it is more naked to your perceptions, as are becoming your SELF in your daily life. You have greatly released your fear and substituted it with love of life and gratitude. Yet, judgment and impatience still haunt you. These old habits are an issue because judging another denies you the Unity of the ONE and impatience denies you the NOW.
Dear ones, we wish to remind you that you have waited, lived, died, suffered and loved for millennia to experience this moment. Therefore, it is best to enjoy every second of it while you still live on physical Earth. Focus your intention on the enjoying your time on the third dimension, as it is will slowly warping into the NOW. As you remember to live in Unity with all life, your consciousness becomes more and more firmly implanted into the fifth dimension. Then, instead of living in the third dimension and visiting the fifth, you will be living in the fifth dimension and visiting the third.
Surprisingly, your fifth dimensional life will not change that much. What will change will be your reactions because you will experience life from higher and higher perspectives. Just as there are many octaves of the fourth dimension, there are, also, many levels of the fifth. At first, you will likely visit the Threshold of the fifth dimension where you will still hold form and continue life much as you did in the third. However, you will be free of all that has separated you from your SELF, and hence, separates you from the ONE.
Then, as you slowly adapt to the fifth dimension, you will be less and less attached to form and other third dimensional expressions of your being, such as “work.” First, many of you will be inclined to assist your fellow humans who are still trapped in the myth of the physical plane. As you remember the special gifts that you have honed over your many physical incarnations, you will want to use them to assist both people and planet with the ongoing process of ascension. This process has begun and will escalate with your every breath.
We look forward to guiding, assisting and joining you in the process. In fact, we the will soon return to travel to our ascended planet of Zantarius and fifth dimensional Earth. In the meantime, enjoy living in-between and remember that

.Interesting and why am I always astonished at the dots joining? (!)



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« Reply #19 on: May 15, 2011, 22:43:20 »

Well that was confusing...

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Well that was confusing...

I would have been surprised if it had not been confusing for anyone!
When it comes to the Invisible Realm, I doubt seriously that anyone would be anything but confused, as those who have made contact would easily verify.

In this case I was simply giving an example of the layout and content of conversation.
The colored fonts are used for distinction of participants as well as for materials brought into the conversation.

I am the blue font and that which I am communing with is the green font.
The other colored fonts are different materials identified from various sources.

I use 2 lists and a word processing software.

Each list is a different document.

Each list shares 99% the same information, however these lists are not in the same order – each document is unique.

The lists are ‘living’ documents in that they are added to.  Such additions are not limited to anything in particular.  The lists are referred to as “ComLists”
All additions are placed on the list as randomly as can be done.

Each list is utilised in the course of the conversation.
I open both list docs as well as my message doc.

The process goes something like this:
I go to the first list and randomly page down and stop – I select the ‘item’ at the flashing cursor and copy it, and paste it into my message doc.
I repeat this process, alternating between both lists.

List 1: Cycles 

List 2: Type Some Numbers Now

Since I selected this, I know it to signify that another random tool is being employed…so I simply type some random numbers quickly:
Now having changed the dynamic from using the page down/up key, I have a set of numbers to follow …and a particular way to follow them.  I first go to each list and select all, and then select the numbering format so that each line on the list is allocated a number.  Then I will go to number 3 on list one and select the item.

List 1: Teach

Then I go to number 32 on list 2, and do the same
List 2: Get the Truth


List 1: FSO:

This signifies that I have to open a document called “First Source” and scan down to find the paragraph at “O”
This is a WingMakers Material document, and comes from something called “My Central Message, My Central Purpose and My Central Revelation, attributed to “First Source” which is a name for the Primary Creator of all that is, according to that mythology.
I place the said paragraph into the conversation, usually in purple font.

The ascendant beings of time are converging to my central abode. All are drawn to me for the purpose of my/our will to be expressed throughout the grand universe in order to cast another grand universe, and to deepen the skin of my/our personality. This is the hidden purpose of my/our will: to create new worlds of experience that stimulate our continuing evolution.


  List 2: New


List 1: The House Of Politics


List 2: Lost/Missing

I would continue this method until I have gone through all the numbers, interjecting as I felt to, adding to the conversation and the order of the numbers would continue through the tens then into the hundreds as in -  321897846034954
 thus:  321, 218,189, 897, etc…I could even repeat the process from right to left if I wanted to, but don’t usually.

The point of such exercise is in making things as random as possible but still getting a clear enough message, which of course is mostly significant to me and my subjective part.

I understand that most people would not bother to do something like this, but I also understand that it would work for anyone, or any group of people using a system based on this principle.

It is a piece in the puzzle and certainly a fun and interesting thing to do.  But as I have said in earlier posts, I don’t use this a great deal more than for confirmation purposes and ongoing interest in the conversation I have been having for many years now through this method.

