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David Warner:

Remember this is the first step of experimentation and a challenge in itself to produce the obe under these conditions. I will not draw the line just on one experiment and call it a day.

Another huge factor is $$$ and the team that I'm working with. The main focus is their time and energy on ghost hunting, de-bunking the paranormal. It's a small team here in Michigan and they travel everywhere. So when extra $$ comes across their plate they invest in what they can.

My biggest question is this: we all can project and we've local connections with paranormal teams, institutions - why don't we all see if we can work together on a project like this. See if we can get results and share vs. one or two people going out in the field?

If you like to donate some moolah to the cause - your more welcome!

Thank You for the links, I will check them out.


science. cool.

 i think ghost hunters captured something like a ball of white energy transfer from one person to another but i think that show is so fake. i've only seen it like twice, but the ball of energy transfer was captured in psychedelic colors (thermo?) and i saw it on the top ten/best of episode.

i wish you success in getting out. if you do I think they will find something. unless they're sole motive is to debunk. do they have a tv show or something? how long will they be observing you for?

good luck, i'd like to see you float out on camera.

David Warner:
the ghost hunters are a paranormal team that have specialized in this for the last twenty years. they mostly go out in the field and help people with noises, ghosts, and get to the bottom of the truth. they are not out too debunk but more a less help, assist, and remove some of the obvious problems that we take as paranormal. they are more a less a private team and are not to jump on the band wagon towards fame or publicity.

i met with the group about 3-4 weeks ago for a meeting, couple of hours. i'm very interested in seeing what we can come up with as a team, its finding the time, being patient and waiting when everyone's schedules come together.

basically, we agreed on this format:

1. I've to study my stats for the last two years on my sleep duration and stats.
2. The days that I'm favorable of producing the obe is Friday and Sunday - again, stats tracking.
3. So we purposed that I arrive in the morning roughly around 7:00AM, the team will have the equipment setup.
4. The night before, I'll have acess how many hours of sleep will be needed before I arrive. This will give me a good
opportunity to recognize my body, needing x amount of sleep.
5. After the video, evp, thermal energy, compass equipment starts to record I'll put myself into the trance and project.

My idea is to have the team offsite where we will be doing these sessions. I might have them wake me up every 1hr30mins so that I can go back to sleep again with hopes of going into trance.

Once we do and finally capture this I'll post my findings on my web site with all the data compiled.


Sounds very very interesting Tvos.. good luck!


The experiments of Osis and Tanous (Osis, 1980), Hubbard (Hubbard, 1986) and Yonjie (Yonjie, 1982) show that, during an   out-of-body experience, there is a real physical manifestation which leaves the body and can be detected as it moves about. It causes electric and magnetic disturbances, and registers on strain gauges. For lack of a better term, we shall call this the astral body, which is the traditional Hindu term for the consciousness as it moves in the OBE state. When in that state, the experiments of Harary show that certain animals, such as cats, are aware of it. It has also been photographed in certain circumstances, and some humans have reported seeing it.
The appearance of the astral body has two basic forms. Some people see it as a ghostly form of the actual person, as in the Landau case. In fact, in some cases, it appears in color and fully natural as in the Wilmot case. But the most frequent form is as a small orb which moves quickly. In this form it has been photographed and registered on electromagnetic detectors. When the person is in the OBE state, physiological functions such as EEG, the electrical activity of the brain, are greatly reduced. Whole body Kirlian photographic images support this conclusion, as we will see in Volume II. It is as though a portion of the electromagnetic structure and activity leaves the body and goes with the astral body.
The challenge for science is that there is no known form of energy which creates stable energetic spheres which can travel autonomously. The fact that this sphere also seems to be the seat of consciousness and awareness is a much greater challenge to science. As the Mitchell-Swann experiments show, during an OBE the subject behaves as if his "eyes" are located at the astral body, not the physical body. In the Osis-Tanous and Hubbard experiments, when the remote viewer reported being able to see the target, sensors at the target were set off, indicating an unexplained energy was present. The most reasonable conclusion is that the viewer's visual information was somehow coming from his externalized consciousness, his "astral" body, which was causing disturbances at the sensor.



