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Author Topic: getting illusions in pk  (Read 985 times)
« on: May 04, 2004, 18:11:25 »

I know exactly what you mean about it appearing to move but not moving or there being more than 1 of them in the same space. They are both real, but you are in this "universe" and seeing a little of a "parallel universe". You can pull yourself to the parallel universe permanently and really do tk. This works to change other things too. Its not really a parallel universe because by definition there is only 1 UNIverse, but its a part that isnt normally seen. Next time you see that, let the "illusion" float farther from where the ear swab used to be. I have seen that kind of stuff in things as big as couches and sometimes the whole room, but I couldnt get them to stay moved. It doesnt matter how big the thing is for you to see that stuff but size does make it harder to keep the movement.
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2004, 18:28:27 »

Hahah I tried to roll 'ear swabs' too[those yellow ones right?]..No succes yet....

I know the feeling though...When I tried rolling a pencil, and failed I focussed my attention back to the wheel again, and while I was at it I 'thought' to have seen the pencil shake from the corner of my eyes...Still not sure whether this was real or a personal illusion.

This is all nice, but I can't help you in this department, cause I havent done it myself yet!

The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2004, 18:28:27 »

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« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2004, 11:06:03 »

i am trying to roll psychokinetically a ear swab (my native language isn't english so i don't know if it's well translated, excuse me if it isn't) without the cottons in the two points, instead a toothpick as it rolls better than a toothpick. I am still unable to move a psiwheel (even with alluminium foil), but i seem to have getting results with the swab ! And is strange. Everytime i try to roll the swab, as i visualize it shaking left-right (it's easier to visualize it shaking than it rolling in just one direction) i actually SEE it shaking ! At the first times i actually believed and my heart immediatly start pounding harder because of the emotion (specially because i am a bit obssessed in having this skill, psychokinesis), but soon i noticed that it was just a illusion ! I could notice that later because in the points of the swab it have some signals and i noticed that only the OPAQUE part of the swab (the white part between the two points) did shaked but not the points of it ! It seemed as i saw a double of the swab shaking on top of it ! But it looks so real, sometimes it shakes almost 1 centimeter! And it's not a after image as it's also white, besides the after images i do see them on the side of the illusion. Could this mean i am doing well and that this is a sign that psychokinesis is starting to awaken and that this kind of training is actually doing something to my subconcious and third eye (i think i feel UNSUAL twithes in hands, arms and legs when doing this, and a lot of tingling and pulsating in third eye even without thinking on it, but this could mean nothing) or this doesn't mean any signal of progress ?!

One last question, when trying to move the object should i focus on training to try to connect/blend my energy with the object before trying to move it, or do as i am doing ?

NOTE : everytime i get those illusions, i am always looking DIRECTLY to the swab, not using the pepipherical vision !
The Astral Pulse

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