I pretty much accept that the connection I have with the Invisible Realm is more than just through this communication technique.


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« Reply #21 on: May 16, 2011, 11:41:34 »

Hmmm... That's interesting. I can see that stringing random bits of information together can sometimes lead to knew thoughts and ideas but I wouldn't automatically consider it to be a form of communication with another entity. Though I guess if one believes that there is no such thing as chance or coincidence then the concept of interpreting "random stuff" becomes much more meaningful. How did you come up with this idea in the first place and what makes you think "it works"?

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« Reply #22 on: May 16, 2011, 23:49:32 »

  I think people become too wrapped up in methods and techniques, and it prevents them from really noticing themselves.
Frank Kepple

Hmmm... That's interesting. I can see that stringing random bits of information together can sometimes lead to knew thoughts and ideas but I wouldn't automatically consider it to be a form of communication with another entity.

No, nor would I.

Though I guess if one believes that there is no such thing as chance or coincidence then the concept of interpreting "random stuff" becomes much more meaningful.

Indeed.  In fact, every-thing (and every non-thing) becomes exceptionally more meaningful.
Ultimately assigning consciousness, intelligence and purpose as being responsible for the fact of F1 negates the belief that all is random, chance, luck, merely coincidence etc.

How did you come up with this idea in the first place and what makes you think "it works"?

I don’t ‘think’ it works – I know it works, and the difference between thinking and knowing is exactly where the act of discovery takes place.
A mountain is there, weather it is known to be or not, but until conscious awareness discovers and acknowledges and even names/claims that mountain, it essentially doesn’t exist.

How I ‘came up’ with the idea, has to do with the process of discovery.

For example, when I decided to THINK about going out on the road without any money or means to survive, it was done on the basis of the following information:


  25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?
26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
27 Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his lifeb?
28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.
29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.
30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?
31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’
32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.
33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
                                                                          Matthew Ch.6 Vs 25 -34 BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION

Now there is similar information documented in that book which has to do with the overall philosophy to which the above verses point at.  I simply quoted an example.
Now in reading this information I did not THINK it would or wouldn’t ‘work’ in the way it said it would.
I did have a certain belief, based again on prior experience, that it likely would work, but believing or even thinking is not actually doing.
It is in the doing where the knowing comes into its own.

Same goes for this process – communicating with the Invisible Realm, using different mediums, and approaches.

I did not THINK that in making a thing based on the Ouija Principle would give me something which could be used to communicate with ‘another entity’.
Again, it was how I chose to use information – be that as it may, vilified information regarding Ouija, and believed that there might be something to it, investigated and found it to be so.

How it developed from that to being able to utilize the principle using the computer/software happened through learning from the communications with the Invisible Realm over a number of years – in that time there happened to be moments where I wanted to use the device but for one reason or another my partner could not or did not want to participate.
In asking, I learned that it would still function if I learned to use it on my own – so I did.
From there I realised that I did not need to even use the same pointing device –  this had been a small shot glass turned upside down – I had stuck a pencil in the glass pointed end down so that this acted as a more defining tool than merely the glass circumference.
After becoming quiet adept at using the device on my own, and in relation to what I share in an earlier post in this thread to do with being told that I was in fact communing with ‘myself’, I started using a feather as a pointer. I would move the point of the feather ‘randomly’ and from this, and converse.

In the end, why use a pointer at all, why not use my own finger?

And from there it became quiet obvious that I could use any kind of medium really because of the true nature of what it is we each and all are involved within.


So I know it works.  It then follows that if it works for me, it will just as surely work for others.
Secular science is unlikely to probe into such things as  Ouija, Astral, so-called ‘paranormal’ things because of the subjective nature of personal experience and because the infantile nature of scientific research limits itself to F1 and there are  certainly enough ‘things’ to keep such science distracted for the duration of this world.

Science in itself is a discipline and the individual really needs to commit to DOING – rather than just THINKING or ASSUMMING and my personal experience is that it is unwise to stop part-way through discovery, simply because one might have enough of an explanation in order to stop exploring ‘those avenues’ and get on with the business of ‘reality’.  (F1)

  As we are primarily focused on the physical world, we only really perceive the physical. This leads us to think that the rest of the Wider Reality is somewhere else. This is incorrect. The Wider Reality is in fact ALL here, the crucial factor is that we have chosen to focus our awareness into a specific area of that entire spectrum of consciousness for the purpose of gathering experience.
Frank Kepple


So here I am now thinking about what the point might be for those who have practiced and attained a consistent level in their ability to project their conscious F1 awareness into the Invisible Realm (F2, F3 and F4)
This got me thinking about F2 + F4 and that this combination would be equal to an additional ‘land’ within the vast expanse of F3 – and what this would have to do in relation to F1.

According to my own understanding, as well as many others, there is more to travelling to the Invisible Realm than to sight see and muck about and generally have fun.

