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Author Topic: Experiment: for understanding the unity of time  (Read 826 times)
« on: September 24, 2004, 03:21:15 »

Most of us have read, figured out, heard from books on physics, heard from Sylvia Browne, or heard from our Guides, that time is not a linear thing.  The passage of time from now to... now is an illusion, caused by the way we percieve the world.

If one were to cast a spell that they would recieve mail correspondence from an old friend, and cast this spell five minutes before the mail-carrier arrived, and recieved that letter that same day, what does that say?  That the letter materialized in the mail truck five minutes ago?

No.  In fact, your friend will remember getting an urge to write you a letter a day or two before.  That is, a day or two before you'd even dreamed up the spell.  

This is an example of effect-then-cause that boggles our brains, but it does well to show the unity of time.

Here is a simpler experiment, that you can do at home.  Take a twenty-sided die (or whatever) and put it in a shoebox (or whatever).  Shake this shoebox vigorously, and then set it down.  After the die is at complete rest, and without any special sort of concentration, decide what number you want to be facing up when you open the box.  Fifteen (or whatever).  

Spend a while.  Get into a relaxed, meditative state, or whatever floats your visualization boat, and imagining opening that box and seeing the die, fifteen-face up.  Think deep, and imagine how great it will be to see that the experiment worked.  Do this for however long, and in whatever way you've found visualizations to be effective for you, until you're pretty sure you're gonna open that box to a fifteen.

When you open it, and it's a fifteen, you have to remember that you made this decision after the die had landed.  After it was already a fifteen.  Were you picking it up psychically?  Possible, but I don't think so.  Did you make the die fade out of existance, and then fade back in on that side?  Pro'lly not.

As some extra fun, after the die lands, and you've decided, tell a friend your decision, and have them look at it and not tell you (but you can't look at their reaction.  That can have a huge effect on the experiment.)  And if you're friend accidentally blurts out, "It's not fifteen!" it's a distinct possibility that it is not just because they said that. How could you concentrate on a number that you know it didn't end up being?  How could the number end up being that, if you couldn't concentrate on it?  Mind-bending, eh?[Wink]

Don't melt your brains thinking this is a hard experiment.  I've done it, with great success.  A couple of my friends, one of whom doesn't believe in this, "psychic stuff," have both done it with okay success, overall.  My little brother (who is retarded) did quite well, too.  Everyone tried it at least five times.

Post your results!  Fun stuff![Smiley]
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