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Author Topic: I was Cold?! [Feeling the Temperature]  (Read 615 times)
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« on: May 20, 2006, 14:19:03 »

Something really surprised me last night. I woke up at 3:30, and had to stay awake until 4:30 to wake my mom up. I knew if I feel asleep, I would not wake up. So laying there in bed, Around 4 I feel asleep, luckily at 4:04 I woke, but I woke up Sleep-Paralysis. I felt the vibes, and heard the air rushing. I was to OBE uncontrollably, but I got myself out of it because I wasn't sure what time it was.

Anyway, at like 4:30, I woke my little brother as well. He wanted to try to OBE, hopefully he did. But, it took me about half an hour to induce to Sleep-Paralysis, and when I finally did, I began inducing OBEs.

My first one, resulted in me just hitting the floor and then returning to my body almost immediately because my side felt really funny (really ticklish) when I touched down. Remembering my previous post about inducing multiple OBEs, I went right into another one. (There was a bag of chips by the side of my bed, maybe that did it?)

My second one, I managed to stand up in my room, and then I woke up... grr... This etheric projection stuff is really hard, so I decided to try and Astral Project my next attempt.

My third attempt, started out pretty much the same, except I kind of skipped the landing on the floor being blinded part. I pretty much knew I was still in the etheric plane, and I wanted into the Astral, I just wanted. So I closed my eyes and tried to increases my frequency (just thought about it, I don't know if it worked or not). So I'm standing in room, and I wanted to go outside. So I decided to go through the window. It felt so weird to feel to go through it. I could feel myself flow through. Now, I was outside, the first thing I noticed was that I was freezing cold!? I knew it was chilly outside, but I was not at all expecting to be able to feel the temperature of my surroundings. Despite me being cold, I floated up and began to fly around. Was easy as cake. It was still pretty dark out, since it was early morning, so I began to look for entities, especially the negative ones, because my little brother is pretty afraid about them, and I'm also uneasy about them. I even to darker spots I could find, and did not find one thankfully smiley Anyway, I was out flying around my street for a while, was a fun experience. My vision wasn't as sharp I hoped, but it was sharp enough. Anything I looked at was clear.

But my main question is, do you feel temperature in your EP/APs?

Another weird thing, when starting getting up the last time, it looked like my covers fell off and hit the ground, but then I was laying down and the covers were on me.

My Improvements: easily moved around Astral Plane, and Flying (which has always plagued me, even in Lucid Dreams)
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