It is also about purpose – and by that I mean from the holistic point of view where the four main ‘sections’ of our collective consciousness (using Frank K’s model) are seen as one whole consciousness, and therefore down to the actual purpose of that one consciousness.
This implies an intelligent reason for the actual existence and development of that consciousness, and is inclusive of all aspects of consciousness.

Obviously based on eyewitness accounts of this realm, it is so vast as to appear limitless and eternal and thus is conceivably able to entertain the tourist Astral Projectionist forever.

However, it seems to me that this cannot be its only function, as it would appear from an awareness outside this Realm, that the Consciousness which encloses the totality of that Realm is quiet happily entertaining itself with it’s unlimited supply of distractions, and possibilities and has no wish or desire to break free from its illusion of what it collectively sees itself to be.

With the aspect of the witnesses who traverse from F1 to F3 and bring back their stories, these stories are reduced to concepts understandable to those in F1, and there does not seem to be overall reason or purpose or agreement in the stories brought back, other than the focus seems to be on fun, adventure, and persuading others in F1 as to the validity of the existence of F2, F3, F4 – and to learn techniques in order to be able to traverse to take a look for oneself, and have fun, adventure play war games, etc…

…Pretty much the way life is lived in F1…

…But of course, there is more than meets the eye…

  The Factor of Integrity and Alignment

  .Okay – this is very much what I am trying to express – this factor, factored into the whole changes the dynamic and inevitably involves every individual who is in any way connected by this factor – the result has to be incorporation, connection of personal energy into the vision of the whole.  Service.


  .Like in “well tell me something I don’t know already!”?

  Enjoyable Learning Experiences You Interrupted - A Beautiful Song To Accommodate Speculation.
What might occur?

  .A change of direction for the specie whole?


The blueprint of exploration has an overarching intention; you are not the recipients of divine labor and meticulous training only to ensure that you may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a purpose of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If I designed you to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of my creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential learning. The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated by my will for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other species from different universes. WingMakers Material

  .Yes – as you know I have been thinking about this very thing all day and for a long time now….so ‘purpose and reason’ as well as service.

  Well That Settles It

  .Yes – it does.

  Go The Real Spiritual Yes - My Child – Queen of Cups

.The Queen of hearts is always yOur best bet.  Smiley

  F3 Tied To The Moon

  . Aye – I will now refresh my memory re Frank K’s deliberations regarding his observations of F3.

  This level equates to Monroe's F23 - F27 areas. Focus 3 is big, and I mean HUGE! You could probably spend thousands of years exploring this area and only manage to cover a fraction of it, with new additions and changes occurring all the time. 
Frank Kepple

  .This being the case, therefore in relation to the Astral Pulse Forum (as well as every other) F3 has its counterpart things being added to the vastness of what it already is.
Thus when I journey and discover a potential forum in relation to exploration, discovery and reason for being, I see the ‘Welcome” sign, and supplementary group description, I enter therein, grab a beer and settle in to observe, listen to, and share experiences in order to discover.

Sometime what I discover in reality is not what the group description claimed, but that is only indication that I won’t discover something new and leave/am told to go/kicked out…as the case may be…

…This leads me to look for something in F3 which I know exists because in my imagination I created it.
F3 is a ‘holding cell’ Stage ‘1’ of the Great Plan.  “Tide to the Moon” Am I correct?

  A Sturdy Place


  Also, you have to realise that many people end up living in circumstances very much the same as they did while physical. Loads of people are living their lives within F3 and they don't fully realise they have actually physically died. -
Frank Kepple

  .This leads me to suspect that F1 is practically the same.  In this format, ‘I’ in F1 residence, have died but don’t realise that I am living in a ‘stage’ – as it were – a holding cell…yet not so much a ‘sturdy place’ as it does shake a bit.  :O

  Even The Shadows

  Okay – so what are ‘the shadows’?

  Local Government

  .I see.  Christchurch…

  There is a part of them that is well aware, but they just get wrapped up in their day to day affairs just like they would have done while physical. Such people will carry on living in such scenarios until the penny drops and/or they receive some help from outside. Frank Kepple

  . So okay “help from the outside’ equates to ‘help from the inside’ equates to “Help is available”

  The Four Human Power Houses

  .Yes – Political, Cultural, Religious and …what was the other…Science?


  .Sure – given a common purpose, these could be persuaded to help.  They are human institutions F1 and they thus have there counterparts in F3.

Those who need to complain Intimate On All Levels

  .Ah…even F4?


  .Okay – in relation to F3, is there some ‘thing’ of which might help put an end to the complaining and assist in helping F4?

