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Author Topic: Fatteh's brief talk on OBE  (Read 560 times)
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« on: November 04, 2003, 21:07:58 »

Well, let's start with what I really REALLY want to make a point of. You people spend too much time messing around on these forums, when in fact you really should be training on getting out out of body.

Okay okay, I know from reading Tisha's Essay on OBE that it is perfectly normal to be fascinated with OBE, read about it, say that you are training, when in actual fact you've only put in a few minutes every month, if even that.

But I must disagree with one of Tisha's statements, that of being "poor"  for lack of better word, in order to lead a relaxed lifestyle. That may work, but it is like giving up one's physical life for the one outside of it. If that was such a good idea, then why are we "wasting"  time here? Exactly, we're not. Both goals CAN be achieved. But you WILL have to compromise. Spend less time on the computer you Astral Pulse junkies, and less time watching TV etc.

I mean, if you know there is nothing on, and you are bored, then train. If it is a show you really like, you can watch it, but be aware of your goal of being a projector, and be aware that you are losing time getting towards that goal if you do other things.

In actual fact, training for OBE is not as hard or as arduous as it sounds. It is simply a matter of time and patience. First you have to put in the time for it, and that is where many would-be projectors go wrong, including myself. You hardly see the mods posting right? That's because they are out enjoying themselves in the Astral. After you put in the time, be prepared for things going slow at first. Patience is a virtue my friends.

Then there are your core skills. These do not, and I repeat, DO NOT, come over night. If you are using Robert Bruce's Astral Dynamics, I highly recommend looking at the 90-day AD workbook in the downloads section of the website for some guidelines and ideas. The general idea of it is to work at your energy body one bit at a time, keeping all the old steps and gradually building it up (after having some preliminary training in MBA and TI). Relaxation is the same, working WITH energy development, to squeeze down time. 5-60 minutes a day is all that is recquired for the ENTIRE THING, at least one focus exercise, some energy development, and some relaxation training.

Then you move on to inducing trances instead of relaxation and focus, because it is already good enough.

Then during your final weeks you test out the projection exit techniques. Believe me, the structure in the 90-day plan is incredibly useful. You do not have to follow that guide SPECIFICALLY, but it is a good guideline for building your own plan. You do not have to work on energy body, then relaxation, then focus in seperate packages. Wrap them up into one package and work on each very important aspect every day.

And above all, never lose your inspiration to project. I did and I should have been projecting a couple of months ago. Fear not the unknown, and keep a positive, yet patient, attitude towards it all. It is worth the effort, and the effort really isn't that much when you look at it.

Time and patience my friends, approach them with a smile.

Per Ardua Ad Astra

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

No amount of rigorous training, sitting and doing nothing, and clearing one's mind can help a man who hasn't overcome his doubts.
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