     Some years ago, Dr. Duncan McDougall, of Haverhill Mass., conducted some unique experiments in which he weighed a number of patients dying from consumtion, at the moment of death. He placed the cot containing the patient on a delicately balanced scale---so that the patient (bed and all) was weighed. At the moment of death the beam of the balance went up and struck the upper arm suddenly. The weight thus lost was calculated and was found, in four out of six cases, to be between 2 and 2½ ounces.
    Although the experiments of Prof. L.V. Twining in detecting a loss of weight in small animals at death were given considerable publicity. Mr. Twining writes this author that he does not consider his discoveries of much importance even though they were made under proper conditions at the Los Angeles Polytechnic Institute. So we will omit his testimony. Whether a loss of weight at the very moment of death is indicative of some substance leaving the body, I leave the reader to conclude for himself.*
 *Dr. R.A. Watters, of the William Bernard Johnston Foundation, Reno, Nevada, claims to have successfully photographed “souls” of insects—mice etc., at the moment of death
    In France, several prominent man of science, including Colonel Albert de Rochas, M. Charles Lancelin, M. Hector Durville, and others, claim to have extracted the astral body by hypnosis and mesmerism and to have performed many ingenious experiments with it.
    Colonel Rochas claimed that with this subject in deep trance, he could, by suggestion, cause the etheric body to exteriorize in a sort of plastic form and unite into a phantasmal shape outside the physical. The phantom, thus extracted, could be lengthened by the will of the operator, could pass trough material things, was the seat of sensation, etc. When the Colonel suggested that the phantom take on her own mother’s form the suggestion was carried out.
    Durville, President of the Magnetic Society of France, in his book Le Fantôme des Vivants, deals with the subject in great length. His book is divided into two parts; part one being historical and explaining the general theory of the double. Part two sets fort his original experiments in which the astral body was apparently projected by mesmerism. For instance, Durville tells that the subject of the experiment is constantly en rapport with the double through the medium of the fluidic cord which is capable of elongation, the phantom is attired in a sort of gauze-like substance, sense impressions are conveyed across the cord, light is detrimental to success, etc.
    In one chapter Durville states how calcium sulphide screens were placed some distance from the subject and suggestion given that the phantom approach one of them. As a result that screen glowed up from the vital radiations emitted by the ghost when nearing it. Some other successes were reported by Durville such as moving the straw of a sthenometer by the exteriorized phantom. Some of this material is of absorbing interest and, according to Dr. Carrington, agrees remarkably with the descriptions and experiments set forth by the present writer elsewhere. Durville concludes his book as follows: “Projection of the astral body is a certain fact, capable of being demonstrated by means of direct experiment. This also demonstrates to us that living force is independent of matter, and that our individuality is composed of a physical body and an intelligent soul and a vital link---the astral body. Since this phantom can exist and function apart from the physical body, it may also exist after death. That is, immortality is a fact which is proved scientifically.”
    The work of Charles Lancelin states that projection is the result of externalization of neuric (nervous) energy and that the phantom is composed of this force. This outflowing of neuricity takes place in everyone, but very pronouncedly in some individuals, and is capable of being measured by delicately constructed instruments. Space forbids going into Lancelin’s discoveries, suffice it to say, they corroborate the findings of other researchers in the same line.
    Photographic evidence, that is photographing of the exteriorized phantom, is contained in the works of Rochas, Durville, Darget, Aksakof, Delanne, Ochorowicz and others. While this might, at first thought, seem preposterous, it is not unreasonable to suppose that the vital radiations of the energetic body can impress film, since the neural energy is akin to electricity and Professor Le Bon and colleagues have already shown that--- by purely physical means---it is possible to stabilize and photograph electric current. Prof Fukurai of the University of Tokio even brings forth strong evidence that thought---a form of energy---can be photographed, as does Dr. Baraduc.
    At the Hague, two Dutch scientists (physicists) ---Drs. Malta and Zaalberg van Zelat tried to ascertain the chemical and molecular structure---the composition---of the astral body. Their conclusions arrived at after prolonged experiment with such instruments as dinamistograph, etc., were:
    “The body is capable of contraction and expansion, under the action of the will—that is, the will of the astral body---the expansion being about 1.26mm. or about 1/40.000.000 of its own volume; its concentration being much greater---namely. About 8mm. or 1/6,250,000. Its specific weight is about 12.24 mgs. lighter than hydrogen. And 176.5 times lighter than air.
    “The will acts upon this body mechanically, causing it to expand (rise) or contract (descend) as the action takes place. It is thus subject to the law of gravity. There is an x force (unknown force) which holds the molecules of this body together. The atoms composing this body are extremely small, widely separated and heavy. The internal density of the body is about the same as that of the external air. If the pressure of the air outside of the body is increased, that inside the body will increase in exact proportion…The weight of this body was also calculated, and found by them to be about 69.5 gr. ---approximately 2¼ oz.”  It should be noted that in the experiments of Dr. Duncan McDougall, the weight was estimated at about the same figure!
    Many other prominent persons have been working either directly other indirectly on the problem of the vital principle in man. M. Yourievich of the General Psychological Institute of Paris, and Dr. Sidney Alrutz. Of Uppsala University, Sweden, conducted experiments on the vital radiations from the human body, using all sorts of instruments. M. Yourievich proved beyond a doubt the existence of what he termed “Y-rays.” These rays emanate from all men and women.
    Alrutz demonstrated with his apparatus that a curious force issued from the human hands which could pass through certain substances. Other tests have been made where photographic plates---wrapped in black paper to exclude light--- and held against the subject’s forehead, have, when developed, shown an image concentrated upon.