  The Moment Network All That We Are.  Reform/Refine Planet Earth Ouija The Spirit OF The Land In Human Form As In… Superstition
Unity with our Collective Self Keeping Things In Perspective Especially Playing As Children

  .So that is exactly ‘where we are’ in terms of ‘spiritual evolution’ and evolving spiritually?

  Heart Remains
Tributary Zones Oneness of Wholeness The Moment

  Tributary Zone
Tributary Zones are catalysts for awakening the Wholeness Navigator within the human instrument for the purpose of helping humanity discover the Grand Portal. They are separated into three distinct categories:
Superuniverse-Based Tributary Zones
Galactic-Based Tributary Zones
Planetary-Based Tributary Zones

The Superuniverse Tributary Zones are seven in number and constitute the repository of required knowledge in order to discover the Grand Portal for a life-bearing planetary system within that particular superuniverse. These are the archetypes for all other Tributary Zones -- either planetary or galactic.
Galactic Tributary Zones are also seven in number and closely resemble their superuniverse counterparts. They are generally transposed by specialists from the Central Race, and are established near or within the galactic core of a life-bearing galaxy possessing sufficient numbers of intelligent, sentient life.
Galactic Tributary Zones are ultimately transposed to a planetary level as encoded sensory data streams. Generally, this occurs shortly after the planetary system establishes its first phase of the OLIN Technology or global communications network.
Planetary Tributary Systems are a diverse set of artistic and text-based contributions created by members of the species who have sufficiently interacted with the Galactic Tributary Zones in their dream state. In some instances, these may include works from other planetary systems within the same galaxy. Generally, Planetary Tributary Zones are created in the form of books, art, poetry, and motion pictures. They are not encoded sensory data streams, as in the case of the Galactic Tributary Zones, and they are focused on preparation of the species.  - . WingMakers Material

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« Reply #23 on: May 26, 2011, 00:24:31 »

We Are One Are We One We One Are One We Are ʘ

Firstly I would like to say that I understand we are in factually, ONE.
There is no ‘zero’.

Since I am this way, I need to express myself through whatever medium made available, in a tone that reflects my understanding of the concept “We Are One”.

The reality of this “We Are One” statement is that it is pretty oxymoron, due to the common understanding of the meaning of each word.

We = individuals who are separated in their conscious awareness, from ‘others’ = ‘many’ rather than ‘one’
Are = consciousness through individual and collective realities.
Nature tends to agree with the concept of ONE and from our collective experience we do verify and agree that each of us appears to be on a planet ‘drifting’ through a galaxy, which itself is ‘drifting’ through a universe.

I have to say that when I first connected with The Frank Keppel Resource
I reacted as I felt necessary and in introducing myself to This Board
I explained my own journey and purpose.
See Here For More Detail.

Before I decided to join The Astral Pulse, I did some investigating.  Firstly I searched for recent posts to see if Franks Model was being discussed anywhere.
I also checked out the forum Moderators posts , past and present to get some insight into where they were ‘coming from’ – as I have shared, often one comes to a forum based on the welcome sign and group description, only to find that the original has being infiltrated and hijacked.

I also searched the internet “Frank Kepple” and discovered that there was a shady past and Frank had detractors who were accusing him of some untoward practices.

I also saw complaints about Adrian – something to the effect that he had double-crossed Frank and owned the control and direction of Astral Pulse.

I emailed Douglas Eckhart (Gandalf) because I saw that he had not contributed to Astral Pulse for some years, and asked him if he might point me to somewhere more appropriate.

I read many of the older posts and then went back to reading the new posts and in general I felt that I would give it a go and start posting and see what unfolded…thinking maybe that adaptation from all aspects might be achievable.

I was aware, for example, that Moderator Xanth has a strong opinion about ‘ouija’ and since part of my story involved the use of the ouija principle (spiritual evolution) would Xanth gag me?

Xanth didn’t gag me.

So then I have an influx of replies – not so much because of My Journey thread in the members intro section – but on other matters relating.

I sensee there is a strong affiliation with the Monroe Institute coming from those who are replying to my shared perspective. (as in – the perspective I share)  

I also sense/see a strong reaction regarding The Frank Kepple model, most certainly from member Pauli, and I understand that there is some ‘battle’ going on there within and who the favourite is to ‘win’, but I don’t buy into that, or any other ‘battle’ as I know these to be distractions.

Aye, so regardless of what labels and languages I ‘should’ be speaking in, I came here on account of Frank Kepple’s Model Pauli, and I trust that the Monroeians can respect that and not act as some religious owners of anything to do with the Art of Astral Projection, what you need to ‘do’ in order to achieve the desired state, and the rights to say ‘how it is’ to the point where anyone who disagrees need to ‘find their own place’ shocked

Of course, if that is how it is here at Astral Pulse guys and gals, just let me know and I will One Off and play 'elsewhere.'  cool

In the Now…We Are One.  To the story of The School Bus (Member Summerlander)…

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