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Author Topic: Mind-Split - Implications & Dalai Lama's Opinion  (Read 2153 times)
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« on: July 06, 2003, 19:52:05 »

Very interesting questions, Aaron.
I'm as anxious as you to hear the responses.  [Cheesy]

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« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2003, 22:15:43 »

Reasoning wont help to answer those questions. There are no multiple bodys, its all just one body. Being everithing and everywhere is something nobody can explain, its something private will have to experience

I know a man, he walks in this world and fights with dragons, wolfs, and go to spiritual palaces at the ame time. He is not crazy.
He had no education, he is just the guy who clean up the dumpsters (trash). When I ask him how could this be, he jut answer me, " dont know, I just do it" and lol. We can make theories or iterpretations but knowledge comes to us just by experience. Nobody can write the truth of the universe in a philosophical essay, its like tring to put the hole ocean in a glass of water. The invitation of life is to live it, not to describe it or capture it in a peac of paper. When someone tries to "know how things are or work" they aproach to knowlwedge as if it is an objet. This marterilaistic way of thinking wont ver open for us the door of true wisdom. I believe the "correct" way to aproach knowledge is acepting tree things:

That we dont know anything
That we wont know anything
That we dont knw what are we aproaching to.

We are always thinking in what WE want, but what does life wants from us, what does she want us to reveal? I want lumination and I want OBE, but is it true the universe HAS to obey my egos desires? We humans and every single dot of life are just instumnets of something bigger, the universe is pregnant,somethingsgoing on and we dont know anything. When I think is it rue its me the one who thinks, when I want something is it true Im theone who want it, Is my will my will, or my will is the will of soethin bigger? See, I have only more questions for your questions,.... Theoreical answers wont heal the emptyness of your quest. Find inside the water o life, but dont ask me how!
                            Atentamente, Ensoņador
The Astral Pulse
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2003, 22:15:43 »

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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2003, 04:28:30 »

I like the holographic universe theory (theres a thread about it somewhere). Holographic is where the same information is recorded everywhere but in different ways and many pieces of information can overlap. I dont know if the theory includes this, but I would add that each level of reality could have a different REFLECTION of the SAME person because of different (their equivalent of) laws of physics. No copying would need to be done. It would be like looking through red glass and thinking you see a second person that is red.
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« Reply #3 on: July 11, 2003, 03:34:30 »

Hi Aaron,

Thanks very much for posting the Dalai Lama quote. There's a theory of mind that states that sufficient complexity will give rise to consciousness. Proponents of this theory believe that our consciousness is an "epiphenomenon" of the brain, a ghost in the machine, an illusion. Or you could look at it as *everything* is consciousness or nothing is. This theory goes well (I think) with the Buddhist concept of "emptiness" or non-interiors or no-self.

At first blush, this theory might seem to indicate that we are nothing more than our physical bodies. (And I don't like that either! Smiley) But, if there are subtler and subtler levels of reality "induction" or "coupling" between, say, the physical and the astral might be going on all the time. A pattern "grown" in the physical (a human being) might imprint a pattern in the astral. This pattern, if of sufficient detail and strength would inherently believe itself to be the original "I" and automatically be conscious, simply be existing. (If "emptiness" holds and pattern-with-feedback equals consciousness.)

In a perfect mind-split, the new mind would feel itself to be the original "I". If everything went right though, the new-I would realize it was the copy, because it would be out-of-body, etc. Then, in order for the new-I to have an "afterlife" it would somehow have to get its experiences into the original-I, the downloading of memories.

It's fascinating to think about. Depending on how well you got along with yourself(!) you could do all sorts of interesting things with a team of new-I's if you projected several new-I's at once and were able to download all the memories.

What if out-body-experiences are usually so confusing because most of us are inexperienced and we make terrible, low-quality, low-energy mind copies so they aren't as conscious? (Luckily we still get the memories back (sometimes!) because, perhaps, we humans are designed that way.)

Further, if someone could actually do this (make several quality new-I's), then surely they could make lessor-I's or constructs that would report directly back, be more directly linked, etc.

Please note, this is all theoretical. Though I've gotten a great motivation boost to keep practicing after that great Dalai Lama quote.

Finally, there's a fairly new science fiction book called "Kiln People" that has nothing to do with obe's, but nicely explores the consequences of temporary mind-splits. A fun read if you like science fiction, and it gets you thinking about how you might relate to your new-I's.
The Astral Pulse

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