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Author Topic: What do you WANT?  (Read 1015 times)
Astral Energy 3
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« on: May 25, 2004, 14:24:08 »

Hi Lighthouse,
I have the same impression as you do about the experiences we have in our lives.

see a previous post:

Normally I just skip large posts like these ones, but I got caught by a phrase of the first post. I press the back button of my browser again, and start to read the message.

I like your posts Tisha, such independent stories spread on this forum;-)

I like the phrase of the test we're doing now. Maybe it sounds cliche or all chewed up, but it's the reality. Well I think I'm a little off-topic, because I'm totally not familiar with any magic thing...

But I like to see at my life as how it gets shaped everyday by myself. All the choices I make, conscious or unconscious. Unconscious choices almost if not always made because of unconscious desires. Well, unconscious, but not unreachable. They seem unconscious in the first place, because of lack of attention paid. Watching myself during the day, spotting my emotions during social interactions has teached me alot about myself.

I see things appearing in my life because of me attracting them. Unconscious desires are the best ones, often the strongest. Imagination is allowed spontaniously and the rational mind with all its questions and doubts is almost not involved. Even this process I am not consciously aware of most of the time, but it happens naturally and spontaniously all of the time.

Then a few days, or a few weeks later, after I forgot about it, suddenly the thing or event appears in my life. This can be a variety of things: a concrete thing or an opportunity. It just appears.

That's magic for me.


Consistent desire and intent are the key to change
Astral Energy 5
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143173721 jilola
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« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2004, 18:02:25 »

I my experience, the seeming wants that come true are in fact the result of a deeper need for some particular events or setting required for us to find the next step along our journey.
Another issue is whether we figure out what that step is or not. We get any number of opportunities and most of them go in one ear and out the other without as much as disturbing the dust along the way. [8D]

The wishes and want most likely to happen are the ones that are in line with our Will and result in a chance to find something too assist us or teach us about ourselves.

2cents & L&L
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2004, 18:02:25 »

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Astral Energy 3
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281475148 cosmicbuffet
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« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2004, 12:24:44 »

It has recently been brought to my attention that I have an an uncanny knack for drawing the things into my life that I desire.  I believe we all do this and we can use our minds consciously or unconsciously to do this... either way, we create what we focus on.

My minister, my Editor and a good friend have all asked me how I do it and I am starting to realize that it is something I do naturally and it is so easy to do but people in general don't know how to do it or that it's really not very special at all, anyone can do it [^].

Through the years, I have learned that our thoughts create our experiences yet I didn't realize that even worrying about what we don't want to happen is a way of creating what we don't want in our lives.  

First I'm going to tell you of a few experiences I have recently drawn into my life, then I'm going to tell you of a lesson I learned a couple of years ago that made me glaringly aware that I need to be careful about how and what I think.  

A while ago, I started having a crisis in my marriage because I have a very deep connection with a man who really helps me to learn and grow spiritually.  (It's a bit complicated because in my 20's we had a very breif romance... then I met my husband.)  My husband can not understand why we have such a deep spiritual connection and why my husband and I don't have the same connection... it was causing too much pain for me and I told my friend that we had to stop communicating because it was causing too much strife in my marriage.  

I love this person tremendously and need this kind of connection (like air.)  I started seeking a spiritual community both online and locally, I even started going to a church that corresponds with my way of thinking (Unity for those who are interested) in order to fill this tremendous void I was now seeking to fill. [:I]

My intention was to meet people both online and in my community who I could connect with on this same level.  Lo and behold, by setting this intention and holding the thought in my head of having the same connection with others, those people appeared in my life... one I met here on AP and one is my minister from my church. [Cheesy][Cheesy]  

Another thing I have brought into my life is that I have wanted to move back to NY to be closer to my family for many years.  Originally, I wanted to move this summer so that my oldest daughter could start kindergarten in NY.  After many arguments [Sad], I gave up on this and decided that although I wanted to move to NY this coming summer, I would compromise and moving next summer would be fine too (when my second daughter would be starting kindergarten.)  We recently found out that our landlord is splitting up with his wife and will need to move back into this house.  After a day of my husband stressing out, I prayed for him to have clarity on what he wanted to do now that we would have to move out (this really threw his plans out of his control.)  The next day, he came back and said that he would work remotely from NY (YAY!!!) [Cheesy][Tongue][Cheesy] He went in to talk to his boss and within 20 seconds of proposing this to his boss, his boss said, that makes sense, you travel half the time anyway and since you're an individual contributor, you can really live anywhere you want.  [^]

These are 2 obvious examples to me that by focusing on my desired outcome, creating an intention, I have drawn the experiences I want into my life.  Now I'm going to tell you of what not to do and how our worries, doubts and fears also draw undesirable outcomes...

I have posted this elsewhere but am reposting it here to save myself some time...

I entered a speech competition. I thought I wanted to win and actually joined a second club with the hopes that by joining the second club, I would increase my chances of winning. The way the competition works is that first you compete at the Club level against 3 or 4 of your fellow club members. There are 4 or 5 clubs within an Area so the next level is Area, then Division, and so on until you reach the International level.

