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Author Topic: A visit from my mom and the tour of my death  (Read 775 times)
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« on: February 24, 2016, 00:56:42 »


I think this projection was brought on by talking to the spirits before i went to bed. when i got out of body i was near a park by my childhood home before my mother died. when i looked into the park i saw my mom, she was bathe in golden white light it was so bright too that only the gold shown. when i saw her floating ther i ran to her but i moved very slow because at that moment i forgot i was projecting, cause in those moments i was runing to her, i felt nothing else mattered but her, i was happy rung with emotion tear of happyness. when i got to her i hugged her deeply and told her how much i missed her, she said she missed me too. my bro and sis left behind energies were there too making me think they were dead too. at that moment i also felt dead and un able to return to my body, for now i begin my tour of my possible death my mom guided me thru it with my bro and sis. supose ly my sis dies before me then me and my bro the only one living. anyway how i die, i'm coming back to my home from a get.......sorry nevermind that part, i was just informed i can't share that part with anyone right now sorry, i guess i have to allowed it to just play out without informing the people who may be involved. anyway after the tour of my possible death, my mom went away for a moment and i was left to play with my bro and sis left behind energy better known as their higher selves. my sis turned into a bird and said chase me if you can, so i changed into a hawk and chased her leaving my bros higher self behind. after a while my mom returned and i asked some questions. i asked her about sex and she said something along the lines of, females can do it 12 time year ( not the actual word she used i think she said out of an eternity or something whatever time frame they use) and the males 33 times. i then asked about heaven and the after life, she said something along the lines of only the rightous enherit heaven and the rest of us live in our own afterlives. which would explain why i was at the park of my childhood because it was the place we were happiest when she was alive when i was 6 or 7. anyway afterwards i was allowed to return to my body after exping what i needed to know. overall i enjoyed my visit with my mom seeing and being with her. once again sorry for the misleading title, trust me i was ready to share my death with yall but was told not to as i was about to. i'm sure yall understand so thanks for listening.


Update: I can now share my death scene from my experience, because as of now i've forgotten who was involved so I won't be telling anyone off,so no specifics so here goes:

I was coming home from a get together (walking home). When at the moment I closed door, someone I knew came to the door. It is unclear if he knocked or just rushed his way in, but I was beaten to death by him and a few other who may have came in afterwards. Police was called and my body was found in the basement by my significant other. I think me and the other guy got into a little. Argument where I tried to get him to leave but it turned into something that costed me my life. When I was seeing this from a alt perspective I was getting heated and mad, and almost wanted to jump into the scene, but my mom stopped it and I was back with her and my siblings and you know the rest. I did sort of jump into it and try to tell her who killed me as anyone probably would.
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