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Author Topic: Eyes Glowing?  (Read 992 times)
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« on: April 20, 2005, 14:29:15 »

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me make some sense of something that happened to me last night. All input appreciated!  Cheesy

Basically I was practicing last night (like a good boy) astral projection techniques. What seemed to be working for me was to sit in a comfortable chair, and spend just a moment quieting my mind, just a minute, while deep breathing. Then I went through progressive muscle relaxation until I felt physically relaxed all over. Again, once I was physically relaxed, I took another moment to still my mind again and then done an energy raising exercise I read online in the Treatise on Astral Projection by Robert Bruce (he's awesome). Then once done with the energy raising (which I shortened slightly so that I wouldn't get bored or restless) I stopped again to relax my mind for a minute before going straight for the 'Rope' technique, again from Robert Bruce.

I 'felt' myself reaching out just ahead of me, and grabbing hold of a thick rope. I slowly reached one hand in front of the other and I could actually feel pressure within myself, as if I was torn and part of me really was trying to pull out, but just wasn't loose enough. At this point I imagined/felt myself putting one foot up (as if there was a wall in front of me) so as to give myself more leverage, and then the other foot. Imagine someone sliding down the side of a mountain or building on a rope, abseiling Smiley. It felt like it was working for a while but then the harder I tried to focus on this reaching and pulling, the more I noticed a couple of my fingers and toes twitching. So, I decided to stop and relax my muscles again, realising that they weren't as relaxed as I thought. Once I had done that, I started again with the rope technique but then decided instead to just sit with a quiet mind and see what happened...

I'm not sure how long I was sat like this, maybe a few minutes, when I felt something change. My awareness seemed to "move" from being "where it normally is" to the background. It felt like my consciousness had literally "moved back" and sunken a little deeper into my head/body. Also, I felt the temperature drop by a noticeable amount, like a there was a sudden draft, but obviously, there wasn't. The skin on my arms and legs and face were all suddenly cooler. The darkness changed as well. I'm sure in fact that there was a second or 2 when I could actually see my legs (or astral legs) through my closed eyelids, but then I lost it to another sensation...something peculiar. I felt like I wasn't upright smiley  It was like I was suddenly tilted about 45 degrees to my left, and I seemed to be stuck there. I could barely feel my body but I knew I could still move it though - I wasn't at full Paralysis. I felt lighthead, kind of disoriented (as you could imagine). I stayed like this for maybe a few minutes - kinda just soaking in the atmosphere and getting used to the sensations - but I was also trying to decide what to do next. I wasn't scared but the sensations were definitely quite distracting for me - which is probably why I thought it a good idea to take the opportunity to really experience the situation and get used to it. I knew I was too caught up by it all to continue any further so I slowly brought myself back.

Quite pleased with myself I went back upstairs and stopped off at the bathroom. I was washing my hands when I looked in the mirror and noticed something odd. My eyes looked different - quite noticeably. When I say my eyes, I'm talking more specifically about the iris (coloured part) of each eye. They looked much brighter and lighter than usual, with an orange tint to them, they looked almost on the verge of glowing!  Now I know perceptions are altered when you go into any form of trance and I considered maybe I didn't come out of it properly(?). I don't know, but my eyes were definitely different in appearance from usual. My eyes are normally a deep kinda brown by the way. I'm a black guy so use your imagination wink. I stayed in the bathroom a couple of minutes looking at my eyes. I looked around me but nothing else looked different.

They're back to "normal" now (next day) but I'm wondering if anyone can relate any experiences they've had with what I've just described. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen things after engaging in Astral Projection exercises but those things were ghost like and "airy", and quite some time ago. This was much more solid and real, and fixed.

Any comments/feedback would be greatly appreciated Smiley

"Why take an aeroplane to the coast, when you can take the Astral Plane to the Ghost?"
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