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Author Topic: relation between brain halfs sync. and circle exrc  (Read 849 times)
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« on: June 12, 2004, 18:15:30 »

This post is mainly because what the person "thelou" said in the post "newbie calling for help" (on obbe discussions subforum) : "When that happens your conscious mind is starting to interact more with your subconscious mind. Many people, my self included have come to believe that there is literally a new neural network of nerves that literally is grown/built between the left and right hemispheres. Along with your cerebral cortex. (A nerve bundle that links left and right hemispheres together)."

I also have seen similar talk about that in Robert Peterson's online book named "Out of Body Experiences How to have them and what to expect", chapter 7 "The Party" right at the end of chapter he says "These exercises have another benefit. By doing this, you are learning to unite the conscious with the subconscious. You are learning to keep yourself conscious during the times when your subconscious is usually in control. And when that happens, your conscious can talk directly to your subconscious without interference. Then magical things will start to happen. Your subconscious will cooperate with your conscious. Your left brain will cooperate with your right brain. Your creative mind will cooperate with your analytical mind. All areas of your life will improve."

And for last, in a site about learning to see auras, which some person may already know: and i will also repeat what it says there "This exercise aims to stimulate the communication between both hemispheres of the brain, thereby increasing the "processing power" needed to see Auras.","This exercise turns out to be extremely beneficial: 5 minutes of it doubles your bioenergy and promotes self healing."

Now, i have some questions about this :

1. That exercice in the link i indicated, about the two circles, of trying to see a cross in those two circles, is a big help to syncronize both brain sides ? I hope so, as the circule exercice is much easier to do than to practise AP as i am overweight.

2. When i practise that exercice, there is a litte problem : when i cross my eyes to "fuse" the circles (also it's easy to do that now without using the finger) i usually do see the red circle (the right one) always above the blue one (i mean ABOVE not ON TOP) and this way i can't overllap both circles and i have to lean my head to the left a little to see the circles at the same horizontal level. Is this normal ? It's supposed to have to lean the head to "level up" the circles or does this change with practise ? Again, i am not talking about seeing a circle on top the other, look at this link : wwwwwwwwwwww i have changed the circles picture to the way i see them when i cross my eyes and that's why i have to lean my head to the left.

3. so all that means that one side of the brain is the conscious mind and the other is the subconcious mind ? Which one is each ?

4. does brain syncronization help a lot in psychic abilities ? I think so, as in my case visualizations DOESN'T communicate with my subconcious, and that's why i am even unable to do psiballs, as in my case visualizations DOESN'T make "communication" with the subconcious, and also using any other sense. Does this mean that if my brain sides became syncronized AND when concious mind and subconcious mind are working together it will finally make me able to start developing psychic abilities? It's because every other methods, even after weeks of practise doesn't seem to have any significant results.

5. does that syncronization affects/develops any of the chakras, mainly, the third eye chakra and crown chakra ?

There, i think it's all the questions i have about this subject, please sorry if they are too many.
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