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Author Topic: The God of my limited understanding  (Read 1500 times)
Alan McDougall
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« on: May 31, 2008, 15:17:30 »

God  The Supreme intelligence.

This is what the forum was waiting for!!

With great need, humans want to have their spirit united with a supreme intelligence. This  requires a knowledge of a supreme wisdom relating to earth and a knowledge of the human spirit. With this knowledge developed and understood over generations, humanity has chosen to turn away from the earth which is in a constant state of creation where an infinite supreme intelligence is ever speaking to the spirit of all humanity. This order and harmony that humans can perceive in the natural world is attributed to a divine providence that orders and controls the entire universe intelligently and rationally. These essential elements of finite things reveal a supreme intelligence but in an exalted degree and in a manner that can not be comprehended by a human in its entirety.

This supreme intelligence is conceived of as having constructed the universe in such a way that humans have in their possession all that is within the compass of their own character or moral choice and nothing else. The capacity that a human has for understanding, accepting and embracing this state of affairs is in the nature of perfect unity, invisible and incorporeal, transcending all things material.

The question that really 'matters' is whether humans do have a basis, sufficient in reason (whether speculative or practical) for attributing a final purpose to the supreme cause acting in terms of purposes.  Since a supreme intelligence creates all things with its own purpose, then a human cannot perceive anything without seeing a supreme intelligence in those things.

Human words are not to be used without meaning. In understanding humanity and in accordance to the human way of thinking and in consequence with human principles, it should follow that humans are only a system of floating ideas, without any substance to support them.

Consciousness is the reality of the human universe. Therefore humans are causalities of their conscious beliefs and fears. Whatever a human believes they become and what ever a human fears they manifest.

According to the human principle of sufficient reason, there must be as much reality (formally or eminently) in the cause of any idea as (objectively) in the idea itself. Therefore, the idea humans have of infinite perfection originated from a supreme intelligence with infinite formal perfection. It follows that the idea could not have originated in a human. The origin of the idea could only be the real existence of a supreme universal intelligence. One could even expand on this logic and conclude that the mind of each human is literally a fragment (apospasma) of a supreme universal intelligence.

Humans have an idea of that which has infinite perfection. There must be a first mover, unmoved. A first cause in the chain of causes. An absolutely necessary intelligence. An absolute perfect wisdom. A rational designer.


Humans are naturally desirous of immortality and therefore examine with some care how far their natural light being or spirit may lead them in respect to a shared immortality with a supreme intelligence.

The best way to know the will of this supreme intelligence would be through the express declaration and revelation rendered by the sole light of nature on earth and the sole light of nature on other planets which is perfectly founded and confirmed on facts. This happy agreement between nature and the revealed light of a supreme intelligence is equally honorable to both humans and aliens.

Transcending space and time to form the "essence of essences" and "idea of ideas" one must conclude;

To those who believe in a supreme intelligence, no proof is necessary. To those who do not believe, no proof is possible.


Take Care

The Astral Pulse

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