    In the literature of spiritism there have been from time to time stories from persons claiming to have seen the astral body (of persons other than themselves) exteriorized, or in the process of exteriorization, especially at the time of death. It is obvious that the truth of such testimony rests entirely with the person claiming to have seen the vision and cannot be corroborated. Andrew Jackson Davis in his Harmonial Philosophy gives the following description of one case which he observed:
    “A human being lies….dying....The physical body grows negative and cold, in proportion as the elements of the spiritual body become warm and positive. The feet become cold first. The clairvoyant sees right over the head what may be called a magnetic halo…..golden in appearance and throbbing as though conscious.
   “Now the body is cold up to the knees and elbows. The legs are then cold up to the hips and the arms to the shoulders. The emanation is more expanded, though it has not risen higher in the room. The death-coldness steals over the breast and around on either side. The emanation has attained apposition near the ceiling. The person has ceased to breathe, the pulse is still.
    “The emanation is elongated and fashioned in the outline of the human body. It is connected with the brain. The head of the person throbs internally---a slow deep throb, not painful but like the beat of the sea. The thinking faculties are rational, while nearly every part of the person is death. The golden emanation is connected with the brain by a very fine life-thread.
    “On the body of the emanations there appears something white and shining, like the human head; next comes a faint outline of the face divine; the fair neck and beautiful shoulders manifest, and then in rapid succession all parts of the new body down to the feet---a bright shining image, somewhat smaller than the physical, but a perfect prototype in all its details…..The fine life-thread continues attached to the old brain. The next thing is the withdrawal of this electric principle. When the thread snaps the spiritual body is free…..”
    In the June 1936 issue of Prediction Magazine an article, which appears to have been written with sincere honesty by Dr. Riblet Brisbane Hout, tells how, on three different occasions, he saw the projected astral bodies of patients undergoing operations. This occurred, he says, while he was attending surgical clinic in a large hospital in Chicago, he being one of the three observers watching the operations.


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