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Author Topic: pet ghost cat  (Read 1043 times)
« on: January 04, 2005, 14:03:35 »

hi sorry i cant find the forum for things like this if you could move it there it would be much appreciated thanks Smiley

recently since ive been going on paranormal investigations ive been hearing strange noises around the house like clicks and bangs etc but on boxing day i was lieng in bed listening to my earphones and i heard three loud bangs then the sound of someone sneakily standing on a creaky floorboard

so i went out to see who it was and noone was there,my sister was sound asleep and my mum had got up wondering what it was aswell so i went back to bed for an hour or 2 and got up and decided i would do the ouija board to see if i could communicate with whoever it was

me and my sister went downstairs and just as i got to the place i heard the bangs i heard a cat meowing in my ear like it was in distress kind of like it was raging (i cant think of the word) which freaked me out a bit but we went downstairs anyway and contemplated getting a glass and making letters etc

then my sister went over to turn on the light and this cold spot rushed towards me,it felt like it was clinging to me and the shin part of my trousers were sting to my legs like static (cold spots tend to be ghosts standing in a certain placebut this was really cold like a frosty breeze almost) i also started seeing a mist around me occasionally and tiny orbs.

so i was pretty much on the edge of my seat in despair at this point freaking out lol but i calmed myself and we went to get my digital camera to take some photos

i got my camera and went into my mums room to tell her and i could feel it clinging to my back it was about as heavy as half a toilet roll for the want of a better expression,so i took a photo in the mirror and there is a cat in the picture that seems to have alien eyes (like those lightbulbhead large black eyes aliens) i thought it was the best ghost picture id ever seen but on close examination the dust on the mirror has the exact shape on it as the what the camera saw BUT i took another photo which seems to have the head turning to face the camera!?? ill put the photos on once someone tells me how to do it lol
im thinking maye it super imposed itself on the mirror or something who knows.

anyway it was still clinging to me and i wasnt freaking out so much but i was feeling faint

so we went back downstairs got a glass and made letters cleared the table and tried the ouija board,i asked if it was a cat and did it need help etc then we heard it running up and down my room above us twice! we asked another few questions without the ouija board and i could still see it (i forgot to mention actually that i had been seeing small orbs in my eyes that morning but i thought it was just the hangover you know lol especially as they were so close to my eyes) as a kind of mist with small orbs and i told it to sit on my knee and it did i felt the coldness then my trousers creased.

then i asked it if it could make itself more visible and then i could see the mist even more obviously and it appeared just next to my sister on the couch then she said she saw it in front of her

i then realised how thirsty i was,i had been drinking water and my mouth was completely dry so i thought maybe it wants a drink so i got a bowl of water and sat it beside me and said it could drink it and it did i turned away for a split second and heard it slurping the water an as i turned a splash of water had just bounced out then it slurped it again twice more! and my thirst dissapeared.

we went back upstairs to tell my mum about it all and i heard it meowing again on my left shoulder and at night for a couple of days after it was like my room was being rearranged and when you went into it nothing was moved i could also hear footsteps!?

i have told it not to make so much noise because its a bit freaky so there isnt so much now but i do still hear a lot of clicks and bangs and things being moved actually just the other day a cup next to me moved like it was nearly picked up and one night in bed talking to it the room started to become kind of yellowy and the light dimmed but i was like "NO! no too freaky just now well leave that for another day whatever it is" lol

so there you go i have a ghost pet cat im writing this everywhere to see if anyone has had this or knows anything etc.

anyway merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone!
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« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2005, 21:11:18 »

This is a cool story. Many people on Astral Pulse told similiar stories about meeting astral cats, and they told that they were able to pet them when they had OOBE. I think that you should try to have this cat as a pet, just for fun, and because it will be probably very happy that it can bring someones attention...

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« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2005, 21:11:18 »

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« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2005, 14:43:50 »

One of the first ghosts I ever saw was a cat ghost. My mom was driving on a rainy night 25 years ago and she hit her brakes. I saw a black and white cat run out in front of the car and when she stopped I saw it stop and fade. I looked at my mom and asked. "Did you just stop for a cat and see it fade?" She said, "Yes."
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