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Author Topic: Communication with Entities  (Read 464 times)
Astral Energy 3
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We need 28 hours in a day so I can sleep longer.

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« on: August 03, 2020, 04:17:32 »

Hey there I just wanted to make my own dialogue and share some of my experiences with entities I've come across. I've come across many entities in my life all varying in a wide range of life and lifestyles. To get things started I'll just start with my Higher Self who I refer to as D sometimes other things but for simplicity sake just D will do. Over time when I get more comfortable I'll share more entities I've come across.

(D) Good Evening

(Matthew) Hi

(D) What would you like to discuss today dreamer?

(Matthew) Good question, I guess I can start with why do you call me dreamer?

(D) Isnít everyone a dreamer including you? To be awake is to be asleep and to be asleep is to be awake.

(Matthew) Oh wise words.

(D) Whatís your overall goal in this conversation dreamer?

(Matthew) I canít quite pin point the goal as its more about the journey than the destination, but to try to answer your question I would like to unveil truths of this world to dig deep into what consciousness really is and its true nature.

(D) Fair enough, the truth is truth is a rabbit hole with and without a destination, come down the rabbit hole and youíll see what I mean.

(Matthew) ok Iím game.

(D) Youíre the conductor of this journey where shall we direct this conversation dreamer.

(Matthew) alright first things first I guess since weíre going to be here awhile letís have a setting, it would be boring to just be boring floating text scenery is needed, the stage needs to be set. Iíve never posted a picture so I hope Iím doing it right

(D) What did you have in mind?

(Matthew) Iíll take the right seat I donít like the sun in my eyes.

(D) I take it youíre a fan of Sherlock?

(Matthew) Yes is that a problem?

(D) No, like you said you were setting a stage, this seems like a good place to convene.

(Matthew) alright letís talk about the evolution of human consciousness where we are now, and where weíre are going, what is the next step in our evolution?

(D) There are many ways consciousness evolves not all paths are the same yet all paths are made of the same road. You seem to have some good ideas on the evolution of human consciousness why donít you share youíre experience.

(Matthew) alright firstly I believe people need a perspective of a child, is this not a kids game? Are we not all kids just playing in a playpen?
(D) Interesting thatís a fair point, how do we benefit from this child like perspective?

(Matthew) Iím not going to answer that, it seems pretty self-explanatory, but also to complex to explain.

(D) What about a perspective of a wise old man?

(Matthew) Iím not saying the child like perspective is the end all b all, itís where everyone should start, it should be the core perspective that is then build upon.

(D) I agree, so whatís your next step in your consciousness evolution

(Matthew) Secondly understand storytelling and also be your own story teller. Mind the rabbit hole.

(D) Interesting do you believe human consciousness is interlinked with stories and story structure.

(Matthew) Yes consciousness needs a story to tell itself, a dream to tell itself. Most people live life as if it were some mundane life, which in fact it isnít. People have the choice to accept the fact that every story ever told happened somewhere, stories are very misunderstood magical cogs in this great vast multiverse. Also hereís extra credit whenever youíre reading or watching a story donít sleep in it, participate! If a character you like dies make a better story where you save them or something in your head or on paper if you have trouble with imagination, to save someone in a story or a dream is to save yourself.

Rick & Morty - S04E06 Post Credits scene: story-train

(D) Thatís very interesting, so are you saying we should intertwine ourselves in other stories and to also make our own?

(Matthew) yes but mind the rabbit hole some people have trouble with living in multiple realities touching each other. One must mentally prepare to accept truth and others truths as one big interweaving story in this vast multiverse. You see storyís arenít just storyís theyíre blue prints and humanity has not been paying attention, our stories are evolving more than we realize, have you ever realized how much better story telling has gotten in the future? This isnít just some fluke our global consciousness as an entity is evolving but people arenít consuming the stories the right way which means they arenít consuming themselves the right way.

(D) How should human consciousness consume its stories?

(Matthew) You are the stories. Let me ask you this between the reader and writer the writer thinks what would the reader like? The writer is asking source consciousness for that answer and source responds with the answer from its theoretical reader or intended audience. You see the reader has a chance to give its opinion to source outside space time as the story is being written.

(D) That kind of makes sense but how exactly does that work.

(Matthew) sorry I'll continue in more detail soon im just taking a break, so for now Iím going to postpone this conversation with a rick and morty clip.

Morty gets bit by a Space Snake - Rick and Morty

I do want to give a shout out to Wi11iams posts on communicating with superconsciousness, very interesting,also gave me the idea to start up this dialogue.
Astral Energy 3
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Posts: 181

We need 28 hours in a day so I can sleep longer.

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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 05:02:03 »

(Matthew) No no! I feel like Iím doing this wrong.

Soul Eater- Death the kid
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2020, 05:02:03 »

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