In this second club I joined, there is a guy named Ryan who at 8 years old, won a public speaking championship for 4H at the state level talking about Lego’s. Even before joining this other club, I was a bit intimidated by this guy and viewed him as the one person I had heard speak who I might lose to when competing against him. Why shouldn’t I be intimidated? At the time of the speech competition, he was about 26 and had been a public speaker for about 20 years when we competed against each other in this speech competition. Additionally, in the last contest he entered, he went all the way to the District level competition which means that of the 3500 people who entered the competition in the district, he was in the top 5.

In preparing for my club competition where I was to be competing against him, I concerned myself with 2 things: I wanted to make an impact on as many people as possible and I was concerned that I might lose the contest to Ryan. Lo and behold, sure enough, I did make an impact on many people who were present for the competition and sure enough, I came in second to Ryan.

That was okay though because I still had my other club that I would be competing in and even though the club was four times the size of the club I was in with Ryan, that I had no fears about winning. Sure enough, I placed first in that contest and won the opportunity to compete at the Area level where I would be competing again against Ryan.

This time, I concerned myself with 3 things. The first was that I was concerned again about losing to Ryan, the second was that I was told that a certain judge who would be judging my speech is notorious for not understanding the types of speeches I give. So, I was concerned that the judge would not “get it.” Because of this, I spent hours trying to improve and simplify my speech in hopes that this judge would actually get it and not mark me down on his ballot because he didn’t understand the speech. This I thought would then allow me to come in first, ahead of Ryan. The third thing I was concerned about was that I wanted to make an impact on as many people as possible and help them see themselves differently.

The Title of my speech was “Whatever Doesn’t Kill you Only Makes you Stronger” and I talked about how we draw certain experiences to ourselves through our thoughts. I went on to talk about 3 rather "negative" expereiences I had in childhood. I explained to the audience that I had the thoughts first and that I drew these experiences to myself in order to provide me with the context to understand what I had been thinking.

I then told the audience how they can change their thoughts and focus on positive things in order to filter out negative experiences and therefore they would draw more positive experiences to themselves. I delivered the speech with poise and purpose, my gestures were right on, my eye contact was perfect and I knew that my speech was filled with great content. I knew that it was the best damn speech I had ever delivered up to that point.
After I delivered the speech, I was getting thumbs up all over and many people told me that they really were affected by my words.

Then, after the Area competition was over, the Area Governor stood up and said, “The person who will represent Area 48 in the event that the winner can not be present is, Kerri.” I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t win.

Then, a few very interesting things happened. First of all, Ryan won. Then, that judge who I had been concerning myself about “not getting” my message came up to me and said, “You know, your stories were really good, but I just didn’t get it.” Also, there was actually a line that formed of people waiting to talk to me and tell me what a great impact I made on them with that speech I had just delivered.

It took me about an hour of feeling sorry for myself then it hit me: I had drawn to myself the exact outcome that I had been focusing on. I thought I was focused on winning because I was thinking about Not wanting to lose to Ryan and Not wanting that judge to miss the point. The only thing I was focusing on in the positive was that I wanted to affect as many people as possible and that happened too.

I tell this story in order to illustrate 2 points. First, we do indeed draw to ourselves the exact experiences that we focus our thoughts on and our minds are very powerful. Second, that the universe is unbiased and nonjudgmental, it will not negate what we are focusing our energy upon. If we focus on what we do not want, that is the experience we will draw to ourselves. If we focus on what we do want, that is the experience we will draw to ourselves. We need to always think in the positive and this will bring us positive results. If we choose to focus on the negative, those thoughts will bring us negative results.

I love this example because it illustrates how powerful the mind is and that we create our experience through our thoughts. [Cheesy][Cheesy]

If we allow our thoughts to be chaotic and scattered, we will have seemingly random expereinces [B)].  If, however, we focus our thoughts and create an intention, we will draw the types of expereinces we desire.  

Okay, so you might be wondering... How do I do this?  Good Question! [Cheesy]  We can do it in a few ways, first is positive affirmations, or mind snacks to feed our thoughts when we are thinking negative thoughts about ourselves ot find ourselves thinking seemingly random thoughts.  Another way, is to write down everything your heart desires on a piece (or pieces) of paper, this is called a Life Manifestation.  Write it as if it is happening NOW.  Then read this to yourself every once in a while, maybe once a week...OUT LOUD... and you will slowly notice that your thoughts will return to that image you have for yourself when you feel scattered or question whether you are on track.  By the way, write it in the positive... Don't say, "I am no longer poor"... instead, say... "I am rich," or "Money flows freely through me" (whatever floats your boat.)[Wink]

This has worked for me and by speaking it out loud, you tell the Universe what you want so that it can work in accordance with your desires.  It's good to read it at least once a week so that you keep your thoughts on track.  You can also change your life manifestation as your desires change. [:O]

Have fun and please let me know if you have noticed how your intentions have created your experiences. [Smiley]


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