Akashic Records ?


There is quite a lot written about that by Robert Bruce in one of his on-line book. So I will not repeat that. These records (Annals) are kind of storage of all the "feelings" of all the people, what they lived, what they will live, etc... There is however another way to access premonitory information which is what Robert Bruce calls the "wind of the future", where, while in astral travel you are kind of "sucked" up into another place/time and are witness of events which are events of the future, whether directly or through signs/symbolism. These are also probably, as I understand them, pieces of the Akashic Annals. It seems that some sensitive people can "intercept" messages/information from the Annals.

I have my self experienced more than once premonitory dreams which looked exactly as the "wind of the future" in that sens that in a dream I am suddenly in a place where things are hapening, and I am there as a witness.

So I can only say that I have accessed the info from the Akashic Annals in premonitory dreams and unvolontarily.

HOWever, I found out that autosuggestion works well for that too. You can try to auto suggestion yourself before you go to sleep by repeating and writing in your dreams journal that you want to access the Akashic Annals (or have premonitory dreams). It should work withing a week or two.

It's just a theory of mine... but I believe that every aspect of the human mind has it's counterpart on the Astral Planes. It's up to you whether you believe that "the Planes are reflections of human minds" or "human minds are reflections of the Planes" of course :)

But, that being the case, I think that the Akashic Records are, at least in part, the Astral correspondent of memory: your memory contains everything that has ever happened to you; the Akashic records contain everything that has ever happened to everything.

I've heard people say that the easiest way to go there is to imagine yourself in a vast library and there you'll be. Sadly, I can't project yet, so can't help on that score..

How does one acces them ?
What are they ?
Can anyone use them ?

and all the things you know about them.. because i for one.. don`t know a thing about this topic..

and another thing too.. if you have any experieces about this - feel free to share [:o)]



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