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Author Topic: Inner Voice  (Read 989 times)
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« on: April 10, 2014, 09:18:54 »

About a week back I was trying to induce WILD lying back on bed. I can induce a light trance fairly easy and sit there often in a  state of empty minded peace but the hypnagogic images I get tend to be snapshots, a flash of a person or scenery with no movement.

The blackness in front of my eyes is rarely black, more a mess of colours like an out of focus lava lamp. Anyways I tried to focus on creating images and ran through a list of really simple items, candlestick, ball, strawberry holding each one as long as I could, moving the image and imagining it's kinesthetic, smell and anything to deepen.

I got to strawberry and in my mind I imagined it so vividly I could see it hanging there, then it suddenly turned into a 3d image - simultaneously a giant black widow spider scuttled out from behind it.  The strawberry was the size of a house so can imagine. This did not in any way appear in my room just as a suddenly independently moving 3D image in my closed eye vision. It startled me but I took control and froze the image mentally, playing with it.

I felt happy like I'd passed a small test but then got bored of my images - nothing else seemed to happen when my inner monologue started to speak - This wasn't a hypnagogic voice that I could audibly here, just my own internal self chatter however it seemed suddenly a lot more confident, sure of itself and different, like it knew stuff and was guiding me.

It encouraged me to break a sweat with my images suggesting much more abstract concepts - Smoke, Fire, Earth, Raindrop then Rainbow.  Cycling through the image I felt myself drawn into each and actively imagining what it would be like to actually be that object. I started cycling through these images while my inner monologue played coach going smoke-fire-earth-rainbow-earth-fire and suddenly I started tingling all over. Not like pins and needles, more like a whole body orgasm, incredibly pleasurable yet somehow more mental and, I don't know...pure if that makes sense.

It felt like I was floating, everything felt wonderful. I lost track of the images and just surrendered to the sensation.

So something happened, I felt both tested and rewarded and my inner monologue seemed to have changed, been upgraded, more compassionate, confident and possessed seemingly of knowledge I of which I wasn't. Not sure what this was, anyone experience anything similar?
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